[Switch How To Boot Into RCM Mode

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“Guys today i ll be showing you how to boot your switch entire ecm mode. Mode. This is something that was recently discovered in a release to the public and us to load. Things such as linux.

The homebrew launcher and potentially a lot of other stuff in the future. So this takes advantage of a hardware flaw in the switch by shorting out two pins on the joy. Conic rail on the right side of the switch so to do this you need something like a paper clip or a 3d printed thing as you can see on screen now and you just need to be able to connect two pins on the right side of the switch. I ll be showing you how to do that too later in the video.

So then on top of that you also need a usb c to usb a cable. So pretty much something to plug your switch into your pc via usb port. And obviously you need a switch. So once you ve got all that done then we are all good and i can show you how to set it up now so to start off you want to remove the joye cons from your switch.

If they re not already detached next you want to take a paper clip or a 3d printed jig thing and slide it into the right side like i m doing now you won t be able to tell if you got it in the right position until later in the video. So you can just hope through now and we ll see later if you re using a 3d printed thing like i am then the chances of it being successful are a lot higher than that if you were to use a paperclip or a wire. Something like that so next you need to plug the usb c. Side of the cable into your switch.

And the usb. A side into your pc and like i m doing now next you need to make sure that your switch is powered completely off and not just in sleep mode. This will not work. If you do not power off your switch completely first.

So now while you have the thing in the right side of your switch. You have the usbc cable and your switch and the usb. A side of it in your pc..


And it s all turned off and you can continue by holding down. The volume up button. And then pressing the power button. Once you should not see anything show up on your switch screen.

It should remain black. If it turns on normally then you probably did not connect the pins properly. And i would recommend adjusting them and trying this again. But if it seems to be working correctly.

Then you can verify this on your pc. By seeing if a device called a px appears to be plugged in it might say installing device driver the bottom right side of your pc screen or you may have to go to device manager to be able to see it like i am in it right now. But yeah. If you see this then that means you switch is successfully booted into our cm mode.

And you can use any of the stuff that people have made that utilizes this mode. So yeah. That s all i have for you today thanks for watching leave a like if this video helped you comment. If you need help if you want to help anyone else out and subscribe for more videos like this in you have the display shows your aspect ratio.

All the way down to your 3d mode. Which you can turn on or off as well as change your wallpaper language change language this menu language you go to original language audio subtitles you can turn that on or off audio hdmi audio out digital output all that stuff you can lock with a password so that you kids won t actually have access to the system and of course. Here it could is the us. Networks to basically set up your wireless network of wire.

Because this is also a wireless device to go to connected settings. And you can select between wired or wireless. I have connected wirelessly right now and it s pretty easy to set up you just have to go in there pick a network and put in the password well actually you can do one button push also from the device..


You can check. The network status you can enable media file. Sharing. So what this does is once you have that enabled you can actually transfer files say from another computer in the network onto the the 250 gigabyte hard drive.

Which is pretty nice device name of course. That s the server. We have wi fi direct on shares media files. Without devices without an access point.

So you can actually share. I can share this to my phone immediately stuff like that be live connection netflix vudu and of course the premium apps. Which just shows the country centers and registrations and if you go to other it just shows you other settings from network play and stuff like that so that s pretty much the settings for the bt 690. Okay so we re going to move along go into the lg app.

Now your app store is similar to what you have with the lg smart tv operating to have your apps. And it looks like they slowly up there are updating the apps available cool thing about is you see on the left hand side it says the bd rom. Which means. There s a disk inside.

There just telling you that so you can actually go down. You can actually also hard key straight to the movie and you can search for applications. You can sign in check your apps and download new apps and you know it s pretty cool. There is no browser that s just not available on the bd 693 place.

But you do have the full app store just there s no web browser involved so if you guys want to see more about the lg app app store you can check out the lg smart tv upgrade our review i have links for you with this. So you can actually check that out of course with the premium set up what we do have our online music of music and audio streaming services and a couple more thing so you do have your simmer now amazon over yonder matt napster. The cast of netflix boom..


All divx tv v. Yo. Which actually helps use into radio. We do have ap news google maps you youtube pandora funny spot.

I play beta mlb as well as dailymotion so and again from here you can always go back down street. The lg app store and download some apps and of course your absolute show up in the premium section as well as the app store some of the apps. I mean of course you have your search option and you have my apps. There so it s very easy simply use again simply just jumping in and in going into so for instance.

We go to youtube. We can basically go in and check out youtube videos and put youtube signs in and of course. We can we can search we can watch immediately and basically scrolling through use the directional pad on your controller. It s taking a little minute to load up there but you get the general idea sorry.

I m late. I was just over there pissing on us home come on that s great what comes up i see that pretty close so that s a shame you youtube got a head back out my tubes gonna head home instead now the one thing to note is that when you jump from application application is like a three second delay. So there s some time delay in there. But it s something that you know it s fine.

It s not variable is not unbearable. I mean moving on we have our music again this allows you to play music from your device. As well as a usb hard drive or on your network. So for instance show you here what you get in music you have these options i can play directly from from a disc.

If this disc from the usb harddrive. Now this is not highlighted because there s nothing i can go into the hard drive. See what i have here for music..


I have none since i ve had an odd. But you can see the music playlist go through john raw artists and albums go back. I can go to either of these devices. My my ditto.

The different accounts in there of course. I can also use play on which you know it s online service actually shows up here in your devices server section and use this to play movies. I listen to music as well as other things so i can just give you a quick music sample. I think get into public.

You have a couple of albums here just showing you if you go into my music. This is on my mind. It also show you guys know and thousand releases show. I can pause the song to you here.

That knows the song it so that s pretty much music playback plus. I can scroll through. I can shuffle mix and all that fun stuff with it so as a method finally we will be looking at a movie playback. Now first thing.

We re looking at movie streaming video. As well as the blu ray 3d movie play by now n. If you re playing ” ..


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