TaoTronics Powerful Little Wireless Stereo Speaker with TV Adapter Kit

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“Ahead hello and welcome to for home speakers today. We re introducing a new incredible incredible product called the taotronics powerful little wireless stereo speaker with tv adapter kit as see the speaker right here. It s about six inches long. It s only a couple inches high and wide today we re watching a baseball game on our 32 inch vizio tv and one thing we re going to let you hear the tv leaders last night they get it okay just want you to know that you can have the tv at any volume level.

You want in addition to having the speaker right next to you on your lap. It s very soft material. Very nice product. So what we re going to do now is we re going to turn on the speaker.

So you can hear it yeah. He can really saddle. He could run and of course you play for guys every friggin songs. We talk about the fact this whole staff talking about elana rebuilding.

Here. You re not speaker is very portable as you can see very small you can go up to 33 feet from your tv. The signal travel through walls ceilings and floors you can put it on your lap. You can put it on your little table next to your tv.

And it s a quite nice quite robust sound as you heard so..

What i was going to do now is go ahead and show you now that you ve heard the speaker. How it connects and how everything is set up because what we ve done is we ve taken a bluetooth product use a very special bluetooth tv. Adapter that will allow any tv to work. With a bluetooth speaker.

And what makes this speaker. So. Special again is its size and its power. So what we re going to do is we re going to kind of work backwards when you first get the speaker.

You re going to want to charge. It okay in the back of it it has a little charging port and this little end. We ll just go plug right into there. And that will charge your speaker.

Okay we provide all the cables that you need this is just a standard usb cable. We provide the plug as well just insert the usb into the ac adapter and go ahead and plug it in to your wall. Socket and let it charge it will play for 10 hours at a time before you need to charge it again and if you didn t feel like charging it you could just leave it plugged in all the time by your by your chair into a wall socket. You would never have to worry about it.

So that s pretty much all there is to the speaker..

Now as far as the making the television work with the tv adapter kit. I m going to go ahead and turn the tv to the side here so you can see on our 32 inch vizio. We have an audio out that s on the side right here. And what we do is we provide an rca watt cable.

Everything that i m showing you comes in the box simply connect to the audio out on your tv. This rca watt cable. It s white and red all most tvs you just plug it right into the white in the red by the way. If you don t have an audio out on your tv.

You have something else we have adapters for that so we can make it work with that as well just contact us and we ll help you with that okay now. This is the very very special tv. Adapter kit tv adapter. I should say and this will work with a television.

That is not bluetooth. Most of these products on the market will not the rca y cable has a female and you simply insert the male end of the tv adapter into the rca cable. Then you have a very very similar charging situation as you did with the with the speaker and right here on the top. You re just going to go ahead and plug that in and then over here get my 10 of my wires a little bit tangled here.

Sorry about that we re going to provide you with the same exact equipment that you need to go ahead and plug this into the wall..

So i messed that up i use the wrong cable. It s the same exact cable with the tv once you have it plugged in you really don t need to plug it out and charge it again just go ahead and plug it into your wall. Socket and you re done you can just leave it there and you re finished. You know there s no reason to charge it again so now what we re going to do is we re going to go ahead and show you how this how this works.

Okay. There s a little red light on the side of this on the top of this tv. Adapter. And there s a little button on the side right here.

And all you do is you just push the button. And what will happen is it ll start flashing red and blue just hold it in until it flashes red and blue. There we go once it starts flashing red and blue you can let go sometimes it takes ten seconds sorry about that sometimes it ll do it faster. But you might have to hold this little button in for as long as 10 seconds.

But now it s flashing red and blue you re good to go okay. The next thing you re going to do this speaker has already been charged so i m going to disconnect the charging cable is all you have to do with this product. Which i really like it because a lot of the other products that are like this do not allow you to just simply turn on the speaker. And it ll automatically pair.

As you hear that little sound..

There it ll automatically pair or synchronize. With the tv. Adapter kit. Our numbers and now 6 30.

Your tv s what is now an average. If i m able to use a cuckoo key chruch announcer sakes up offer feed guards for the orioles. When it s set telecast the massive presentation. The happy recap host next represented by dnc comes your way right.

There. Let s join tom murray okay. Well that s all there is to it. If you have any questions you can always call us please like us on facebook.

And subscribe to our youtube video channel. So that way you can get all the latest videos and new products that we re ” ..

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