Speakers collection (Altec, JBl, Pioneer)

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“Everyone thanks for watching this nvideo and these are my collection speakers. I nthink. I i have 14 or 15 pairs. I m not sure how much i have right this one the bose 901 series vi classic.

I got nit for free from my friend they look good shape no tears or nrip anything. But i never hear this before so i might listen to it later nthis design. Really cool the next. One is the jbl jubal l65.

The woofer nis not original. But later on im gonna find the original woofer for this nbut everything looked good. The midrange and the tweeter still pretty ngood shape behind that its altec. It s altec duplex 15 inch.

I m not nsure..

What model is is but it s kinda heavy and big they play pretty pretty warm nand. The next speaker is knight 820 and it s duplex also that s nhow they design. I m gonna switch to altec dubplex. This is the thing 12 ninches yeah it s 12 inches.

So later on im gonna switch to altec lansing much better i like the cabinet. The cabinet these npair this pair. I bought for only 100. I like the cabinet so later on im ngonna switch the speaker to alltec.

I did switch one nand it fit really well all screws is the same place so. But i only got one nso. I need to find another one for this anything i think i install this one nalready. Yeah.

This one knot control and the behind that its hpm 200..

I got nthree pairs total this is heavy too behind that is hpm 1500. I got 3 pairs nup these and two pairs out here and one pair in my bedroomnext one nis jbl c34. The cap. I got for free from the person live in north ncarolina.

I drove up there get it and took it home and repair sand n. All the old cabinet and everything and put the wood veneer over the original one mahogany wood veneer nabout i bought it from home depot online and it s really cheap ni think this 50 or 60. Something for 4×8 wood veneer. And i stained it with the nred stain.

It turn out little red. But look pretty out here nand those two behind are altec a7 and jbl theater. They re dual woofers and the nhorn is pretty loud and over here have sansui sp x8700. I mean all the speakers nlook good.

But the woofers the oil is running down..

But i still play nwarm sound in my bedroom. I set up with the pioneer nseries 20. I have the classes amp m25 ab from series 20 crossover d23 and the nc21 prepamplifier programs selector u24. I play with hpm 1500 sound.

Very good too this one ni have extra receiver sx880 and the turntable. This is my bedroom set up i ngot a rack is actually a bookshelf. But it s really sturdy. These are made of metal nthey make it thick be honest just a 60 dollar for this shelf.

So nit fit. Really nice with my system master room and this system. I set up for nmy dad. We have the hpm 200.

Its pioneer spec..

1. Ntwo. Power amp. M22 and m25 and that is akai gx 635d.

I still have all the parts around here. We just nmoving so we need more time to clean and organize all these because later on i ngonna put my dining room. My dining table set over there so those speakers nneed to move away so im gonna split it down from each room and sell it nif anyone want to buy interest interesting on any these speakers to let nme. Know comment.

Below and thanks again for watching this video. Please subscribe nand like the channel or share. So later ” ..


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