SVS SB-1000 Review Best Budget Subwoofer for Home Theater and Music!

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“Is up youtube. How are you doing today shawna do your techno dad here and and in today s video. We re gonna be checking out the s vs sb check this out and we re gonna get into it right after the jump and back now before i begin if you re new to the channel. You should consider subscribing and don t forget to hit that bell so you don t miss a beat.

Now that that s out of the way let s get into it so first things first. I want to go ahead. And thank. The good people at svs for sending me this subwoofer for review thanks guys now this svs sb 1001.

I was very surprised at the size because it looks really small they used a 12 inch driver and put it into pretty much a 13 inch cube. And they ve made it with a sledge 300 watt power amplifier now when i was opening the box. I was pleasantly surprised to find that sb s double boxes their subwoofers. So that s great to get that little bit of added protection during shipping nice touch sps on the front of the subwoofer.

We have the sps 12 inch driver and an led light in the upper left corner now the led is red when it s turned off or in standby and it s blue when it s turned on on the bottom of the subwoofer..

It actually comes with four little rubberized feet. I personally use an aura lux subdued. I think it s a subdued two and that one works well it s about 15 by 15. So it fits this 13 by 13 footprint of the sp 1000.

Really nicely. Now as we turn the subwoofer around we see all the controls and the i o. I really like the feel of the knobs and you can feel the tiny little notches when you twist them and that s really great if you want to turn it up just two notches or three notches or turn. It down a couple of notches.

The on standby switch is great it also has a trigger in if you want to turn it on with an av receiver or preamp processor. Now there s a lot more i o. If you d like to experiment with different setups depending on how you want to integrate it into your system. However lfe is the most common you take your subwoofer output from your avr and you plug into the lf e rca jack now setup was a breeze.

I plugged into power and i plugged the subwoofer output from my denon avr x..

6300 h. To the lf e input on the back of the sb 1029. Previous videos and my wife. Hates it so i had to do it when she wasn t home and got that done now once that step was out of the way.

I was finally able to enjoy the subwoofer. My room is fairly large it s a living room. It s a dining room and it s got vaulted ceilings and it opens up to the kitchen. So i noticed it was lacking a little bit in the base for my taste remember you guys.

It s like a subjective thing so whatever you guys do with your room. Correction and you feel like your subwoofer needs you know a couple notches. More that s what i did i bumped it up like three notches and i ran my favorite test of a subwoofer and if you guys have seen my other subwoofer videos. You know what that is that is the beginning scene of lord of the rings.

Where they have this really awesome sine wave bass job just abused right right when they cuts the ring..

Anyway. We re gonna do a quick little audio demo. So you guys can check that out so put on some headphones and turn it up some of the king took up his father s sword. Now for those of you wondering how i recorded the audio for that audio demo.

I used a pair of rode nt1 thousand studio condenser microphones those were going into a zoom h6 where i was recording at 24. Bit 96k. If you are looking for a longer demo of the subwoofer. I did go ahead and upload a companion video to this i ll put a link in the description and probably a card up top right now and that ll have pretty much the first five minutes of lord of the rings fellowship at the ring again recording with the two rode microphones into the zoom h6 now as far as how it actually sounds this thing is buttery smooth.

Did you hear that bass drop in the lord of rings. Demo that was awesome. So i paired up the subwoofer with my clip setup. It is an add mo setup.

And i use two rp to atf as my mains and i crossed everything over at 80..

I put the subwoofer to lfe and i have the subwoofer lfe set to 120 in my den. An avr this worked out very well now even though the subwoofer looks really cute sitting next to the big to atf tower. This subwoofer is a champ. I gotta say it pumps out a ton of bass.

And it looks like it can handle a lot more volume in previous videos. I had recommended the subwoofer sight unseen and now that i ve lived with it for a week and experienced movies tv shows and music on it i can wholeheartedly give this the techno dad recommendation svs also offers a 45 day in home trial. What can you believe that you can try this subwoofer out. And if you don t like it you want something more or you just don t like it you can return it no questions asked that s pretty awesome and if you decide to keep it you ve got a five year warranty so if you re in the market for a subwoofer and you need something very compact or you just kind of don t want to spend too much money on it definitely check out svs sb 1002 end this video now because i really want to go back upstairs.

And watch another movie all right so i hope you guys like this video. Go ahead smash that like button. And don t forget to subscribe to my channel using the button in the middle of your screen once again my name is shawna d. I m your techno dad i ll see you next time ” .


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