Sony NW-A45 Walkman Review: Offering Sound that Matters to Audiophiles

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” s the reason. Why dslr and mirrorless cameras are still not replaced by smartphones despite despite the advancements in smartphone. Camera technology. Well the reason is pretty simple dslrs imperialist have larger sensors and can change lenses to offer better picture quality.

The same can be said about audio players as well they have dedicated decks which not every smartphone has one so this is the sony nw a45 walkman. Which i got it three weeks ago for trying to bring it lesser than its original retail price tag. I m water vl gadget tv. This is the sony nw 845 for review.

And i m gonna tell you why i prefer listening music on this dan on a smart phone to the general audience. The sony. Nw..


A 45 walkman has a number of setbacks as a modern music player one of it being required to download music tracks into the device just like any mp3 players. There s also no wi fi heartwright to go online and it uses sony s proprietary walkman software which you can t expand its features. But before we get to the user experience. Let s talk about the hard way the nw.

A 45 is a good looking music player and in some. Ways it looks like a compact. Smartphone with a 31 inch touch display build quality is also excellent with a strong aluminum chassis that doesn t feel slippery to handle on the left you get a microsd card slot for expanding the internal 16 gigs of storage and on the other side you get their physical keys for music controls. Which is really nice however i hate the fact that sony still hasn t moved away from the old legacy walkman.

Part for charging and data transfer as i ll need to include an extra cable in my backpack. If i were to travel with it and if you happen to lose it let s just say. It isn t as easily available as a microusb cable even though the walkman comes with a decent sized display and wvga resolution it doesn t support video playback while it s not a deal breaker or an important feature sony could have just included this part for the sake of convenience..


The walkman os is pretty easy to navigate around with gestures and soft keys at it s very much like a stripped down version of android and somewhat resembles the music app on sony. Smartphones you get the person music by going through playlists artists albums and folders and you can even jump right into your list of high res audio files by tapping on a high res menu on the home screen there s an fm radio feature for listening to radio stations. And most interestingly the walkman can be used as a usb dac for your computer to amplify your music listening experience. However.

The software isn t perfect the lack of a search feature makes it difficult to get to the music. I want and scrolling through my library of music can be annoying at times with laggy animations and an insensitive touch panel. Unlike the nwz a 15. I ve reviewed previously you can send and receive music tracks by a bluetooth which can be inconvenient.

If you want to do a quick song transfer from a smart phone without using the cable. Now here are a few reasons. Why i prefer listening music on a walkman..


Then on a smart phone and one of it is obviously sound quality. The walkman doesn t require a usb dongle to deliver high power audio to my headphones. It is also able to play certain frequencies that most smart phones can while there are also other audio enhancement. Features that works better than smart phones also bmw a45 also supports l dac and aptx hd bluetooth streaming which helps reduce wireless interference and have better data transmission rates on supported bluetooth headphones this translates into a better wireless audio performance and sound quality is very close to your wire listening experience battery life is also another area where the nw.

A 45 delivers. It goes on for days on a single charge with an average two hour listening time in my tests. Whereas on a smartphone. You will already require charge in a day.

The sony nw. A 45 is going to appeal to a very niche category of customers for what it is capable of it s a nice music player with great audio quality and in my opinion. It has the best user interface of any music players out there..


And it supports a wide variety of codecs definitely something that audiophile will love and especially for the audio files on a. Budget because this thing is going on for 699. Ringgit right. Now the 200 ring it off from its original price tag of 899.

Ring game. You can visit any sony stores nationwide or click on the link down below to purchase the sony nw 845 lastly. Do you think an audio player is still worth owning today show me a comment down below and share this video. If you liked what you saw give us a thumbs up and be sure to subscribe to kl gadget tv for more tech videos like this and i will see you in the very next upload.

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