The 5 Worst Oblivion Quests

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“Often praise oblivion for its fantastic quests. But i have to be honest oblivion has has some really terrible ones. Most of them are in the fighters guild quests line the absolute worst ones are where you at least expect to find them so here are the 5 worst quests in oblivion. Speech craft is quite possibly the most pointless skill in this game.

So it makes sense at the quest that goes along with it is equally as terrible. If for some reason you have decided to become a master in this waste of a skill then you will no doubt want to seek out the master speech craft trainer. Which you can t even do until you reach level 70. And by god does it take a long time to do that the easiest way to do.

It is to find someone who doesn t like you too much and then just match. The persuasion system forever and ever and ever now that you ve spent the last six years of your life. Doing that you should have finally reached level 70. And you are now ready to seek out the speech craft master.

Trained me oh great one first. I would ask that you look to the poor and the suffering around cyrodiil return to me. When you have spoken with all of them then we shall talk of training you ve got to be kidding. Me i have to speak to every beggar and see riddle that s ridiculous.

So not only do you have to sneak out every goddamn beggar in serie dell. But your compass does not tell you where any of them are which means finding them is a nightmare and if you missed one then you might as well start all over again. Because you have no idea who it was and even when you do talk to all of them your journal doesn t update. So the only way to know is to go back to tend away and ask her it s horrible all right.

I think that is all of them there are still poor souls in this world that you have not spoken with you know what this i m gonna be honest with you i don t really like clavicus vile. He s annoying. I m more wonderful always a pleasure. But what i really hate about clavicus is his quest it starts when you make an offering to clever kisses shrine and then he will tell us to retrieve the sword umbra in exchange for a mask.

Which sounds fair enough hey he gave me a statue of a dog. I guess. That s neat oh no now the dog statue is talking to me what have i got myself into well..


It turns out the statue named barba sworn to us that returning the sword of umbrage at clavicus is a mistake. Why is it a mistake he hasn t really say which seems suspicious and as my mom always said never listen to inanimate objects. I mean if there s a lamp star telling me to watch the veil. I certainly wouldn t do it it s not even a very good movie.

So i think we ll just continue on with this quest after speaking with the locals at pels gate. We discovered that in order to find the sword umbra. We must find a person umbra. Which is extremely easy because this guy just tells us where to go now at this point.

This is where this quest becomes terrible for me we are presented with two options we can either choose to kill umbra and retrieve the sword or we could not and then return to clavicus and tell him we give up now can you guess what happens. If you choose not to fight umbra. Nothing nothing happens clavicus is a bit upset. But nothing good or bad happens.

All that really happened was you wasted your time talk about disappointing. Now if we choose to kill umbra. Then barba swil. Once again warned us not to give the sword back to clavicus and once again.

We are presented with a choice to either keep the sword or give it up in exchange for our different reward. Which also isn t that special at least. It s funny to look at that s something and that s it that s all there is but the ultimate disappointment is how straightforward this quest is if you aren t aware clavicus vile is the daedric prince of trickery. But despite that there is a serious lack of trickery going on i mean to be fair.

He is also the prince of bargains and we did make a bargain. But still i would have liked some kind of trick. But no no tricks not even very good treats so that s why i hate this quest the quest tears of the savior starts out pretty innocently enough as a matter of fact one might almost say it seems interesting. But don t be fooled by its outward appearance because underneath.

It s just a great big pile of steaming oatmeal and i hate oatmeal. I mean it smells good. But then you try and it s just bland mush garbage anyway..


What i m trying to say is this quest sucks after speaking with the mage so dress. I we are sent on a quest to find some magical tears after talking to julia and fanny. We learned that the tears are located in a place called frostfire glade. Which as you can imagine is full frost and well there isn t a fire.

But there is a lot of frost and there he is and here are as tears you have to find five of them all while being attacked by the frost. It s annoying if anything. But it isn t just trying to locate tiny blue objects on a white ground that is dumb about this quest. Because the moment i stepped into this glade.

I couldn t help. But wonder where the hell is this place is it supposed to be in cyrodiil. Because there is certainly nowhere in serie dell that this glade could exist is it another dimension. It s really weird maybe if we climb up this hill.

Here. We can see where we are you have got to be kidding me okay so this this is why this quest needs to be on this list on its own this quest is mediocre. It s not good. But it s not really that bad but this is what really makes this quest absolutely terrible nothing kills your immersion in a video game more than climbing up a hill and walking out into the grey void.

Absolutely ridiculous allies for bruma is absolutely god awful and quite frankly it would probably be at number one if it weren t optional. Unfortunately. I was not aware of that the first time. I did this quest.

So what makes this quest. So bad. The answer is simple oblivion gates by god to oblivion gates suck. There s not a more boring and painful thing to do in oblivion than going into an oblivion gate filled with the same boring creatures.

And the same boring. Landscapes and the same boring tower. It takes forever to sometimes just getting to the tower takes an age and then you have to climb the tower..


All the while fighting dumb daedra that only exists to waste your time and every now and again they will introduce some kind of puzzle element. Which would be cool. If i wasn t already hating every minute of it but not only our oblivion gates boring to do they re also boring to look at everything so red. The lava is red the sky is red the ground is kind of red it s all red it s maddening.

I can t stand it. But if you want to complete the allies for bruma quest. Then you have to do six of these six that s seven too many and what do you get at the end of all of it i m not really certain because i couldn t be bothered to finish it. But i do know you get a couple extra soldiers who do absolutely nothing during the battle for bruma absolute crap.

You would think that being a vampire and oblivion would be pretty cool you get amazing stat buffs. And some sweet red eyes. All you have to do is avoid the sun. No problem right wrong being a vampire sucks.

Because if it is daytime. Then that means you can t fast travel anywhere. And if you re really far along as a vampire and you forgot it is daytime. And you better hope you saved recently.

But you know what sucks more than being a vampire curing. Vampirism and trust me. It won t take long. Before you will want to seek out a cure.

A cure you mean besides death speak with rah polis. He may be able to guide you alright. Let s find this reminisce guy. I suggest you petition to see count hassled orange skin grant.

He will be interested in your condition. Okay let s go find the count then i m afraid that count does not see anyone without an approved appointment. I m a vampire..


I see please wait here one moment. I shall speak with the count ah okay how long do i need to wait i ran into some goblins in the woods not long ago nasty little beasts. I understand you re looking for a cure for vampirism. What little i have discovered points to the witches of glen morel.

I have unconfirmed reports of a woman seen near the core bola river seek her out and learn whether she can help how many more people do i need to find as it turns out the witch is the last person we need to seek out. But that doesn t mean we re done because before the witch is willing to help us we need to find five empty grand soul gems for her which as you can imagine isn t very easy. The easiest way to do this is to try and buy them from the stores around cyrodiil. But if you re tight for cash.

Then you re gonna be spending hours and hours trying to find these things alright. We finally have all the soul gems. Now we can get the cure for vampirism. I believe i can create a potion that will do the trick.

But it requires a few things to start i ll need six cloves of garlic. What after all that i now have to go and collect more random objects for you you ve got to be kidding. Me alright. Let s get this over with there we have all the ingredients and we killed some stupid master vampire better be it i have everything i need now all that remains is to brew.

The potion vague talos finally this nightmare. Is over oh son of up well. There you have it hey hey. Man.

Watch. The video shoot up i don t have time for your crap. If you re interested in the polar opposite of this make sure to check out my video on the five best quests in oblivion. Or you can listen to five reasons.

Why oblivion is better than skyrim also new videos will be coming out every saturday and a let s play every tuesday. So make sure to stick around for more i will see you then ” ..

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