S&W Shield Update Slide Lock Spring Fixed

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“Holy crap this looks even more outrageous on camera remember when i broke my gun gun check this out watch. I fixed it yes so this is an update on smith wesson shield. I finally called smith wesson and i was like yo. I was like my spring broke can you send me another one and they were like oh well we can t send it out and we can t tell ya fix it if you re not like a certified gunsmith and i was like dude just send me the spring.

My guns broke. I don t want to send it to you and wait 57 years for you to fix it so anyway. After about like i don t know four or five minutes on the phone..


The guy was like okay. Yeah. Where do i send it to you so. I was like well send it to my house.

So he sent it to me. And you can see that little spring that was sticking out before you can see it s locked in the channel. There i don t know if you can see it i might have to get a better shot of it..


But anyway. I took the gun apart which i was kind of skeptical on because like i said before i m kind of a new gun owner. I don t take my guns apart beyond this right here and breaking down you know than normal to clean the gun. But yeah i took apart and got the new slide lock spring in there so in order to do that you actually have to remove the takedown lever and once you actually like slide.

This assert there s like a little tab on it and you slide it into a little channel and then it pulls out real nice and easily so don t force this out because you might break that and then you just pop out the rods or pins or whatever. They are and you can take out this whole like front block piece whatever. It s called and actually when i finally took it apart my my slide lock spring wasn t actually broken it just had popped out of that channel and was catching on on my slide and not allowing it to come off so..


But yeah. Once you have this front block out and you take and you get that spring lined up where it needs to be all i did and i didn t have any like professional gunsmith tools to do any of this i basically just set the spring inside the little channel. And i clamped it and then it is retained by that little hump that you saw in the spring. So i clamped it and i kind of hammered it in there with the with the hammer and the punch and just got it down as deep as it would go.

And that was pretty much it so now. My shield is functioning properly again at least. I think so i haven t shot it yet..


And i think that s going to be the real test as to whether or not that spring is going to hold inside of that channel or not and if it doesn t well. It s really going to piss me right off. ” ..


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