TEAC AG-790A AM/FM Stereo Receiver

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“Express. The number one source for audio video and speaker building components. Hi. I m m joe at parts express.

You know here we like all sorts of home audio video. But i ve got a soft spot in my heart for the functionality and simplicity of an old fashioned stereo receiver and that s what we ve got here this is the teac ag 790 am fm stereo receiver the ag 790 is easy to set up easy to use and has 90 watts per channel. Enough to power. Most any pair of speakers.

It s got a phono input for hooking up a turntable and three additional inputs for hooking up any source. You want you can even use a y cable and plug it directly into an ipod let me show you some of the features on the front panel here. We ve got the power button and speaker selector switches..


This will drive two separate pairs of speakers. But not at the same time here. We ve got tuning. Mode so you can go manual or use the presets am.

Or fm. Here are your various controls for your am fm tuner and here are your four selector switches. We ve got the video auxilary. The tape monitor the cd the phone oh and of course.

The tuner here. We have a sleep button it allows you to set a sleep timer up to an hour and a half and a loudness button it helps boost bass frequencies and you re listening to very low volume. We ve got a big friendly jog control for the volume and these buttons down here change..


The function of this knob to adjust the bass. The treble or the balance. Now let me show you around on the back here on the back of the receiver. We ve got hookups for fm and am and tenace.

It actually comes with an fm loop antenna here are the inputs. We ve got an input for photo. Here this is your turntable and a ground for the photo as well we ve got a cd n. Tape input and output and a video in really the cd tape monitor and video inputs can be used for any line level input.

You want you hook up an ipod hook up a dvd player. It doesn t matter. The photo is just for turntables with moving magnet cartridges..


Though here. We ve got high quality. 5. Way binding posts for looking up your speakers.

We ve also got a pair of utility outlets here they can be used to hook up up to 100 watts of auxiliary equipment. And they ll be turned on and off with the receiver. You ve also got a fully functional remote control with included batteries. The ag 790 is more than just about simplicity and functionality.

Though it s also a high quality stereo with discrete output. Transistors and tx reputation for quality stretching back over 40 years. This is a great package that s been a hit for us with consumers and installation professionals alike check out at parts..


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Support parts. Express. Comm. The number one source for audio video and speaker building.

” ..

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