Tear/tearing Ruler: Torn paper edge- Part 1 Tutorial. DIY

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“Everyone its jeff here welcome. I m just gonna put my timer on only because because i have 10 minutes on my camera. And so i hope i don t over time which tends to happen i do welcome you all thank you to all my subscribers and those that are new here. I really appreciate your company.

If you are new do consider subscribing. I will be uploading more of these type of tutorials for you in fact i have many tutorials that are dating back a year and a half now i still haven t had an opportunity to upload them they may not be in chronological order. But what i ll endeavor to do in the description box. I ll certainly put a link and i ll have a playlist so that you can easily find the tutorials that i may be mentioning for you now i m here today because i wanted to express that a lot of the projects that i m going to be doing with you and all my projects require a torn edge.

And so for those that are new or for those that would like to know i have two ways that i like to do it of course. The third way is you can tear up by hand. But that doesn t always work. And it doesn t always leave a great effect.

The the the the best way is using a deckled edge or a tear ruler. And i m going to show you how i made my own very very easy and in fact. I ll come back to that in just a moment. I ll just check that i m in frame and everything s going well yeah.

Okay so the first way if you aren t in a position to make own or purchase one because i think there s a lot out there i wanted to show you how you can do it with out. I ll try and face you uh..

I ll try to i don t know what i m talking about now and but what i ll do is show you how you can do it. So you can you can rip. It this way and you ve got a tear effect there. But it s very very subtle as you should be able to see let me check yeah.

However one way to do it is you re going to wiggle as you re cutting it you re going to wiggle the paper back and forth up and down. However so that gives you one effect and then the other thing you can do with your nails. You can go in there. And you can enhance some of the actual natural tears that have come from the raw effect.

Okay so that gives you that kind of effect. So i hope i m in frame. Yeah. So do that again so you re just going to wriggle your papers.

And you ll get that kind of effect. So that s one way and just play around with it just you know you can do extreme ones you can do fancy ones. You can do whatever you wish so so just remember wriggle your papers. So there you go.

There s something that s being wriggled and one of the sides they d already done and if you don t like your little excess you can just rip it off and look you get your real great chairs there so that s that one if you don t have any anything else. But your ruler..

That s that one let me show you the magic holes ruler that i ve made myself. And i wanted to show you the actual lines that you get and the ones that i ve done see i thought i had them here. I m not sure now let me just make one from scratch okay here all right so this one here and i will show you how i m going to make this so. Please bear with bear with me.

All right. So. This is one that i made and we ll try and get the length of it so you can have a look since it s my copy sandpaper you re gonna just push against your ruler. And there you go.

There s that effect and there s that effect. I m not sure if that will show up i ll get some light underneath. There for you okay. I ll do the other side here.

I m just gonna push against it and there it is okay. This is my other one and you can actually do whatever you like with the width. You can create your own grooves that suits your particular taste and programs. So there you go now that one didn t cut properly.

Because i didn t have it against the the ruler. Yeah..

Anyway let me show you how to do this now. If i run out of time. I do apologize all you re gonna need is a roll and a cutting knife. Now please.

If you re a child or young make sure you get your adult and adult to supervise you so. This is disclaimer in the sense that you know please don t come crying to me anyone you must remember that if you re doing this make sure. No one is in front of you and please make sure that if you do have someone with you they re beside. You always cut away just cut away from your fingers.

Do not go this way cut away from your fingers. So this will be like whittling a piece of wood. I got this for only a dollar would you believe in my supermarket so here we go all you gonna do is you re gonna carve up your groups you can go as deep as you wish as shallow as you wish. But that s all you re going to do so there s some shallowness and deep.

Now you might want to go a little bit deeper here. So you can just so can you see that i hope you can see that i m going to do this again. There you go. And then you can do a shallow one after that now the parts that are a little bit squared off you can just scrape along with your padding line and that should give you a little bit better edge.

But once again i hope you can see and then go so i ll show you what we ve done so far so if i just run. My roller there you go that s that s what it looks like there s the that s what your cuts or you re tearing will look like and so that will give you an idea of exactly how deep or how shallow you want to make your tears..

So i hope that s been helpful please do give me a thumbs up if you ve enjoyed it please subscribe. If you like it because i m going to have more of these type of tutorials for you in the near future. But that s how you make your deckled edge ruler or your chair ruler and i ll try and just quickly before you go because we re gonna run out of time there. It is that s basically the effect and yeah thanks guys for coming to my t s all miscellaneous.

This one s all ammo and guns and a couple of other stuff. And this one is upgraded weapons and armor upgrade weapons. Normal. This one is droppable characters.

And this one s also droppable characters in a what i mean by droppable characters is a well you ll see i ll drop them down. Let s see there under miscellaneous and amata so let s drop on automata and there s a mata she doesn t say anything but uh. She s there this is good for making machinimas on xbox and i don t know if you can kill them because it doesn t look like we can kill him. But uh anyways uh.

I hope you guys this worked for you guys and i hope you guys enjoy this mod. It was it s fun to just mess around with and i ll put up more videos later and uh see you guys. ” ..


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