T-Mobile technology breakthrough! 1st company to SA 5G, Race for 5G! The New T-Mobile

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“What is going on guys. It is the smt thanks for tuning in to watch watch this edition of the smt youtube channel today we re talking t mobile. They a huge breakthrough in some technology advancements and its really something good to celebrate because things over at t mobile for the last few videos have not really seemingly done too well for customers. And you know they ve been kind of negative.

So it s actually good to report something positive for once and glad to do that so. Before i get going with today s topic and today s update and breakthrough for t mobile. Turn your attention to the description box for the following items we have the smt patreon page link. We have the second channel steam mobile tech live streams that link is there for that channel the twitter handle at sneed tech.

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So. Let s talk about this amazing breakthrough. I m gonna give you guys a full highlight of everything that they did and then i ll give you kind of the analysis. The conclusion of my takeaways so t mobile.

Has completed a network technology first out of all carriers it s a breakthrough in standalone 5g technology the achievement gives t mobile credit for completing the first stand alone 5g data session between commercial grade cellular modems and this is from different suppliers on a production network. So this you know bodes very well for them moving forward with standalone services for 5g. The hardware suppliers in these transmissions were cisco ericsson media. Tech.

Nokia and qualcomm. You know what they really showed is is phenomenal. Very very quick that they got to this the first thing that they achieved was a was the first low band standalone 5g voice call using eps to voice over lte. Fallback eventually this will probably move aside for voice over nr.

But it is a step in the evolution of standalone 5g services. The second thing they were able to achieve the first lobe and voiceover nr all over a production network. Which is fantastic and then the third thing they did the first video session over a new radio. Which is being called video over an hour and actually the nice thing about this is it was done natively with no app required so they did all this using commercial grade smart phones t.


Mobile utilize a multi vendor core for their standalone 5g services. All compatible without any restrictions and full interoperability you know current 5g in the place where it s at right. Now is non standalone and what that means is it uses lte as a core for its operations and all up late upload falls back to lte. But it is a step towards standalone so over the course of less six seven or eight months.

Unless you know you want to go back to the verizon millimeter wave. You know launch you re basically looking at a year of non standalone services. Thus far. Standalone is gonna be very different.

This is going to be a full 5g or full and our core. This is where you re actually going to get some really tangible network. You know upgrades things that you will experience that are much better compared to lte and even non standalone services. So you re this where you re gonna get your really really low latency zhh your increased capacity and speeds the improved quality of service whether it s in data transmission or calling.

This is where things are gonna get really good anyways. The smt takeaways from this announcement t mobile s making excellent progress in standalone services this really does push them far ahead. You know some of the other companies are a little bit quieter about things like this but this should be celebrated and i definitely want to give them credit for that the one thing that i also noticed is the focus is on low band. Which is t.


Mobile 6 on our megahertz. Spectrum i didn t see any mention of 25. Gigahertz. So you know i don t i don t know if that means that this is gonna come in the future are we expecting some testing very very soon.

But it looks like they re focused for at least the near term future initially is gonna continue to be the low band 5g 600 megahertz so maybe the the 25. Gigahertz is soon to come in that development. Because we know it s going to be a big part of their you plan moving forward. I ll update that if that does become available and i think the third takeaway the multi vendor support is awesome it reduces reliance on any one company.

I love it as a company makes total sense in t mobile s place. As long as all of the hardware. And all the software is all interoperable and it all comes together so and i m sure that s all being worked out and they wouldn t have made these deals. If that wasn t the case.

So the proof is in the pudding and this is awesome for t mobile anyways you guys tell me what you think of this achievement. These breakthroughs for t mobile. I think it s awesome. I think there s some great things some good reasons to celebrate the positive news.


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And yeah. Thanks for being here and thanks for watching. I am the smt and we ll ” ..


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