The differences between a Leased Line and Fibre Broadband explained

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“You can see i m not at the office. Today. Although this could be regarded regarded as my second office to be honest being in the car. But i ve a busy day out and about seeing some of our customers.

So i just felt pulled over just to throw together a quick video something which was in my mind. Today was leased lines and fibre broadband. Because i happened to be talking about it to a number of different customers at the moment for different reasons. And i just wanted to compare and contrast the difference between at least slide and kind of standard fibre broadband.

Because there s a few key differences. Which you may or may not know about so start with a leased line a leased line is generally a much quicker connection to the internet. The key difference is if you get in a 50 mega leased line. You will get 50 mega download.


Which is great for your general surfing and all the rest of it. But you ll also get 50 mega upload speed. Which is really really good for things like voip services for cloud service delivery for remote workers. All of all of these types of things can can be much better when the upload speed is is as quick as it possibly can be also with a leased line.

It s like you have in your own direct pipe to the internet. So you re not going for any kind of shared network. It s just a direct link dedicated for you your building or your business. Whatever it may be so generally the performance is much quicker.

It s much more stable and the uptime from your internet service provider. Will be a lot higher and should anything go wrong as well the service level agreement tends to be really tight. I tend to you know get things up and running again with me within a just few and within their just few hours. As well overall.

The cost of a leased line is much higher than a standard fiber connection..

So at least. I can easily be a few hundred pounds every month and but you pay for what you get it s easy so it s a really great service. But it might not be in all small businesses budgets to be brutally honest. But i just wanted to explain the pros and cons of that particular solution so next up you ve just got standard fibre broadband.

Which were all probably a little bit more familiar with you know when you see the adverts and the big internet service providers in the world and they ll cite talk about fiber broadband or superfast broadband. This is basically fibre broadband. So with fibre broadband you can still get a really quick download speed and these days. It s not uncommon to get 80 100 or even on some networks.

150. Meg now. Which is great you don t generally though get the same upload speed so generally your upload speed might just be up to 20 meg now if you re not using heavily things like cloud services or voip. Or you don t have a huge number of remote where because that might not be a problem and standard fibre broadband.

Will be perfectly fine for your business..

Fibre standard fibre. Broadband is a hell of a lot cheaper than a leased line. You know you can get a really good business grade fibre broadband service for you know thirty and forty credit month. You know it s it s that cheap really.

There s no getting away from that so it s a it s it s a big difference in the price. You won t get the service level agreement and the guaranteed uptime that you ll get on a leased line. But you still get a decent service level agreements of maybe eight hours maybe 24 hours. But you won t get what you get from the leased line because that cost so much more so they re always going to prioritize the people with their particular products.

So there s no royal wrong overall. It s just about what suits your business needs. What suits your business budget. And what s available in your area as well because these services just might not be available.

Where you are you can see i m in the woods right now clearly you re not going to get the services here so it s important when you re looking at offices to find out what connectivity is available in that building..

See what your budget is and then make a decision from there. But generally the quicker. The better and you ll get the most out of things so that s it for today. If you can smash the like you like porn.

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