Skin Microstructure Deformation with Displacement Map Convolution

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“Skin is a complex multi layered material. Which exhibits a range of effects under deformation deformation at both the mezzo and micro scales while modern scanning techniques record mezzo structure at a sub millimeter resolution. Micro structure dynamics below a tenth of a millimeter are generally not recorded despite their effect on facial reflectance and appearance in this work we acquire the shape of deforming skin microstructure using polarized gradient illumination. Macrophotography and a skin measurement gantry able to stretch and compress skin at measured intervals each scan performed in under half a second records.

The skin surface shape at ten micron resolution from the normal maps derived from the lighting. Conditions. We integrate a displacement map for each amount of deformation. The surface roughness changes under deformation as seen in the surface orientation histograms over the sample area.


We also measure the effects of deformation at several skin orientations graphing. This data. We see that skin becomes shinier. When it s stretched and rougher.

When it s compressed using the measured microstructure normal distributions as a guide. We blur the microstructure in the direction of stretching and sharpen. The microstructure in the direction of compression thus the surface flattens. When stretched and appears to bunch up when compressed this yields similar directional texture and changing surface roughness as the surface deforms even though it doesn t simulate the full complexity of dynamic microstructure here.


We use this skin microstructure deformation model on a deforming sphere. Which becomes shinier when it expands and rougher when it shrinks when squashed and stretched its microstructure develops anisotropic texture the dynamic microstructure gives a stronger sense of surface strain especially in this twisting example. We apply our model to a slab of skin. Where the skin miso structure is simulated using a low resolution.

Finite element. Simulation and the microstructure deformation is simulated using displacement map. Convolution here. We apply the technique while blending between two facial scans where the miso structure is linearly interpolated between the scans and the dynamic microstructure is created through displacement map convolution visualizing.


The local surface strain gives a sense of which parts of the displacement map are being blurred and sharpened and in which direction scene without microstructure. The mezzo structure scans on their own missed significant aspects of realistic skin appearance adding a static microstructure displacement map improves the skin light quality but doesn t look natural where the skin compresses and stretches significantly adding. The dynamic microstructure map provides a more visceral sense of surface tension and emphasizes the expression. The effect can also be seen more clearly by visualizing the specular surface reflection on its own you we can also apply this technique to a captured facial performance this animation transitions between different 4k miso structure maps and uses dynamic micro geometry.

Computed on the fly from a 16 k. Microstructure displacement map. Again the dynamic micro geometry. Produces a noticeable effect on the skin reflectance.


And is an additional indication of the deformation and strain of the skin. We validate the technique by showing side by side photos of the face with a compressed expression lit by a point light and the corresponding simulated expression as desired the specular reflections shows similar texture orientation and roughness variation in the photos and renderings. ” ..


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