The Division 15 Beginner Tips for Starting off in the Division for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

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“What s up guys its deathstalker synchro nhere with another division video. This one. I i ll be going over beginner tips for all those nstarting off in the game. Just about to buy the game once again.

I ll say these are nbeginner tips. So if you ve played a lot of the game. You will know these if you have nnot played the game. And you do know this then and you do know these that s damned amazing nhonestly number one dark zone ranking nevery.

One has probably already realized that the dark zone has a different level or rank nthan the rest of the game. But some are still mistaken by exp gains. So let me be very clear nwhen you re in the dark zone. All that experience that your earning is only applied to your ndark zone rank the same goes for your xp bonuses.

There are actually two different ntypes of xp bonuses. There is the experience bonus and then the dark zone. Experience bonus. Nboth can be found in the character screen number two gathering junk nthis.

One is pretty common for rpg games. Simply put pick up everything enemies drop just nbecause. The weapons and gear. The enemies are dropping aren t an upgrade from you current nitems doesn t make it useless.

You can mark all the gear and weapons in your backpack nand. Then bulk deconstruct or sell them to get either. Some well needed money or crafting nmaterials trust. Me on this one.

You will need lots of crafting materials. After you ve nhit level. 30. Number three multiple ways to use skill nit.


Certainly isn t a shock that the are multiple ways to deploy skills you can fire them nplace them toss them or even use them on yourself. The trick is the effectiveness of nthe deployment. Placing dragonbreathe turrets. Behind cover rather than in top tossing a nincendiary seeker mine directly on to enemies or even firing the first aid at the ground nto heal.

Multiple teammates are some examples so put some thought into your deployment of nskills all placement methods can be viewed by scrolling down on the individual skill. Number four help those in need nwhile. It may be the end of the world. You shouldn t be stingy with those energy bars nwhile you re traveling around the city.

Random civilians will approach you in need of certain nconsumables. While this is certainly up to you i would suggest offering them the item nas. 9. 10.

Times. You ll be rewarded with a cosmetic item nas for the consumables. You re likely to find another one quickly in your travels number five security wing exp boost none of the things highest on your priorities list is to upgrade the security wing. So as nsoon as your capable complete.

The first security mission as. This will grant you a perk that nincreases exp gains by 10 security missions are the ones highlighted on your map with na blue shield once you ve completed the mission head back to the base of operations and upgrade nthe situation room to unlock the perk. It s automatically applied and always active. So nthat s all you need to do number six missions on hard ndespite even my expectations completing hard missions will not reward you with more exp nthan completing that same mission on the normal difficulty the only difference between the ntwo difficulties other than an obvious increase in difficulty is the rewards earned playing nmissions on higher difficulties will scale.

The enemies and reward you with better weapons nand gear. Not exp number seven side missions nas. I just said higher difficulty missions don t reward you with more exp. But if you re nthe kind looking for tons of exp fast side missions are the way to go or.

Perhaps you re nin need of blueprints guess what rewards you with these helldives. I mean side missions nside missions aren t your usual mindless entities just to distract you i mean they still are nbut. These are actually some of the most rewards activities in the game. While they won t come nclose to the amount of exp earned from completing a story mission.


They are much faster to complete nwhich leads to you leveling faster. Then for each one completed. You re rewarded nwith. A blueprint when you complete all in a named area.

You ll receive another blueprint nsome additional exp for returning to the safehouse in that area. And an additional side mission ntasking you with traveling to the next safehouse. Something you re going to do anyway. But by ndoing it this way you re rewarded again with exp number eight dark zone scales nanother thing you want to keep in mind is that the dark zone will scale with your level nnot your dark zone rank.

But you re agent s actual level this includes both npcs and nother players for example. The first player level bracket is 1 14. Therefor. The only nplayers.

I come across in the dark zone are between the levels of 1 and 14 as for the nenemies. They re a minimum of level 10 in dz01. But as you go higher up. They can climb nto a maximum of level 30.

In dz06. You ll also noticed that the dark zone vendors also adjust. Ntheir stock. According.

Your level. As your agent. Levels up. The stock in each shop becomes nbetter and better.

But also requires a high dark zone rank nkeep this in mind when you re planning to play with your friends. If they are in a different nplayer bracket. You will not be able to play with them this information can also be found non the map. When hovering the cursor over the dark zones.


And is located in the top right ncorner of the screen as well as when your entering the dark zone. Number nine mods do effect your dps nit s easy to be focused on the small bonuses like 30. Magazine size and increases in headshot ndamage. But you should also watch your dps you could be also be decreasing.

It for example ntrading. An increase in rate of fire for higher damage may actually offer less dps than you nthink marginal drops are fine. So long as they offer a more effective bonus like increasing noptimal range or critical hit chance. But keep an eye on stats.

Like dps and reload speed number ten categorizing damage nspeaking of dps don t be mistaken by a weapon. Saying. It has higher or lower damage than nyour current weapon for example marksman. Rifles and shotguns have some of the highest ndamage in game.

So there s no way a lmg of equivalent level would come close to its damage ntherefore. You should compare weapons by their classes smgs with smgs assault rifles with nassault rifles and shotguns with shotguns number eleven. The first aid skill nas one of the first skills you ll unlock the first aid is one of the best medkits are nlimited and the max you can currently carry is five on a difficult mission or if you re nunfortunate enough you can go through these quickly. Which is precisely why a self healing nability.

Only limited by a cooldown is a great asset to have just don t make a crutch out nof it number twelve combine crafting materials nit isn t difficult to stock up on the various crafting materials. But as your character ngrows. You ll need less and less of the lower quality materials as you gain more specialized nor blue gear and weapons start coverting all those greens materials to blue nthis can easily be done at the crafting station. Found in the base of operations select.

The nlast set of blueprints on the list and start converting nnow. Once you ve progressed to level 30. And acquired high end blueprints. I would suggest nturning some but not all of those blue materials into golds.

The reason. I don t say covert nthem. All is because you may need them for a future blueprints for example superior nblueprints still use blue materials. What tend to do is set a minimum amount of blue ncrafting materials like 50 electronics anything more than that i convert to gold electronics.


Number thirteen recalibrating na. Quick recalibration can turn a good backpack into a great backpack recalibrating allows nyou to reroll a certain attribute on a piece of gear. Not weapons. Like changing.

A turret nduration boost into a seeker mine damage boost. This gives you the ability to retool a certain ngear item. More towards certain builds note that once you ve rerolled an attribute on na item. You can t reroll.

Any others on that same item nthe. Only price you pay is in credits with the exception of high end gear. Which will ncost you phoenix credits number fourteen don t forget your consumables neven knowing so i can t tell how many times. I forget about these battle altering items.

Nwater incendiary ammo and exploding. Ammo. Each can make. Short.

Work of a named elite nenemy. So don t forget to use them and make sure to stay fully stocked by opening the nvarious bags. You find scattered around the city. Number fifteen unlock safehouses nwhile.

You re going around blowing up cleaners and saving the city. Don t forget to take na moment to unlock the safehouses along the way in fact. As you expand into each zone. Nthis should be the first thing.

You do safehouses also serve as fast travel locations having nthem unlocked will save you a lots of time ” ..

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