Sony DVD Recorder -Sony VRD-MC5

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“To jnr music and computer world new york city retail institution since 1971. Brett hamilton. Hamilton. Along with our friend bob rayner and a really cool device that you can to transfer all of your old memories whether it s pictures whether it s photos whether it s video directly to dvd without the use of a computer it s the sony multifunction dvd recorder here it is yes it s really cool because you know i recall when dvd recorders.

First came out dvd drives for your computer. It cost a fortune. They cost over a thousand dollars just to put the drive into the computer. Now we have a recording dvd player and recorder that doesn t need a computer or a mac at all at all taking it directly now first of all you notice the diminutive size everything you need is right in this case here.

And it s got a whole host of connections brett as a matter of fact right over here you see card inputs for all the popular type of flash media cards that you ll have for digital cameras. So no matter what type of digital camera. I have whether it s an sd card or another it ll work right compact flash..


Whatever then on the other side. You ll see most of your video inputs you ll have dv or you know firewire if you will also you have s video your regular composite video and audio for your analog sources and that s important we ll talk about that in a moment and even a usb port so if you do have video or audio or even pictures on a usb thumb drive or something of that nature. Am drive you can bring them to look directly into the dvd. As well.

Now. We already have an analog source hooked up here. It s actually a digital camcorder. We re using you could use the firewire if you wish.

But we also have that plugged in right there. It s extremely simple to use. It s menu driven as a matter of fact we can show you that here right here..


When you hit that button there. You ll see all sorts of menus. And it asks you a question like what do you want to do for example right here. It says video into the dvd.

So if we select that it s pretty easy then we just have to select what kind of input realizing in this case. We re using the video input and boom. What you re seeing right there. Now is the video is what s going out of the animus camcorder.

So if i start that video and started to play all i need to do is hit the record button down here and within moments that will start to record and i can feel the disc spinning already in there and that s lit up red. So we are already now record front that is just how simple it is oh and another point. Too you can stop that video recording pause..


It and then move to a different spot in the camcorder tape. If you will or your vcr whatever source. You re using terrific way to clean up all those old tapes. Absolutely i m glad you brought that up because you know a lot of times.

You re using a camcorder and you get somebody you forget. It s still on and you drop it you get your feet. And everything you can edit all that stuff out and you put it directly in on the dvd a moments ago. I talked about those different inputs and my analog sources and again.

We re using the analog right here right now one of the most important points about any type of dvd recorder is the fact that you should use it to back up what you have and preserve your memories. A lot of people don t realize that video tapes no matter what format. It is can eventually wear out now the worst case scenario they snap they snap..


They chew up in your machine or something like that and that can be a bad thing obviously as i think of it. If your wedding video or something is on there however with this particular machine you can put it into a virtually indestructible disc and even if you don t tangle. The tapes. Repeated where over the years will wear them out this machine.

Does it without a computer and a terrific way to preserve absolutely absolutely. And it will even do what you it will even do double layered lists. So you can put twice the amount of time on a single disc and up to 12 hours of recording that s right from the sony multifunction dvd recorder if you d like ” ..


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