Skisploit Exploit Review [Thunder Mods 2018 FREE

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“Guys. It is freaking templeton here with another video and today. I m going to to be doing another exploit with you of course because that s all i do i m lazy. But it s gonna be a good exploit review next.

I m doing athena or akana. I don t know how to pronounce it but this for this review right now i m going to be doing dunk that um ski split or skillet. I don t know how you say this exploit is made by thunder mods of course and um. It s a pretty good looking ui is all you i kind of suck thunder mods.

Don t please don t get mad just bro just beat you alright umm. But yeah. It s all updated and it s all working all good all perfect um. So when we bring up the exploit and ask you for a king.

If we put the key in it automatically accepts it well if it s the right key you gotta could get key. If you don t have a key currently um. And then it brings up this key split brings up a loading screen and it brings up skin splits la main ui that has a bunch of text in it so let me read this for you guys made with love..


My thunder mods please subscribe to support me and for free scripts. This isn t a you to general leave that in description. You can also find discord. Invite in settings tab have fun.

Happy explaining. I ll leave is discord. As well settings tab is right here. This is what the settings looks like it s currently a work in progress.

But you can reinstall roblox if there s problems auto execute so if their scripts like you can have scripts at the start when you first inject it automatically execute them. But you re going to be in the auto isaac folder in here and then you can click kill roblox if you want to close out of robots. This is on your devs here s a youtube channel and uses discord press. The close here to close out of it this.

If you re wondering. This is not i maximize this a minimize. So if you want to minimize skis play..


There s no way to really maximize it i not right now. But you can minimize it by clicking this icon right here and this just closes. It as we all know this is a good opportunity for me to show you the login screen. Let s do that um let s see uh.

He s made skis put a lot better here we go here s what that nice login screen looks like downloads. All the latest updates and then you go you have this cool little message again so if you want to get rid of this just hit the clear button or anything for that matter want to get rid of anything if you know how to use it exploit you don t know how to use this now this right. Here the these are quick scripts. If you want to just click on if you can click up one of them.

And um yeah. These are mostly filtering disabled scripts and they probably won t work topkick works. But i didn t inject it so load file you all know if that one does it just opens up open file dialog allows you to open files right here. And then just hit attach it will come up oh.

No i know oh gosh here. Let me pause. The video all right so i got it all injected and ready turns out you just have to exit out of roadblocks and reopen..


I just minimized this console right here cuz you re not gonna need it if you close out of that and i ll close out of the whole robot um yeah. But basically now you can execute our fails so green diamond. No problem titans are patched. Though.

But you could see it execute on the supports load strings as well we have top kick. The view for still audition. It says that s not fe. But i don t know dark titan reborn.

Again titans are patched you die if you try get big um let s see well let s do. Print. Game. Dot.

Work. Space. Filtering..


Oh. What the heck. Oh wow. Okay.

So one thing ski. Split. Is not very. Stable.

You can clearly tell it injects you can clearly tell it execute. But it s not stable at all donor. This is an early version of a new ui so slender might fix that but for now. We re just gonna have to deal with being a little bit unstable.

But yeah i ll see you guys. ” ..

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