SPLISH SPLASH! (Call of Duty Zombies Map)

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“What s up you guys welcome to the splish splash made by zombie killer. Enjoy. Enjoy. Hydro paradise dude.

We got some pool noodle. Here. Here like i want to here do they still have these things like water parks water parks. Yeah if you like swimming in people s pee its world when i lived in california dude.

Everything that was fun got ruined. Do you know is like it either got hung out by the the teenage dewy bees. Who think you ll hanging out you know what they re not cool no all right babes get you yeah anything no i found the power and pack a punch. Though someone what you re doing killing zombies that s what i do you know i m gonna go in one of these cabanas.

What i m saying is and if it wasn t that it was like ridiculous overcrowding of these families air quote you know yeah. But that s what they re all like dude. That s i never oh. It wasn t like let s take our excuse.

Me what sam honey. She took two full rounds. And several knives. Yeah.

I think though thirty getting hard dude. Don t don t bother trying to get more okay. I don t have a gun. Yeah.

But i m gonna get my first zombie kills. Be careful dude be careful there are much tougher than they appear. Roger that i don t think there s any perks. But the fear is dude really i think.

He said. There was jug down there i said power pack up oh dude. This guy is the lifeguard did you see the lifeguard retake lifeguard. Oh.

Is this where you went over this bridge. Here that s where it is a is that all that s open little go underneath. There yeah. It s good i want to go down one of the slides.

Oh. It s like one area type thing now is this his first map isn t that what he said. I think he says you don t know my name cuz. I haven t really done anything yet.

But enjoy so look it looks good yeah. It looks like you re at a waterpark. If this is your first map fantastic. I love the fact that there s stuff in the background.

It looks unique it looks good yeah. I want to take the sunlight down. That s me you herded. My feeling sambi.

The hut straight. There samel hey what happened. Oh geez what d you get you buying perks speed. What sleight of hand.

Actually nuts ripoff dude. You got doubles. You don t know that for sure. I saw it can t light it quick look at on my bottles.

I saw you drinking it like some closeted alcoholic. I got a drinking problem. Oh did that for you exactly use give standing shoot. The straight row of people welcoming in here then no you re bullying.

I m protecting you what you re doing is what i normally do protecting you. Oh oh. And you what i already had this. One.

Oh. Yes. Do you have to well. No.

It shows sleight of hand again. It gave me stamina drink up friend. There s a lot of good stuff. In there.

Teddy bear. There you go. I got the teddy bear deed. Where s the other fizz location.

Maybe mothers are rubber ducky right here to eat can you shoot. It i tried trade back the balls back in your court. Nice get out of here get desperate. Son.

Pom. Pom. Pom. Pom.

Pom pom. Pom pom pom pom pom pom pom. What d you do sure babu. Sure.

It showed sleight of hand and it gave me stamin up yeah. That s what i had to yeah. But you got speed first right yep just the way. It is babe.

This is the first time. I ve come down into this little to marry how do you like it buy. A lifejacket 75000. I like the lighting down here.

Barry yeah. It s cool right yeah. It s cool all right get him oh saved you yes good perfect. You doing those good game announcers.

Nice shot well round. You did it congratulations double kill triple kill mmm a mega kill come on it s gonna give me the same perks. It gave you except no speed cola you re not whining hard. Enough come on wine huh get out of the way then chachi.

I gotta buy some drinks dang. It who s who ow tombstones and who s who great who s who oh oh i m already using it. What what do oh you re just. Standing there on my screen.


Yeah yeah. I turned around you might wanna. What i don t have anything good. Then you can kill them all what was it oh as a pack.

Yeah. Dude. Ah. Shoot.

You aren t you time. Shooting. Non stop. Dude.

Oh. My god you get double packs. And i get nothing. Oh no.

Oh. My god you revived me. It gave. Me a some kind of explosive thing that just grenaded.

Me i didn t even see the pack of punches. Why are they invisible on my screen dude. I lost on that works you didn t have to mon wow. They came in fast dude.

That was not actually fun. What s not fun is not having any perks and by the way the packs. Oh my god these guys do not they re. The baxter dude temporary.

Okay pacs or temporary. Okay holy crap. Oh lo. I need a perks back gary park.

I don t like having to use wonder fizz. I only want three perks that s it i don t want mule kick. It s not what these guys are really hard to kill. Though no i m saying you know i m saying yeah.

Wow. Alright. I m gonna attempt to try and keep these guys controlled. While you take your business.

Oh damn. I think i might have made a mistake. I can t reload. Very fast.

Oh no. Oh. My god shorter circles. Shorter.

Circles. Oh. Oh. Death machine are not detonating him to go.

I need a perk. God knew i ll try and run the last one oh no i don t have any all right wow. Me. Jug dude amped up totally amped up the friggin difficulty well.

I guess if you re gonna have a very simple map and that s what you do to make it seem more intense right well that and without like i met you if you had like perks. Yeah like double tap would hit me helped to kill them a little bit. Quicker. Speed cola you know you know yeah.

Yeah. Don t don t kill her. When you re done. Neither i d like to try and get doubles.

I like to try and get any one of the three good perks and you might want a secondary weapon dude. And that s not either okay. I ve got none other three just letting you know that okay. Oh i got speed cola.

It worked don t kill her i want to hit that i only got the m9a1 here friend that s not good why are you hitting that then if you don t have a weapon. I like perks they re fun and i m thirsty no not flopper are you i got goose who rip slobber hey. Who s who came in handy for me dude. I m just saying oh tombstone is better yeah who who s them cuz then you get your stuff back damn it these doubles.

Doubles yeah. One oh wait i m not gonna see what it was cuz you would like it but oh my god vault raid. I wonder where everything is they gave me that s mean wait is elmo dangit teddy bears everywhere i don t want the teddy bear bye bye. No jug meaty well shooted.

We definitely need a packed weapon like fast its tempt. The drop. No i mean like a like actual pack right blood zombie. Yeah get off me guys.

I got zombie blood. There s a bit of boom come on come on baby come on baby come on baby. Oh nikes damn it all the heck sneaky s mtar x2. I don t know what that is oh.

I took burst are you stupid burst suckage oh shoot. I can t shoot a reload or do anything scared dude. I m in the corner. Damn.

What why are they like no i must have been a bulger so i was caused a great thanks annie in the and the don t don t come. After me kill the guy leafy okay with all the fun perks ramen that forget it would you go no. It was a shiva from the box. Oh my god deadshot.

I ve only hit the box. Once i think i hit the perk machine a million times. Okay now are you shooting me for it that s route. The dogs are in between us max blammo.

Steaming up are you we laughed. Oh my god i got phd to hurl. I ve had all the good perks that nobody wants no buddy wow. How many shots of that tape.

Oh. My god dude. I don t have double if you have double it s taking i don t have shovels. I m hoping for oh i thought you had gun.

No that would be awesome you got the other two. Though yeah. I got speed and jug. Oh great oh.


My god oh my god dude. I m gonna try and get these guys out of here. But but they all you ran through a thing and they are all ooh. I m gio my purpose.

I think no i think you did oh geez all it took was for a second for you i just had to just barely run through it and it they re like oh keep that guy all right he looks painting hey get out of here you guys are exploded. What i lost all my perks now. Oh. I thought i saw the tombstone over your head.

Yeah. I m eating we got a train save one because i probably should get a second gun. Good luck. Oh shoot.

There s a guy kono. Oh. I m really red already. Watch behind you run down this side and the other side.

Oh you re standing. I think what i don t have oh you were standing still for a second on my screen shoot you need to pack something friend yeah you got 9 grand if you got a decent weapon temporary pack there for you pam pam pam what do i need to revive you yeah whatever perfect well that might be good for clearing those you pack. It you re gonna have to make a crawler dude. If you can i have no grenades.

Oh do we even have grenades. I didn t i didn t see you throw any pack. Yeah. You re gonna have to go down.

There and kill her right at the pack bunch of fists into the air get yourself something nice all right where s that box what the game is conspiring to kill me okay all right. I m gonna try and run tight tight circles down. Here okay let me try and get doubletap. Real quick that would be tasty.

Oh. I got revived you re good now not really how did you trap me on that come on dude that guy totally trapped me on there even the pack a punch gun isn t killing with doubles. Oh. This is not a fun day at the water park.

I think someone peed in my diary. Oh oh you re lucky you ve got you had that friend perfect. I can t wait to go down again thanks mister get me up wow. She takes a beat down as a beatdown.

Oh no no no no get beat down by a zombie. You guys. This is a pack. A punched red armada.

Oh yeah look at that it s like it s like they re round. 30. Almost dude. I got your sam right here there you go.

That s kind of working. Hey alan its to kill you didn t have anything again. Right no dude. Other.

Than my sparkling personality. Oh. She was right there too dude give me double size. Some no come.

On gk z. s be good to me box. You can only have 12 perks well well. It s a lot.

I know. But no that s a locus. No um double tap runs circles down. There oh i m doing my best.

You know. It s funny. The ksg standard issue is actually one shotting. These guys right now really yeah.

Better than the pack. A punch dread armada. Yeah. Oh oh no oh no no no no odo.

What are you doing down. Here. Trying to stay alive you re lucky. I doing circles.

We need to save one how about me can we save me. Something about pack. A punch in the ksg man. Ready.

Oh. Oh. Thinking about. Oh.

Yeah. Look putting. In work. Man.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You should have packed that one that thing s droppin zombies.

Oh. Geez and that s not just one. That s one shot maybe the mapmaker loves the ksg. Oh yeah.

Leave that trait. I m shred time. It s rhetta do that one shot headshot. Which you know people like whoo you just shot good.

But not in this man. These guys have crazy know the fun stuff here. See if you got that zombie blood and then revived me i could have distracted. While you packed.

I ll distract him with my ksg awareness you better hope this works. Oh. My dread armadas empty. Not that it was doing anything.

Oh shoot oh right mule. I ve mule and two guns. The mist maker. Maker.


Hey. You had jugging speed a while back there hey yeah. Yeah about midway through. I got the jug.

But i kept complaining make it seem crazier make it seem like a normal map. I m really like the first time before i went down that first time. I actually got double tap on my first pole and it was working really good yes. I need a gkz.

I need some kind of dang power weapon for this one man you know these guys ekgs are something that would probably work raygun gkz thundergun. Even the wunderwaffe would be welcome at this city. Yeah. What is that rk do the the kweilyn marks are so bright.

I can t see what the kind of eyes. I couldn t that s cute i really did see that s one it s it s not it s pretty rare. But the one thing i hate about like a wonderful perk. Only thing is what if they limit you and you don t get jitsi of essentials.

Like really i mean like the essentials. I mean in this one. It s good to have cherry as long as cherry s working good to have cherry and all that stuff. But double tap is essential to every gun that you have where s the box at various.

It s right there i don t think we get grenades dude. Mmm. Dredge. Is better than nothing.

Oh. I m back you re back baby. Oh. I saw the g kzz.

I can t grab a weapon. Oh sorry. It s not a disease there for a second protect me sach. It i ll protect you come on baby come on baby come on baby.

The m27 iar with yeah. That s an hk416 for the marine corps and the far which is fine. But it s i can t run with these weapons either. Oh dang yeah.

We re gonna be in trouble bunch of this into the air pack. A punch a gun. You don t like wow. I can t get through problem problem problem.

I m gonna have to try coming your way good luck no i m dead. I m dead. I got jack on wow. They just they spawn so fast i couldn t get through it s a non stop spawn hole the only good thing is they re gonna stop i am.

I was using a packed trapezoidal shard here problem is i mean your your shotgun. You gotta try that thing oh they re coming dude. I know i can t even move i got jacked so bad they re getting trapped by those guys coming up hey. Yeah.

I m still stuck right here. Oh. My god wow. Reloading.

Oh. No watch behind you pimpin enamel. When the chute in there gives me points as you can don t shoot the whole shoot above it that way they get stopped ridiculous thing ever i love it reloading reloading. No one last one hold on don t kill her no not last.

One one more we got enough to pack. Yeah before i lose it better hurry up friend trying his all have to kill them. Oh. My gun is that that thing looks pretty cool was the one.

I have them. I. It s the m. Hold.

That. Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Big big big. I get. Two hundred and a thousand want to get out of here. No oh you want to stay in there play.

The only time. I d stayed alive. You get seventy five thousand is it down here. Oh yeah.

Right there you shoot i back you up you should got a ksg dude. Yeah. The thing seems a little ridiculous. Look at.

That that s some good firepower dude. Right yep. Yeah. Perfect.

Oh. Yeah. Again you back up. I start shooting.

I m nan oh. Shoot mountain get out of the way oh. I m really red there ksg those schools. What i should come in after mwah kids inside there with all the zombies.

It was working before it not so much now. What i was using. I had we had an infinite ammo right. Oh yeah.

Yeah. That was plus this great armada does not like them. We re gonna have to go with the trapizzino shard you sharted. I guess who should stop spending my money on this okay if something s effect.

Yet dead. Wire. That s a good investment dude. Oh.

Yeah. Dead wire. This one. Just takes a long time to reload.


This all wow. She went through three bursts of a packed gun that makes it a little easier you ve been thunderstruck. I wish. It wasn t so blown out it s hard to see yeah yeah to get people coming in for some delicious sauce.

Oh i have to reload. No doubles on mine makes my packed weapons trying to go over by two. Yeah. I can t oh red going down.

Going down. Oh shoot dude. I m going down. Oh wow.

I barely survived that i m. Even zapping. Them. It s not killing them that is challenging dude get them turned.

I m on your side. I don t think we re gonna make it dude without double tapping. What feels like maybe an increase in health or is it the old college effort. Yeah.

I got the the shard with dead wire and they re like reload. While you can do it do it do it. Oh leave that dead wires. Doing.

Some work dude reloading young backed up backed up too much cheese. Nice rumors come on baby. Do you wanna hit the box. Why maybe get a good gun to pack.

I got two good guns to pow. Oh. You do okay yeah. Maybe.

I shouldn t be out here. Then i m just shooting. This thing. Oh no trouble in.

I m gonna be in trouble. Here. Soon. Come.

On. Baby. Oh dee dee deep dee dee. I want to get rid of the jet.

Armada. But. What s impossible don t kill them all why is that nothing dude three grenades four days. I got this thing here you want to get it.

Oh you see if i can get oh shoot they just saw him i was gonna pack. This thing. What is it go down pack. Now malli.

Yeah. That s i had that one earlier before i went down like the mg42. Yeah. Yeah.

Mg42 style two fifty and a thousand that s pretty solid ow. Rude punch a fist into the end it s the new mg42. Ah weird your ball go i lost my ball. Where d your ball go in the great war.

I got you speed no double tap. I fire slow too you know ball your balls back chetty do it come on i got one more hit after this oh okay we got widow s nice it s gonna be beneficial oh doubles nice dude alright let s rock did i skilled that zombie way back there alright maybe with this a mele. I can get that thing looks nice. I like the color scheme on it yeah.

The blue and purple. It s the mle five five six. It says you re the mle smelly shut up. I was gonna say it first dude dude skadoosh.

When did you ever think that the ks each would be your goat. Yeah. Yeah. I even unpacked that thing was a beast dude.

It was headshot mode. No no double with that either that s a pre emptive shut up stupid dog walk here you stand in this corner. You want me to send this so you can back it up. So if i back up.

I got ya yeah. Yeah. And then i die and then you die well. I got widows.

So. It should be alright. I ll be like freeze. Unless you unless you get widowed with them in front of you then they widow you in the corner.

You know widows widows. Oh. Yeah. Oh see how fast we move.

Yeah reloads about the same is go on. Yeah. I get those points do you lapointe s dude million wow. My thing to shredded those guys in it you get doubled.

Yeah double cd. It s melted through those beauties keep going man. All the want. An infinite infinite.

Yeah. There you go hey oh just eat going fellas. Always like to get caught on someone. Ha ha ha gold.

You stupid ground spawner. You hear the whining go for it. Yeah. Hey you only had nine ” .


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