The Elder Scrolls IV – Oblivion – EP 34 – Got Ectoplasm?

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“Welcome back remember last time um. We will the last few episodes. We kind of of went wandering a bit. We we could get some ectoplasm from so i want think on what though after i sleep and level up as i ll go down to the is it the imperial city and he must be something in the air must be somewhere that sells its tough a the market distract like an alchemist or something i if not earth not i m just going to make a whole bunch of potions and stuff and sell them off.

I ve got all my all my gears. Here and i packed up the other patients that are made i made a whole bunch more to see most of these patients are probably just end up selling off. But i ll keep the best ones or something. But able to sleep briefly until morning it s so good idea was reached you resolve to continue pushing yourself perhaps these more to you than you thought perhaps i think we ll go on durance again cuz it ll be health.

I think we ll do intelligence in strengthening or thinking about doing stage. But i think it ll be right though so now level. 7 asics item. I i think you have to go outside some balls that ll close my finger.

Think i did okay good yeah. I don t want anyone wandering in here like stealing more stuff. Along the way no more like that would help a name my cool shit will disappear. I need to go to the ear dangling.

Okay yeah. So go to the imperial city market district. See if we can find some ectoplasm. So we can finish off one of those quests.

From father s gold. Yeah. In fy card. Oh oh justin oh.

I ll get there when we come across that they know like if we happened to bump into a ghost to kill. But rod. It was all the way there will be faster. Okay okay.

Now see if we can find a shop that sells it s tough. It s probably too late at night. Now o ye. It s 1240.

So at least have a look around for a shot though i m sorry about the neighbor s dog barking. I was really came to play but it s been it s been barking at seed or failure day today. I was hoping to be quite enough long enough for me to to record some no fighting chance read diamond feet. Big must be locking alchemy shop.

Here something surely. Mr. Comporium. Who try that one mr.

Comporium so i think of routine as a lift. So should be should be one of these ones down here. Oh. You think.

Let s call. Chi chi..

Oh. Well new notice. And mooney. Before let s call.

This. A staff shop has gone dues be i don t even got on to speak right now. I m looking for some ito prism of course. We ll have to wait till run date white.

They saw wait like six hours. I think maybe they ll be open. I m hoping alchemists don t sleep in if a reader. If you re up all night testing all the patients.

Okay. Hibbett nia. No it s still not wait another couple years. Yeah.

I guess our first shop doesn t have some just boy univercell commun gradients in my cave. And we ll make potions and more sell them back. Hey dude have you got some ectoplasm. What you got anything for yourself.

Spells. What can i interest you in no he doesn t have any oconee stuff. What s my arm. What does physicians really low with them okay thanks dude.

What s up and won t find better prices. In all tamriel. The better view free thing hanging okay. Thanks mean fairway.

What about you do you sell like how can we stop. Now. What do you want only quality goods for sale me what can i interest you in. Okay eat dope lism and spoil all those thanks does it hear me we need to them again.

I can t remember with a lot that ll be in your quest. Some here five portions of edo pleasant. Why are you only have four what have a look around it s a retracting dozen won t find better prices in velocity on scales rip mate and bull crap mate okay thanks okay we ll try somewhere else thinks me now lady in case. We need one more piece of bleep dope ilysm.

What about this place divine elegance. Now i sense more like a jewelry shop or something didn t will bet you you arts. What fit broken things clothes are young sam to divine elegance. Because you care about what you wear and pelin area has what you want or no.

One has do you have some ectoplasm. I offer the finest goods and lowest prices. No i ll sarah did well judging by your lord chuck. You don t know.

One is it yeah. Well..

Thanks. Okay. There must be another shop you something that sells up igas. Discounts.

Pills will try this place. You might have alchemy stuff. Here. At you dude have you got your day place on why you got a bar ever look around you just signed better prices in all tamriel.

Just sell spills. Okay. Call. You you do i ll come back to you um.

What s this one over here office of imperial commies well these ones down here beast the fence the gilded carrera de probably be worn on stuff or not although this looks economy check he doesn t like her do you have it everything for the budding alchemist under one roof far more than thor ania would ever have despite his horrid business ethics. Oh just lock some dope ilysm. Please what can i interest you in do you have any type place. Am.

I really hope you do lady no no you don t hear victor place on oh. You ve gots us about everything else so haven t you hmm. She might be a good place to come to make to boil. These ingredients here or at least a lot of them and then sell the potion specter.

Who take care maybe we should actually sell them to that was a lady that was really high um. The funding of us so and smash muster comporium. I think we ve been on it whenever. We oh yeah.

That s what she saw us a few okay. So what other shops are we got here. I say these advani elegance blue course curry earth three brothers trade goods. Retirement jewelry.

Maybe i ll try down the air. So what the m tell us. Why you think more for picking mushrooms to you wasn t me mother. Impala knife.

On you okay we ll try this place readings. Miss it don t oh you got some very similar. Sacks look. Convincing old jackman s manservant.

He did not inform me of your visit. There s our spy stuff as adam um. He s that imperial watch captain that s always chasing after the grey fox and the thieves guild chasing after shadows. Have you asked me the thieves guild probably doesn t exist.

And it s a sure bet the gray fox doesn t either i d say he probably does but oh he s that wanted criminal isn t he a master thief. I hear he s dangerous too i ve heard that the beggars spy for him we re writing thanks what s us pause it here for but all that dog finishes barking starts off with you bacon asik okay welcome back here we re gonna try this other place neal think the dog sort of calm down. But yeah like a dude have you got something dope lism say you look like someone that could help us out having a bit of trouble with another merchant in town of goes. By the name of thorin air.

Oh don t really have time for that. I what have you got for sale have a look at my wares..

I m sure there s something to suit you not really no hmm okay maybe some other time thanks okay. We ll try the nick shop. I wonder if we go back to that other shop later whether though we ve no place among stock. I don t know if they restore call us my spies of us to shop.

They would restock wouldn t they okay. What have you got your son s friend. It s nice to see a new shopper. I was afraid i lost any hope of new business ever since thor near opened up brought.

What have you got for sale may i interest you in some of my fine wares. Nor. The heck of a lot really or how come you ve got one of those mm hmm isn t that what i ve got and why is it with so much fun. Yeah mm hmm.

We just steal it from us at okie ended one night. I can get one of those for free conroy s oh no won t be boring now okay. We ll try somewhere else what is the feed big i ll see what these guys have got it doe placements. Not really food as it is kind of ghost girl isn t it don t los fin de la vie bag.

I m dillards fan das. We got food and drink and lots of it okay. What have you got for sale honey look at my wares. I m sure there s something to suit you are you got a lot of all sorts of things.

But nothing i really want i all right you and more come vic to you goodbye this little disappointing this a jewelry shop so our year. We might just have to come back to the other place later are your keys. What i saw we got down here first edition. Which probably boxes up copious corn pierce.

Who ever looking here on our never been year or a bit you buddy what have you got for sale. What kind of deal can i make for you today or look some ectoplasm please have a look at my wares. I m sure there s something to suit. You know that it d probably be too easy with on it well we could buy some of the stuff to make patients.

With we don t have much gold leafed. Okay. You re gonna have to come there go come again first edition. We bought shop look at the map.

Where are we mutants and now we ve tried. Although shop say this can t spell. Stonewall shields. There s any other district were to draw elven gardens destruct tinkle district telos plaza district roiling here it might be kind of shop ii what i think we ve actually been yet heavily speed.

I have locked on to speak. So everybody oh no this doesn t really look very shoppy. It s a hotel add pity sir i gots nothing to eat i ll swap here s some food for some ectoplasm. Well this doesn t look very sharp.

E. Does it looks more like a young sort of an official econ replace them. The foaming flask. All these a few lot little shops and things well not just pause.

It eli wander around and i ll bring you back. When i find something interesting..

Me ok welcome pick you were in the oven gardens to sneeze about what sort of bit wouldn t same thing dude okie cesar just thought girls or something yeah. That that other place. The plaza was mostly houses. He was like a shop.

O connor are a young at evan in de hotel. But there wasn t much help was it this looks like all houses too. We ll see the boarding house is gone dude. This at evan doesn t really sing.

What the sort of place. It will sell tweaked. Oh. Please.

Don does it stand. Here. Well is a feast. Multiple steely.

Mushrooms. Do you someone s sick i miss the dog barking like a sick sybil dim in here not the little bit don t play someone won t be something interesting now i things in some killer look. I was wondering fuck a duck sealable. But food the den.

But neither looks like a bit up ok ok that s all right or can i pick those sacred motifs. I will be taking racing. I m not sure what they do you lift it looking them up a couple they want me grab grab these other ones. Yeah a lot of this episode might be what be me kind of wandering around trying a lot find what i need will do this other room a little pond thing over here till that there s one on the side.

Too why you could put you will be taking ali sinks. I mean the very least. We ll be able to make potions. You know these mica put a gold off them say.

There s not a bad thing is up then look up you ll see will actually do i ve got to combine them or their sacred lighter. Something sacred lotus seeds resist frost em and she ll think either our year. Okay let s have a look at the me picking. So we did a bit of a tacky tour around here and these are mostly houses by the looks of it elfin gardens.

So was she have a look down here. If we can sit down here yeah well i think on what just keep us a little bit shorter. I removed found a few things we need. But i think next time we ll go down you ll see what we can for neum hoping you ll be go so probably be reds.

But um. I m not gonna have much not trying to pack stuff up. But that s a rocky echo valley view sake next time. We ll go down.

These sewers and see what ” ..

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