The Best 6×9 speakers Test Pioneer TS6900PRO-Rockville RVL69W-Pioneer TS-Polk Audio DB-JBL Stage

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“Unboxing it s gonna happen right now so we have d s 18 speaker you you guys watch my other video already so you know what what kind of speaker is already this is a piece of mid range speaker with the built in twitter really nice sounding speaker. 550 watts maximum power in 275 or a mess at the phone i wore do this speaker for you guys. And i have a rock real woofer. It says nine 6×9 high powered woofer this is like a sub woofer.

But the six by nine. We re gonna run on the full signal and we re gonna run like a the bass. So we ll say this this is huge magnet in the it s like a six by nine subwoofer right yeah. We re gonna yep of course.

We re gonna run like a full full speaker sound like full range sound and we ll see how it s gonna produce the sound. I have five wave pioneer. This is the best selling pioneers a lot of guys is likes of these speaker. I don t know why we re gonna find out what s gonna happen company with all the speakers 600.

Watts maximum power you guys crazy right this guy has sick 550. Watts maximum a lot bigger magnets and these guys has a five point. We re gonna see two way versus a five way and it is gonna bring any the better sound quality or not we re gonna find out really quick all right this is fifty fifty dollar range. These guys is a lot more money that s a this is one that s eighty six dollars.

I have a jbl co op. A lot of guys is like these speakers. Also so i ordered these speaker and this is 240 watts like peak power. And the 80 watts rms.

So this is more less power speaker. But honey so what holes i have i have another g pulseaudio db. Guys who you asked about these speakers a lot so i have them now on all my videos. I have a lot of guys.

He s asking about the polk audio paul audio. So these guys it sells a lot this is db 691. Fifty fifty dollar range speakers. So we re gonna compare with these speakers with the other guys also and we re gonna find out i do sound.

So what else i have i don t have this guy right..

Here. The box is dead already. This is 600 watt maximum 2 way. Final speaker.

So there s a lot of good informations. Here. 92. Db.

So we ll see what 1 1. Is means. A 92 db. On this one.

It doesn t say to find out later. So. When we compare this guy this guy with this. So.

This is 86. Each. This is 140 for pierre alright and another jbl stage. 96 0.

3. 210. Watts maximum power. This is fifty.

One fifty dollar range speakers. This is companies with the kicker s brought for fast gates most you know 50 range so we re gonna complete these guys i like the jbl s twitter s how they produce the sound so this is 3 way speaker. We re gonna compare weight with this five way speaker and both the similar price but sound quality is gonna be total different right now finally. I have this guy.

Another polk audio..

This is high end 450. Watt 6×9 speaker. A lot of guys is asking about the por correo polk audio here we guys we have it on called a nice packaging. This is high end version nanjing magnet.

So magnet is a lot smaller speakers wise life so we re gonna unbox everything one by one and we re gonna see what s gonna happen what i am unboxing each speaker. I m gonna put on the beginning of the video. How its comes inside like take a look all around now. It s like just the overview.

The next video is gonna be each speaker. So when you start to watching the speakers. So you re gonna see the unbox video also on the same page alright subscribe to my channel. So we re gonna have to keep doing all kind of crazy experiments here so what do you guys think we re gonna run.

These. Speakers. Right. How many 1 2.

3. 4. 5. 6.

7. 8. 9. 9.

10. 6. By. 9.

I have an infinite cap..

Is down. There. This is alpine rick look with the filters 3 way right quattro speaker this is most asked it speaker pole choreo medium this is a high end so that s why you have a tiny magnets with a lot of fluctuations your quality is okay not not super good not super. You know not not not anything super.

But that s okay you see how the por correo. Is 50 range. So you have a lot bigger magnets 300 peak power form speaker. Only one filter and another filter inside tears.

So pioneer five we also his most cell. Speaker so for speeches our range to qualities 5000 jdl. My favorite company by the speaker built. But this is the looks cheap when you re comparing with these 50.

And these magnets like a huge difference right also around 50 another cheap ito. This is really cheap bro this build. I don t know these like a kicker material. All the kicker speakers the same material.

But queries on the kicker s is a lot of good kickers and the rock capacity twitter s this is the caper twitter. But we ll see spills looks cheap. But this one s i think. But says wires connected no filtration just a stock up update.

These i picked us because all that just stock up this is master giant in the dual speaker. Do magnets. It s really heavy rock will this is six by nine subwoofer you see its build quality. The tank now i have this guy amazing with quality for the price.

A lot of filtration is going on here in the magnets also is huge in the magnetic powers. The 600 watts at the 4 ohm. We re gonna run these two guys to each other reason why i bought this i have this guy so i m going to compare. But this wheeler is giant.

The bond paper and this the magnet is also is big so it s gonna be very interesting videos guys if you don t subscribe to my channel and subscribe..

It now i m gonna run these just open here so we re gonna see the piece in how they move okay this one s also on bet. I m gonna lift this guy. It s too heavy just come i don t like this this is not loud. But it s you see it s makes mechanical noise.

When is the moose of course one when you put in the box. It s gonna be a lot of bass. But now it s making like mechanical noises you see. But is producing it s producing already a lot of bees.

This is the bass monster. So it doesn t make there is no any mid range these twitter s already loud than any other other speakers. So let me see this guy now all right. Oh let me see all pine.

This is jump muster. Most jumping speaker in in this area all right so when i install all the speakers in the box. And we re gonna actually run in the box. So that s the right way to test the speakers.

But just on this short clip. I show you guys how these speakers like jumping in the free air like this. I think des is love des is louder than pyro right yeah dl our defining boom. Yes.

What s wrong the da s vinny winning already. But yeah we ll see this is open air is like but i m just playing with the speakers as you guys want to install these in the box. The pinal force is gonna produce a lot of bass. Then d s.

Because the water rumi. But this is louder that s why i keep saying you guys if you want them loud clean sound definitely get the midbass speakers and separate twitter s these old speakers is gonna make you some sound. But it s not gonna be over killing loudness alright. Thank you so much for tuning in guys keep watching my other ” .


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