Sony STR-DH790 Unboxing

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“Welcome to another video just give me all the preview of something else i bought bought on black friday that i ll be reviewing for you guys alright like i a home theater enthusiast. Over. Here and i couldn t pass this up alright this receiver right here 72 channels alright 72. China receiver dolby atmos dolby vision dts x bluetooth alright look at some of these features 4k 64 for for at most ob vision.

Dts x. Auto. Calibration yark. Hdmi alright.

If y all were ever interested in home theater. How to get in the home theater. How to start in home theaters. And it s not that expensive alright but you gotta do your research.

You got a watch prices you got a way to get the right. Prices. Now i already have a 72 channel. Receiver but this was at best buy on black friday for 200 200 72 channel dolby atmos 4k receiver.


All right a sony that s value so i think the price went up if you re ever thinking about getting in the home theater alright having that for surround sound movie experience at home. I m gonna show you how and it s not that hard to do and not that expensive. I ll show you all about some speakers. We can get into projector talk.

If that s what y all. Want to see for me. I m also going to continue to the videos about the vizio. I love that tv.

I don t think i ll be buying another projector. Until they get one for the right price. That has dolby vision metadata all right not just hdr 10. I want dolby vision in my next projector.

So until then i ll be buying the tvs. And i ll continue to do videos on the vizio. Because i love it. But this is just a preview of what we ll be diving into next all right i have a seven point two channel receiver.


But for the money i m gonna hook this up so i can let you guys know what to expect from it alright. I m gonna get this box open on the next part of this video. We re gonna get into it with with an unboxing not your regular unboxing just so not the unboxing that you re used to all right just average gel unboxing. All right can t beat this for the price.

Slim form factor. I mean this looks good black. Friday jim right. Here all right.

See y all. In a minute. Yeah. I just cut.

This box open. I m actually about the plug this up right now and hook. It up i don t like tearing my own. I like to keep everything together in case.


Some wrong wood is defective of whatever i can just pack it back up take it back. But let me pull it out real quick brief intermission all right we got this out the box remote control calibration mike right there and registration warranty stuff manual let s look at it though let s see what we got here pull this tape back back. Yeah like that all night. Ripping stuff apart take it apart neatly.

That s just me y all. Can share stuff open like a child on christmas. But i like to keep my stuff together look at that i mean that s a beautiful receiver. This is a beautiful receiver yep util can get into home.

Theater all y all out there spending 3000. On tvs. You could have got you a 65 inch m8 alright for about 650. Bucks you could have got you a 72.

Channel. Dolby. Atmos receiver with a arc alright we ll dive into some speakers later cuz you can find those online to an entire 72 channel bundle to go with this for less than. 3000 3000.


You can have an entire home theater that s why i wouldn t spend 3000. On a tv on a display. It s just not me alright. So i m gonna get this hooked up.

I don t like watching audio videos when people try to play what they re hearing through a video that s not what i m gonna do with this. But i will tell you all about the features. I will tell you about my experience with it i will run it through its paces and let y all. Know how stacks up and if it s worth your.

Dollars i think it is the less than 300 for 72 channel 4k dolby atmos dts x receiver bluetooth straight value right here alright so quick little unorthodox by unboxing video. I will get this hooked up and more videos on the way. ” ..


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