Technics SL-PC11 5 Disc CD Changer

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“Folks today i d like to show you a very unique cd changer that i i picked up at a thrift store. This was at a goodwill actually. I was doing shopping and i happen to be near the goodwill. So i went there and picked up a couple cd changers one to help my one for my parents and this one for me because it was very strange.

This is a technics cd changer from 1989. I believe this came with a series of technics audio gear back in the day that would go in a stereo cabinet not similar not dissimilar to the setup. That i have in the other room actually it probably would have gone where the record player would be where the top opens and i think that s why this resembles a turntable. It looks almost like they took a turntable chassis and fashioned a cd changer out of it it s very weird.

But i really like the design it looks kind of futuring. I ve taken the liberty of cleaning this thing up so it does look pretty good right now. So what s it like on the front. This is the model slp c11 has two as a two dac four x.

Oversampling digital filter. So it s new enough to have a digital filter in it instead of an analogue one and it has you can program. It it has a random randomize button. You have repeat you have a time mode.

And you have a search you can choose between the five discs that are in your changer. Skip tracks here and of course your standard stop. Pause and play controls on the top here. You have your disc skip which just changes the discs around and when you re putting discs in i ve noticed ever since i ve unplugged it and took this the disc that was already in it out we can just turn this freely so i don t know if that s by design or if that s just that just happens to be a thing right now so yeah.

I just thought. It s kind of neat you could do that there good dusty there i should probably clean that so was the rest of the player look like looks like it does have i have a shipping screw yeah. I think it might with that lock unlock thing they re not sure what that s about at all the bottom is pretty sparse. It just has its feet the back of it is very technics very very technics here s your date plate november 1989.

So it s a little bit older than i am you get you get your standard rca audio. Jacks and a remote jack which i would guess goes back to the stereo. So you can control it from there with the remote you have a you have a polarized figure eight cable..


You can unplug and change the cord or whatever and you have a nun switched ac outlet on the back. Which is really nice i like that they do that so that is the cd changer now. I think the most unique thing about this is just the design of it the fact that it s open and you see dust. Here that s the main flaw.

You d think that there d be a dust cover or something for this type of cd changer and that that s why i think that this was designed to go in a stereo cabinet. Because effectively the cabinet itself could act as the dust cover even though that probably didn t doesn t work very well and didn t work very well back then either so yeah that s just a strange design. I think i m going to clean that up though that s bothering me okay that s a little bit better now have playtested this thing. And it does play i haven t tested the audio quality on how good the filtering is on this thing.

But i did test it it does play so i think we can safely hook. This thing up and use it what i ll do for you is i ll grab a bunch of cds and we ll then we ll take a look at it in operation because it d be pretty interesting to watch this thing. I think for some people so let s check it out okay. I have a cd player on it s very short cord hooked up to the wall.

There. And we can turn it on take a look at it yesi. It s only locked in place. And there s a disk and it looks like there s a display.

So i ve got some cds here the cds that were the most handy. I ve got a bunch of clean my beatles white album some cream will the plank. I know you ll like that one and of course gorillas new album humans so put these discs and we ll check it out before i do that we can at least check out the controls. I just looks really cool to me you change discs like that it s really neat.

So. Let s put a bunch of cds in okay. I only needed five discs. So pretty much queen and the beatles covered that so of course.

We ll hit the play button. I can t see it playing there. But that s struggling a bit that goes..


It s working plays just fine there you go now you hit the random button here of course. It will switch between disks a lot that s just such a cool looking mechanism to me i really like that of course has that classic thing when you re on random. Where you hit the button. And it does this the display just goes add to the end of it we re going to hit random for another disk doesn t work.

Quite the same way as the sony or the denon players that i m used to where it actually changes discs. A lot. I guess it randomizes. One disc and then it ll randomize them another yeah.

It looks like it just stays on one disc for the most part and then it ll change discs. After a while and we go to queens greatest hits three. I like that mechanism. I think that s pretty cool so because this thing is so unique.

I think i m going to make it part of my stereo setup. Because i don t actually have a cd changer in that setup. I have a single cd player that came with the technics set that i already have but i don t have a changer so this will actually be nice. I can just stick on a bunch of cds and let them.

Play. Let s take a look at the display a little bit more here you can see it flashes. Which display. It s on does it even detect the fifth disc.

Oh it does it does and we re good it works. Yep. Or there you have it that is the you have to disengage of course hit stop and everything. But there you go that is the technics sl pc.

11. Now i m going to hook. It up to my stereo and we ll give it a bit of a real play test hopefully i can find something that s royalty free..


I can play just so you can hear it working. I don t think. It s happening. Yeah.

I don t think cd ours this thing likes very much oh god yeah. I don t think it likes seedy. Ours too much that s a very blue one too well i ll see if i can find something else it definitely works. I m not going to play much of it just because of copyright claims.

But that shows that it definitely works. It s a shame of can t play cdrs at least those cdrs that i used. But honestly i wouldn t use a cd changer with cdrs anyway. I would use it with my cd collection here so i mean hey.

That s what it s for i don t know if my other technic cd player plays cdrs or not i think it does i know i ll subtitle that if it does or not. But this guy doesn t seem to play cdrs for some reason i don t know if it s a weak laser or it just wasn t the objects whenever that s good to begin with. But yeah. This is a this has been a bit of a presentation of the technics sl pc.

11. 5. Disc cd changer with a very unusual turntable mechanism and almost a linear tracking cd player almost it s very unusual but every cd player is letting your tracking anyway. So yeah.

It says high speed linear access system on the top. There. So that s just a little look at this cd player. I thought it was pretty cool.

I thought it definitely warranted. A video because it looks very unique compared to most cd changers that i see i have a cd changer in here that i m going to attempt to fix i don t know how successful. I ll be or my parents..


And this is a denon c. Cd changer that just uses a typical trade mechanism. I got a sony from the thrift store recently it was very similar to that as well. Which they have now well i try to fix that one.

But this one is very unique you really don t see this very much i m going to see if i can t fabricate some kind of top cover for this just so it doesn t get dusty and awful. I ll figure that out somehow. But the way i have this next to my stereo setup. I ve moved my filing cabinet and speaker round so the printer is on top of the speaker now hopefully that isn t bad for the printer.

I guess i ll find out over time. But yeah there you go that is the technics cd changer with a very unique mechanism. I would like to add read the end here that this cd changer i played with hold for a little bit. And i think the laser is either weak or it s dirty.

I ve tried a cleaning disc and i actually couldn t get it to read the cleaning disc enough for it to you know actually clean it so i m going to have to figure out a way to disassemble this and clean the laser lens. And if that doesn t work i got to find some potentiometers and see if i can t turn the intensity of the laser up just a little bit just to make it you know do something i don t know. But that s the reason it wouldn t play certain cdrs. I did get it to play one cdr actually so this thing is capable of doing it it s just that the the laser seems to be weaker.

It s dirty or both so i have some further digging to do with this if i can t figure. This thing out then you know it was it was twelve dollars. What do i care. But you know i even if it doesn t work i still feel like it was worth buying to look at just because it s pretty cool looking.

So yeah. There you have it anyhow. I hope you all enjoyed this video and have a good one ” ..


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