Switching to OpenSUSE Part 1 10 Day Challenge

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“One of opensuse so let me start this off. I m coming from arch in in an i3 window manager opensuse in kde. Oh. My god what a difference.

What huge change from one to the other so i want to preface this video because coming from that this is just who felt like a breath of fresh air. Let s just say that i m tired of the complex. And this was so darn simple. So let s start with the installation of opensuse the very first time i installed this in a virtual machine.

I was just completely lost they used something called yast as a kind of a control center and it is really good i loved it but i didn t understand some of the aspects of linux when i first did opensuse. I was just fresh to the scene maybe had been in a desktop environment as my daily driver for a couple weeks. I think actually if you look back on like day 10 or 14. As when i was holding the hat and the fire kind of won in that that video.

I ll link that up there. But you kind of touched on opensuse and i was like lost. I couldn t quite grasp it well now that i ve done arch and i ve learned so much more about linux and the inner workings and how things are put together. Opensuse.

Just makes a heck of a lot of sense and a lot of the decisions. They made so the installation. Let s go ahead and jump into that it s initially put on a butter fs system or b. Tfs system.

I like to call it butter fs. I don t know if anybody else out there calls it that but that s what i m gonna call. It so b tfs is what i m talking about when i say that and it s it s pretty awesome. I love that filesystem it s a great filesystem.

But the only thing i don t like about it is it s not compatible dropbox dropbox completely drop support or butter fs so important to note if your dropbox user you need to have at least. Like an ext for drive or partition. That you can put your dropbox on but i just learned that today. When i put this in and i was installing all my apps and dropbox is one of them it did not like the butter fs.

So that s no problem. I had another drive that i went ahead and i was like you know i m gonna put donate that to dropbox anyways. So i installed. It is just the stock settings with butter fs and the installation.

I pretty much set go and then i went in ate dinner with my family and we watched a movie afterwards and i didn t really check up on it. But it finished just fine restarted booted up the bootloader is a really beautiful it s beautifully from what i saw i m not sure if they re using grub or not so don t quote me on that because again i just hit the default settings in left the room. And it finished flawlessly sitting on my desktop. Everything was functional good to go.


And that was my installation experience man. I i think i could train a monkey to do that which is just completely awesome and a lot of my excitement in this video also comes from kde plasma having pieced together xfce where i customized it and i did all these other things and then i went to i three window manager which all it is his customization kde plasma was just so nice on top of this just because it s a very very good desktop environment. One that i absolutely love it worked great. And it s so intuitive that it s very familiar to me being a lifetime windows user from like 15 something years actually 25 years.

I don t know long time and a lot of where they put things just made a lot of sense to me. So i didn t have to search around very much i just went into settings and was able to set all the stuff that i wanted to set and other things i m like hey. This is actually a lot better than any other operating system or any other desktop environment. Just because i m able to set like hotkeys to applications right.

I just right click the application and say set hockey. That s pretty cool. So i some of this is just super excitement over kde as well. I m gonna have to make a different video on that aspect.

I don t want to get too much in the weeds there. But that was also the bundling of all this in it s very clean and just easy and as far as tumbleweed goes. It s a rolling release. But it does seem like it s pretty far behind as far as from arch.

I was used to being just really really bleeding. Edge where i was already on you. Know 420. And i was running on.

It and then the lts release. Of arch was already up to 413 or. 419. Dot.

Thirteen and the rolling release of opensuse is only on 419. Dot. Eleven right now so it s not even caught up to the lts release of arch. I was just kind of funny which i mean we re talking about a maybe a month month.

And a half at least been here so not a long time so that s not a knockin by any means. I just thought. It was pretty funny. They do lag that by find a little bit even in the rolling release.

Which was a shock to me especially coming from arch. Where it s just cutting edge so or bleeding edge. However you want to look at it. So that was my installation experience of opensuse.


So let s get into the overall first impressions of opensuse when i get to the desktop first things first yes as far as configuring getting in and out. It s so nice not having to memorize and use all those terminal commands to adjust system settings or to kind of be hunting through menus. How kde and opensuse and yast is set up just great as far as all the stuff. I needed a change.

I ve just started this today. I m like hours maybe three in as far as configuration actually probably about two hours in but not very far and i already feel like i have completely configured all opensuse and in my kde environment. Just in those two hours and i ve never used either that speaks loads. I mean when it came to arch.

When it came to a lot of other distros. I ve tried heck even a bunt to it being the first distro. I was hunting around for a lot of stuff well that i mean. This was just light years ahead of anything i ve seen as far as that goes.

I mean opensuse probably is not a first i mean maybe. It is just the best distribution to cut your teeth on i don t know i just know. It is awesome right now for me because of all the just how intuitive everything is and i m about to show you guys. Some of my desktop.

How i ve configured things and again this is pretty raw this is only two hours old and i ve already gotten all my hockey set i ve already gotten. I has widgets and other stuff i went ahead and drop some of those on change my wallpaper download a new theme applied the theme just all this stuff is already done and just ready to go literally in just about an hour or two so overall first impressions great if i had to pick out one negative about opensuse is that stupid discover software store. I tried to install a couple pieces of software. I think i had i think it shut now shuttered failed on there hayden live.

I think also failed there was one or two packages. I actually got to install for it and i was just like this is stupid. I m not gonna do it so i discover store from or whatever. It s called i ll look it up when it s on here and show it to you horrible don t use it don t bother with it just go directly into install and remove programs.

The last version and make sure you add the pac man repository and off you go you just type your stuff in there and install it from it from there don t bother with their software store. I think they that s like a half baked solution because it wasn t able to resolve dependencies and i ve already things. But that s the only negative. I ve had thus far so day one some mashing success.

I m gonna go ahead. And say. This is probably the most fun. I ve had on this and this is definitely one of those new distro eyes.

But man i mean if i if i had to say i wanted to stick with the distro right now based on my day one experience. It s gonna be this distro. I love it that much you know and we ll see what happens as i go through this experience. Because everything s great on day one.


I don t think if you go through any of my past day one videos. I had something really bad to say like oh. My god this is horrible almost all of them are kind of cool because it s something new you re learning you re going after it and that s why you know i really do like opensuse and just as far to my day one goes. I m really really liking it right now okay so let s go ahead and show you some of the desktop.

I ve set up i got a little widgets here for the opensuse kind of gives me this knee jerk reaction. I don t know if i like this it reminds me of vista. If you guys ever dealt with vista you know about the widgets and how horrible they were but this is kind of cool. I like just setting them on my desktop.

I don t like to put many icons on the desktop. So i went ahead and set that up you know i already got this i m already chopping up some video. It s actually this video. I m making right now.

I figured why not go ahead and do this b roll in the middle of it. And then i got my dolphin file. Editor. Which i haven t used dolphin.

Very much. And it s kind of cool. I kind of kind of dig in it i already got obs. I m recording again this video in opensuse.

So if the sound or the video is all jacked up well that s why it s a brand new install i just did my configurations hopefully. I didn t screw up my limiters and compression too much on my audio here i m hoping for a nice crisp clean audio even maybe even better than my old videos it feels like every time. I do it i get a little bit better when i do this setup from scratch overall. I changed the menu to the more old school.

The default style. You can actually go in here and change from application launcher to this i m kind of like the old school style. So that s that s what i like i ve removed all these settings. I did install a chrome of course.

I m a big chrome guy to the despise of mini linux users. But i love chrome and removed firefox. When you do this it does break some stuff like the one click yes installs in opensuse. But i ll probably go into this more in detail in another video.

I just kind of wanted to do just like a flip through here just to kind of see hey this is this is what you can expect on opensuse and you know here s my whole desktop and you can come and just see how everything is laid out super easy super super nice. I will say it kind of a thing that kind of threw me through a loop first was one the system settings in kde understanding the difference between that and then going into actual yes. Which is more from the system level from what you see in opensuse. So from here you can do a lot more configuration like your firewall user group management.


Which the user group management. I didn t know if i like that or not but i love it because i can add a lot of stuff when i do virtualbox and things like that super easy to set up which i ve already got that installed and set up it s just all kind of right here. Which is just super. Awesome.

The theming and downloading i contribute that to kde just because of how easy they made it which that was back here. I believe and workspace theme. You could actually go in here and just download. It so i don t want to go too much in here.

I m gonna make a separate video on actually. Configuring and doing all this and grabbing all these themes is just coming from like what i was doing everything when manuel oh man getting into something like this it just feels like it s amazing. So that s all i wanted to do just a quick sneak peek of opensuse how i set it up let me know what you guys think you might be like hey you re missing a complete setting here or there let me know and i will go ahead and put that in here. And do that for the next videos.

Which i set up i do want to spread in some opensuse here. And do an actual how to of the actual installation and show you guys all of that and the configuration in depth. But that s a separate video for this video. I just want to give you a pinyin of my first day in opensuse.

So that was the overall end of day one of opensuse smashing success loved it every bit of it the software store. I never use him anyways like both ones pretty decent. I guess. But i never i had some of the same problems with it not fine independency.

None of the software stores are very good my opinion when it comes to linux distros. But yeah than that and then i ve fallen in love with his distribution just on day one like love at first sight or second sight. Because i ve already installed it once actually i installed the leap. I ve never installed the rolling release this is the first time with the rolling release and i love it so that is the in my conclusion from day one love the initial impressions that i m getting how intuitive and easy.

It is you just can t get much better than that i stick with it let s see i m planning on probably like a day three. I don t like to do i like to let it simmer for a little bit because usually there s some sticking points. And the one i see here is there s not a whole lot of things like arch head. What i want to install some obscure packages.

You know it had the aur where i could just go boop yay s. And then just it would build it and do everything for me i don t think i m gonna have quite that luxury and opensuse so let s see. But that s it for day one and let me know what you guys think if you have any comments things i should try and opensuse why i m here like i said it s gonna be at least a ten day challenge. If it goes much like day one.

I might just be sticking with this distro for good and then just be doing other ones in another box altogether because this is my main machine. But i don t know it s too soon to tell day ones always just hi. So that s it for today s video guys and i ll see you in the next one ” ..


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