Stimulus Check Update 5/4: SSDI SSI VA (BREAKING)

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“Guys it s rami here and this is your stimulus check in stimulus package update. Update. For may 4th in this one will focus again on social security ssi and since there seems to be a lot of confusion around when you should expect your stimulus payments. I ll also answer the big question of why you see a different account number on the get my payment tool.

That s different from your direct express card. Number before we get into all this just please hit the like button on the video and subscribe to the channel. If you haven t already also what i found very helpful for everyone is putting a comment with your situation down below. It helps.

Many people who are in similar situations to know what s happening so if you receive the your payment receive the date on the get my payment tool put it down in the comment. And also say if you re on social security. Ssdi. Ssi or va.

It s very helpful for everybody so thank you very much so. What s going on with social security and ssi and veteran benefits recipients. Why aren t you getting your check..


Yet. I m sitting a lot of people in the comments saying hey i m on ssi and still didn t see anything well. Technically you were not supposed to see anything yet since the irs said that ssi and va will get their benefits early may. But everything is changing and the irs changed their statement on that too it seems like there s a whole mix of things going on people on social security.

And it says the i should have started seeing their payments. But then we see comments like this one from tamara blatant hey. I got mine. But my husband didn t we ve been married for 31 years same last name both in social security disability.

Why hasn t he gotten his check. Yet unfortunately. I don t have an answer for that payments are going out randomly it seems like from the irs. Many things are just not adding up then we have a comment like this one from christina miles.

My mom got her on ssi on the 29th of april to direct deposit. But i haven t gotten mine on ssdi and i don t know when i will get it so based on the irs information. This situation should actually been reversed since they already said that people social security and ssdi will get their payments end of april and those on ssi will get in early may but actually went on the conn..


America bank. Frequently. Asked questions page. There the bank that issues direct express cards.

And i saw this. It says some people have received their economic impact payment on their direct express card account why haven t i received my economic payment yet and the answer is some eligible direct express card holders received their economic impact payment deposit on their direct express card account the week of april 27th other eligible direct express card holders should receive their economic impact payment on their direct express card account in may so who received payments in april and why and why others are receiving it in may who knows all i know is that there is a deadline by the irs. Which is may 5th to get information from those on ssi and va on their qualifying children. So they can issue them the additional 500 per child.

Which also seems to be another huge problem as i saw in the comments this one from chelsea whaley. I got mine today at to my bank. But i didn t get anything for my two kids. I m on ssi and my daughter who is nine is on ssi too.

But i didn t get 500 per kid. And i did the non filer and put my children s info. Now..


This is a very very common problem. And the irs is saying that people may need to wait until next year and file twenty20 tax return in order to claim that 500 per child. That s ridiculous. I mean people need their money now not next year.

Very very frustrating. I m sorry about this as far as seeing an account number on the get my payment app. That you don t recognize like this comment from jp morales. He says i get my ssdi on direct express card irs does tell me it will credit my funds to a bank account ending with four numbers.

I don t recognize i saw that comment. Many many times and here is the answer also from comerica bank. They say eligible direct express card holders who receive their economic impact payment on their expresscard account will not recognize the account information shown by the irs get my payment tool. They get my payment tool will show part of the cardholders account number not the number printed on their direct express card.

A card holders. Account number is used only by the government to deliver federal payments. So there you go don t worry you ll eventually get your payment on your direct express card..


The only thing left that i want to say is that i told you before that the irs said ssi and va should expect their payments by early may and i showed you the screenshots from the social security website. And the irs website. Now on friday. The irs put out a press release and in the very middle.

Like just hidden. You can see a sentence that says ssi and va recipients who receive the compensation and pension benefit payments should receive their automatic payment by mid may so that already changed from early may to mid may i know it s frustrating. But hopefully by the end of next week. Everyone will have received their payments at least.

I hope so so just keep checking to get my payment tool. It keeps updating every week. Many people are now seeing payment dates of may 6. That s the latest date.

I ve seen so far so if you have any information on your particular situation please put it in the comments below as it helps other subscribers as well thank you so much for watching it please hit the like button subscribe. If you haven t already and click that notifications bell to be notified whenever i publish new videos for you please stay safe and stay healthy and ” ..

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