Sony NW-A45 high res music player in 2019! 2020 now!

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” s a pretty cool. Kfc feature. You just push this button and kfc will come come and deliver you some chicken. If you d like but there s no point having it on if you re not how to use it so nfc off.

I like this really cool sense me channels like that you can press. This and it will sense your channels. Whoops. So the evolution of my music players have definitely come a long way of course.

I got some cd players and there somewhere. But i don t have them anymore. Sony amd player the microsoft zune my second walkman technically psp. Which was after a while pointless to play music on third walkman and of course.

The fourth walkman and i know what you re thinking you re thinking this thing has been after a while why are you making a review of it now. It s been out like a year or two not exactly sure. But to be quite honest. I would have purchased it a year or two ago.

But this thing would just not blow up it s like a tank. And it still works to this day. And it still holds a charge really well i just figured. It was time to get a new one and just in case you guys didn t know last week was sony s 40th anniversary of the walkman so of course.

I m gonna buy this thing i actually had no idea was their anniversary till after i bought this thing so this is the sony nwa 45. High res music player look i even polished the screen just for you guys i d. But there s your actual exterior box and then of course we have an interior box. Which does how s the music player itself when you open the box.

The music player will obviously sit nice and snug within this little rectangular cutout and it does actually have a nice little plastic wrap around the music player itself so doesn t get damaged or scratched. So inside the box of course you ll find your charging cable. And some instructions and all that kind of stuff actually doesn t come with as much stuff as the pheo x1 came with. But it s a better music player in my opinion.

So so i did forget to mention that this is the charge cable that it comes with like i said proprietary charge cable. And it does take about four hours to charge from dead. So the nwa 45 is pretty much a touchscreen music player now you do have some external buttons on the side here. Which me personally i do like that a lot so if the screen is locked.

You don t have to unlock. It to change. Modes or change songs or volume up and down some music players aren t like that they re 100 touchscreen. But on this particular.

One you have a play pause fast forward for a whine you have your hold button here your volume up and down and of course your lock screen and power button on top press and hold the music player for more than about two seconds. And it will automatically turn on creating database. Pretty similar to my previous usek player so a lot of people don t realize this..


But when you purchase a high res music player and you re transferring all your music over to that device whether they be aac mp3 or pretty much whatever format. They are they don t automatically convert to high res. A lot of people don t realize that you have to purchase or download a high res music from specific sites regardless of whether not you download your music from itunes or amazon or wherever you get your music from the sound quality on this particular device sounds absolutely amazing. The equalizer pretty much covers almost every frequency on the top left hand icon.

You have your radio. You can click on that and go to pretty much any radio station. You want go back and this is basically the main menu. You can t store photographs or videos on this thing.

Not that i know of at least here s your high res section. Now remember i said that high res. I didn t think high res was that big of a difference. It s a big big of a deal that wasn t the selling point for this music player.

I needed a new music player and they pretty much all nowadays have high res audio. So the battery life on this thing is actually really good it s like 45 hours at full charge and then here s your high res audio section. Now this thing does already have some preload music on here. Which sucks.

I m just kidding actually this patty file. This one s actually not bad. It s ex scottish folk music. But you have dsd and you have flock your direct stream digital.

I think and then your flock. Which is like lossless audio two different formats. But both same thing hybrids music. I m not gonna play any music for you guys mainly because it s not like you re gonna hear a difference anyways you re listening to it on a phone or a tablet or a laptop.

So not all you re gonna hear the difference. So we ll go ahead and go to your album and here s all your music not exactly sure what that was i m sorry folder. Now this thing does have expandable memory. Which is really cool.

I think. It s expandable. All the way up to a quarter of a terabyte so you can put 256 in here. If you d like we re just gonna go with the onboard storage.

It s blurry sorry i ll fix that right now then we re gonna head and click on a song. I don t have headphones plugged in got your headphone. Jack your proprietary charge cable. Which is pretty much the exact same as the previous or you know my old music player pretty much the same thing you got your attachment for a lanyard.

Which is kind of weird because if you re listening to headphones. It s kind of hard to hold that around your arm. But it does have a lanyard attachment..


If you want to use that and of course bluetooth obviously bluetooth. I don t use that much now something else you guys may not have known bluetooth audio is actually a little bit it kind of it s not as good as listening to hardwire like auxilary or headphones. It may not be that much and you may not even notice it but technically it does alright so we ll go through your all your modes totally lost. I don t even know where i m at okay.

So we ll go through all the modes here after setting mode down here and all of your settings right here playback setting output setting device setting clear audio plus sound setting you can choose different headphones clear phase. Ambient sound mode. Noise canceling. If you don t have those headphones hooked up and i don t have those headphones.

So so you can t actually choose those headphones. So just go to the other so we ll go to the soundest settings. You can change a lot of things. The equalizer on here is fantastic by the way you can choose any.

Frequency really from 60. Hertz i live to 16000. Kilohertz or 16 kilohertz. 16.

Thousand hertz basically adjustment here and you can go by and adjust each individual frequency. If you d like i pretty much have it set to this because i notice it sounds pretty good the reason. Why is because you have your vpt surround. Me.

I am personally a huge fan of this particular program or this particular setting in the software for this music player. This one had it this one s got it a lot of those do have it they replaced one with the other but regardless if you have studio club concert hall and matrix there heather not it actually sounds like a concert hall. When you re listening to it it just sounds different. And i kind of like it.

So i basically always have it set to concert hall of course you can choose to turn it off if you d like or turn it back on. But there your feet peaty surround sound like i said. I don t know if it actually does legitimately sound. Like you re in a studio or a club or concert hall matrix.

I just know that sound is different. And it sounds really cool. When you have in a concert hall. So i m just gonna leave it on there.

I ve always had it on concert hall. And this was actually called club so they replaced club with concert hall in case you guys were wondering dynamic normalizer you could change that minimize volume difference between songs which is pretty cool you have your dc phase. Linearize ur makes low frequency response more like an analog amplifier. I did change this back and forth.

But didn t notice much of a difference maybe you have to have different headphones maybe gonna have different speakers who knows you have your upscale the original compressed or cd quality audio equivalent of high res audio. I always have that off i turn it on doesn t really make much of a difference. But like i said..


I don t have 400 hour headphones. So clear audio well you choose clear audio. You cannot choose your sound settings. Unable device.

Settings of your beep setting. Which is i don t know why anybody would have the beep setting on because when you re changing songs. It makes a beeping sound disable touch panel. When the hold switch is on do have that screen timer and choose between basically how long you want the screen to stay on before automatically shuts off.

I have 3 minutes just because it s brand new probably when it gets old and doesn t hold the charge. Very well i ll put it on 15 seconds usb connection setting auto power off one hour now that s i believe if i honestly don t know if that s if you re listening to music or not i just haven t messed with that and tried it although. I have listened to music for more than an hour at once so maybe that just means if the music player is on. But not playing music who knows now battery care.

That is another really cool feature. That this music player has instead of this one as well it seems to have worked. I have the battery care on this music player on this mp3 player. And i ve had it on since i got at 7 years ago and the battery life and the basically the time between charges is still really good so.

I imagine this battery care actually works and sony. Knows what they re talking about maximize the life of your battery by never charging it past 90. It is technically bad to charge your phone at a hundred percent every single time so if you re watching this and you didn t know that trying to charge your phone to like 90 percent. If it s brand new or relatively new and it should make a difference believe it or not over your course of your basically lifetime of your battery lithium batteries do to deteriorate.

And you ve charged them. All the way up like that but anyways there are your settings charging change your language playback settings so there are a lot of things on this music player that i haven t really gotten into. Yet. I changed all these settings union in from whoops.

Didn t mean do that totally went back to that display lyrics by the way you can t display your lyrics. Unless. The lyrics were downloaded with the song. So it doesn t automatically know the lyrics have all this long as you put on your music player in case.

You didn t know detailed song information you can change on our start change you can check all the information about the song do you upload it or that you downloaded length and all that stuff that s a pretty cool little thing a little feature to have so we ll go back to the settings output settings abl s volume limiter that limits it to 60 or something like that it s kind of pointless to have it on auto. Though if you don t want to click on the volume up and down and by the way 90 seems like a pretty high volume. But it doesn t really start getting loud. Until 90.

So comes all up to 110 or something like that i don t know now. There is some distortion in the audio. When you get past 110 115. So it s not good to turn it all the way up these music players.

Honestly don t have that loud of an basically signal. So i do have to use and a lot of people probably use a headphone amplifier. I ve always used them not to blast my ears out..


But truthfully these music players just don t go that high in volume touch this play button right here. And you can change your music volume like this pretty cool kind of like an analog volume knob okay so one more feature that s really cool about this mp3. I m sorry some people get mad. When i say that one more feature that s really cool about this music player.

I ve had people really get on to me for saying mp3 player on my previous video is a long time ago my fee oh technically it is still an mp3 player because it does put mp3 so i m still gonna call it that an mp3 high res music player. There you go can t get madami. The nfc feature a lot of phones and stuff devices have them. Nowadays.

But your battery will technically last a little bit longer if you just leave that off so i do leave it off. And i never use it so there s no point of having it on when you have this thing on it s constantly this is basically constantly sensing for a another device to transfer music over so if you plan on never using this feature you might as well leave it off because it could take battery life. And i do still have some friends that say things like why are you still using these music players. Nobody uses these things anymore they re almost obsolete.

Everyone uses their phone for streaming. You know there s nothing wrong with using your phone for streaming. And i honestly think there are millions of people that have the same mentality. As me.

I think there are a lot of pros to having a music player separate from a phone. You know where companies like theo and estelle and plenty who and sony. They wouldn t be making these music players the way they are because i think they re still popular. I think some people still buy these things i think it s a lot more than you think advantages and pros.

I think to having a separate music device like this are things like what about data and your patter elife. I mean you re constantly streaming music it s taking your data away i mean yeah you may be you ve got unlimited data. But it s constantly taking your battery life away. You can t leave your phone plugged in to your car.

All day long. It s just going to destroy your battery and maybe you can carry around an external battery bank. But that s just kind of ridiculous. Why would you do but my favorite one of course is when people say well when you have a streaming site.

You have an endless supply of music okay. But first of all i do also have a streaming app that i use i pay for a streaming site also so i download music from amazon and i do have a streaming site that s how i find new music. But i also buy it as well so i just wanted to make this quick review and maybe some thoughts about this music player and if you re thinking about getting one. I really suggest that you do if you ve got a huge library music then i really think sony does make the best music players and faeo and a stellan planner.

They also make good music players. But i ve been a sony fan for years now so i m always gonna stay true to this particular companies are basically just my thoughts on the sony nwa 45. High res music player so thanks. ” .


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