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“Rock music finebros okay so we are nnot having you react to a video for for this episode n. I m scared finebros instead nyou. re reacting to this. Oh.

God you ve gotta be kidding me. It s a dell nnot. The singer. But a dell.

I see these in old libraries are these the ones that take nfloppy disks inside of them the fact that the monitor is bigger nthan. The actual computer itself that says a lot i have no clue what year. This is from but i feel like this is before i was born we had one of these nfor a really short time cause then we finally upgraded. Okay like the first computer.

Ever made finebros. The first computer ever made nwould be the size of this room laughing n. Okay okay for me though this is like nthe first computer ever made punk rock music finebros so go ahead nand turn on the computer. Okay uh.

It s been a while i m gonna go with nthe big button right here or not again. Oh i have to hold it down no wait what the heck that s the monitor nope uh that one i think right finebros that s just the monitor n. Oh shoot computer boots up n. Victoriously ooh.

Laughing. My dad is going nto be so proud of me right now right here is the power computer boots up nokay. I know enough computer whirs loudly the noises are very interesting. I don t think i ve ever nheard a computer make these sounds before in my life computer.

Beeps n. It s a lot louder a lot more beeps computer. Whirs n. Take your time.

There humming jeopardy theme. Song. This is taking a while you usually boot up nthen. You go get your snack and then once your snack is all done then you come here nand it s already done booting up oh windows 95 okay that s a little bit before my time it s prehistoric n.

Finebros snickers. It really is nit s an old dinosaur. Oh oh okay finebros so this operating system non this computer in many ways changed the face nof desktop computing forever..


And that was windows 95 n wow. 95. As in 1995. Finebros have you never heard of windows.

95. I mean. I ve never used it nbut. I ve heard of it as a joke chuckles like i see a lot of things non.

The internet. That s like that was the one that nreally put them on the map. When it really became na thing to have your own os those who know technology should nknow something beyond the current they need to know part of the past finebros. So generally speaking nwhat is different about how this looks compared to the computers.

Today chuckling. The problem is where to start laughing everything looks nso. Dull and ancient it looks almost exactly the same nas. The windows operating systems.

Nowadays. But they re just not as refined it seems more rough nthe edges are more sharp. It s a little more impersonal. It s very blank.

I feel like there s nreally nothing going on just internet explorer and inbox nand. All this other stuff like the basic stuff finebros okay. So nwe re gonna walk you through some of windows 95 n. All right finebros so look naround at the applications do you recognize any of them n the recycle bin laughing my computer and that s it okay i know recycle bin.

I know internet explorer the dreaded internet explorer laughs. I can only assume nthat it s even worse than we think it is right now finebros. So let s go online nthrough a ten year old browser and open it n. We can get online on this.

I mma double click n. Double clicks mouse. It says. Oh gosh.

I think i already broke it oh. Do i have to set up the i nwait is this dial up finebros well the internet nwo. N t work..


Because. There s no wi fi in windows. 95. N.

What then why is there internet explorer. That doesn t make any sense how do you get on nthe internet. If there s no wi fi. Okay so how do i get online dial up plug that in well you needed to connect na phone line to your modem to get on the internet.

N. I wait what is a modem finebros. A modem nis a device that sends data to or from your computer. Nthat gets you online and back.

Then modems had to use nphone lines to make that possible. So you would have to use nyour phone to go on internet. Oh and isn t it that nreally loud screeching thing. It s scary to think nthat wi fi is so vital to us.

Now. If you go somewhere. And don t have wi fi like that s the worst thing nthat could ever happen to you finebros well another way nto access. The internet was through a service like aol nwhich.

We have so go ahead and open that up n. I get a free trial. I see a key and then an illuminati symbol. So step one it s loading.

This is too long. Now you re going up to get nyour second snack by this point. Are you kidding me now we re initializing again nand. We re back to step one god this is such a pain in the ass.

Laughing. I would just give up oh here we go noh couldn t do it couldn t finebros another innovation nthat came with windows 95 was the start button n yeah. That s crazy you would never think nsuch as simple little thing is still in 2016. Finebros before windows 95 nmany computers had nothing like this to navigate.

So there was just a lot of lost people so no one could even use computers. How would you navigate stuff then didn t they use to have na search button or something like that then you d type in some code. Finebros..


The way. It. Nactually. Worked.

Was it ran. On something. Called. Dos.

N. Dos. Dos. Oh.

I ve heard. That. Finebros. And dos.

Was. Nwhere. You had to actually type in computer code how to run any program or open. Any file n.

Oh. That is such a bitch. Yeah. This is easy nbut that seems so cool people that they had learn computer code.

Before they could get computers that seems like way too much work. Though if you re on your ipad. Nand you had to type in a little code every time. I wanted nto switch apps or whatever.

I think a lot less people nwould be interested in owning them i can t really imagine nhaving to memorize like like that s just ni would just not use a computer finebros windows 95 was nvery popular when it first came out it sold seven million copies nin. The first five weeks of its release wow really seven million. I m not surprised bill gates is practically nthe father of software. Because he s just created and made so much that expanded on our nwhole technological universe finebros to install windows 95 nit took 13.

Floppy disks. One by one whoa that s intense holy shit. That takes time..


I remember what a floppy disk is that s that square thing right and those would take hours to install i m sorry. This is njust really blowing my mind. Finebros is that the way. It is nto install things now no chuckles.

No nyou usually just connect to wi fi and then like downloading if i put in a game. Nto download the game onto my x box it takes like two hours. I was waiting for my fallout. 4 nto download and i m like taps table.

Nervously generally like if i have nto update. My computer. Do a little refresh. Thing or get my security as sad it sounds nif it takes more than five minutes.

I get pretty frustrated finebros so we just passed nthe 20th anniversary of windows 95 last year n oh awesome happy birthday finebros with all the technology nthat you ve grown up with and used today do you ever think nwhen you re on a computer or on your phone. Nof. Just how far things have come. And what it used to be like n of course doesn t everybody doesn t everybody take na moment and just think it s just crazy to think nmy cellphone is more powerful than this a lot of older people nwill watch this video and say these people who don t know nwhat windows 95 is and they re just too ninto technology.

Nowadays and they re too spoiled well. I m sorry okay. It s not my fault. I was born after this you probably had this reaction nabout older computers when this came out finebros.

So finally go ahead nand shut down the computer. Wait. There s a right way nto do this though i found it goodbye shut down is it gonna do the sounds. So i have to physically turn it off nope giggling that actually scares me a little pressing button.

Why does it have to tell me nit s safe to turn it off like it wasn t safe before something would happen nif. I tried to do it without that step. It would blow up computer shuts down n. Finebros.

Snickers winning thanks for watching nthis episode of teens react subscribe. It s worth it i promise hey. Thank you guys nso much for having me. And now.

It s safe to turn off this video. ” ..

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