The AVR-X4200W Network AV Receiver – Blockbusting 3D Sound

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“Presents blockbusting 3d. Sound. The avr. X.

4200. W. Encounter. The forceful and versatile.

Then then an avr. X. 4200 w. Built for a brilliant 3d experience feel every dimension dolby atmos.

It transports you from an ordinary moment into an extraordinary experience captivating three dimensional sound from literally any direction. Even overhead gets submerged in every scene. Create the ultimate experience in cinema sound with a dts x..


New object based audio format additionally the av rx. 4200. W is ready to run auro 3d the e. Vr.

X. 4200. W. 72.

Channel surround sound. Capability with 92. Channel. Processing.

Includes advanced configuration options. For example it can deliver a separate av source to a second room in your home. And optionally..


Even a third signal all audio to a third zone you can control your avr quiet denon remote app. Which is available in both ios and android versions and also for the kindle fire thanks to its sophisticated in command feature set you can also access this avr. Via pc or mac browser as well as a number of home. Automation systems including partner control companies the avr x 4200 w.

Not only allows you to play your music from any bluetooth device. It has also been specifically designed to easily connect with your home wi fi network letting you enjoy internet radio high resolution audio files as well as subscription streaming services such as pandora sirius xm and spotify connect to your pc or. Mac. Via airplay.

Dlna 15. Or make use of its windows 8 compatibility with eight hdmi inputs including one on the front panel and triple hdmi outputs. The av rx. 4200 w.

Provides top class connectivity options featuring the latest hdmi specification this avr includes full rate. 60 hertz 4k ultra hd capabilities. Along with the ability to upscale content to 4k ultra..


Hd also all hdmi inputs and outputs. Support the latest hdcp 22. Protocol for the transmission of copy protected. 4k video with quick selection.

You can choose your favorite sources. Via a single button. And the specific audio settings will be recalled. It s incredibly quick and easy to get your home entertainment system up and running our exclusive setup assistant makes it a breeze.

Odysseys most accurate room acoustic measurement system multi qx 232 uses over 10000 control points in your room to match your speakers to perfection measuring microphone odyssey sub e qht and lfc low frequency containment technology included all of this is achieved with remarkably low energy consumption. Thanks to the advanced eco mode. The avr x 4200 w. Delivers forceful home entertainment indeed feel every dimension in dolby.

Atmos. Encounter. Captivating 3d sound with dts x..


And auro 3d experience 7 discrete high power high current capable power amp channels advanced wi fi and bluetooth wireless functionality h hdmi inputs and triple hdmi outputs supporting the hdcp 22 protocol and 4k. Ultra hd. Full rate. 60 or it s pass.

Through. And scaling. An experienced. Blockbusting 3d.

Sound with the avr x. 4200 w. Brought to you by ” ..


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