The Entire History of The Alto Family

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“Everybodywelcome marshmallow challenge back to another episode of the entire history of excited for this this one. I didn t make a horse on the community tab. Asking which families use wanted to say and the top comment was the outlaw family thankfully. I was planning on doing that anywhere i love when things work out like that and i spent five hours preparing for this video and sorting everything out and making all the images.

So really hobbies enjoy it but anyway. Let s just jump in so you might have heard of the land grab family before maybe. Oh no no i you just seen. It one time in the sims.

Well. He probably will atone because of one of the most prevalent families in the sims and the landgraf family a. Very based off alt money from a long time ago in the name alt. Well.

There s the land grab family and then there s the olof family. Which is a complete different ball game. They re all about new money so they basically represent everything that lauren grubs hate. The oliver family is only referenced in the sims 3 game.

But my googly gosh. They are a very prominent family they are mentioned in so many dlcs and expansions in the game. It s insane and the almost is infamous as land grabs in fact in the sims 3 because of the reputation and everything i m gonna cheer statement and i m gonna say the more infamous than the line grubs so obviously they all offer family came with sunset valley. But that s not the first reference to this all or family in the game saw with the soonest three late at night.

Which was an expansion pack. We actually got a reference to the olaf family with ebony sir i ll or what a guy and he apparently founded bridge park. Which is a very industrial and wealthy town and this kinda sets. The precedent for the rest of the family.

And there s practically nothing on ebenezer i couldn t even get a picture for him in the family tree so i m just gonna you know most straight past him on the sims. 3 base game. It doesn t say when it happened. But at some point that all our family moved away from the big industrial city and moved to a more suburban area.

That s it being sunset valley. They live in 20 summer hill car. Which is a huge mansion. Obviously the rich saw golfer got very close to the land grab family and when i say very coarse.

I literally mean there s too much and fierce and officer each other once the land grabs. One is the a loss that s how close together. They are and this is obviously a cause for contention especially since they ve got the whole rivalry with the old money in new money and the heads of the family. Via and nickel or a presented as almost the villains of sunset valley.

Because sunset valley was founded by the goths built by the lange grubs the old money and then that all oars came and kind of built up the commercial area in town like the theater restaurants and everything like that like the commercial properties. They came and put that in the town which threatens the societal standing of the land grabs. Because here you ve got a new family who s coming in it was rich which obviously he s gonna be a threat to them and b..


They re not only rich that actually sat in a build on the town about the line. Grubs. Made so obviously gonna be some drama. There i m hanging afar at them and like i ve said a big part of this is to do with retail.

Because the walls on most of the commercial property in town this kind of forces. The town into capitalism. Which the land grubs. You know if they want to they want to have the thing they want to own most of the town so there s the drama.

Because of the money situation because of the own in the town situation bought. There was also a more nancy land grab and nickel ore are also in the same career in the exact same level in south korea. And it s just excessive. It s that competition so that s kind of why they have the infamous vibe within the town because there s a lot of contention between the two families.

But also nick and viet just aren t very good people putting it lightly the mean spirited and evil ruthless and the unafraid to plot the misfortune of those who stand in their way. They also don t really hide the wealth. The constantly wear suits and obnoxiously fair jackets. The house is really kinda tacky and you didn t tell that the priorities definitely lean towards the more financial side of things so they definitely flaunt the wealth.

A lot in everybody s faces you can smell the rich but they do have a daughter holly and holly is she s so nice. She s basically the opposite of a parent. She s a good seem. She s not enemies with anyone on like the land grabs at the outlaws.

Which is sworn enemies with each. Other she also doesn t fly wealth like a parents. Her bedrooms have very different style to the rest of the house. It s very much just tween.

Four and a clause are also relatively modest. She d fit in with a newbie family to be honest more than she fits in with the oles and she just looks like a sweet kid. Honestly when i research these sims i kind of treat them like real people and i kind of think i want to be holly s friend. Which is sad because she doesn t even exist.

I don t michael played the sims. 3. Unlike my sims alma make every friends with her what is that like and that s pretty much it for the sims 3 base game. I see that s pretty much it like there s not a massive story line there.

But there actually is and i m really impressed with that story line that runs deep that s deeper than me. And then the next time we meet the whole family is in the sims. 3 hidden springs with the accountant. Bert allure.

There is actually nick s brother who decided to scrap his career as an accountant. Because he didn t really enjoy it anyone to go do something different. So he retired to the world of hidden springs with a lot of money from a mysterious sauce..


Doesn t really help the family s case. You know what i mean and this move to hidden springs is also kind of mysterious because his bio states that he s hiding from someone either his brother or past clients. But we don t really know. But even though why he s moved.

There isn t clear. What is clear is that either dodgy block wouldn t trust him as far as i can throw him and this whole da genus is only emphasized fair that by his traits and his new career. So he s a mooch in a snob. I mean isn t a law a nice or poor he s decided to start his new career in the criminal professions.

I mean like change can be good and stuff. But howard what he s gonna be fine. Though because he s white collar. His name white collar crime is always treated better than blue collar crime support the working class anyway.

I wish little buddy the best in hidden springs. And i hope that he really succeeds in his criminal career at the job. Not the country next. We moved from hidden springs in a sunlit tides.

And we meet griffin. A law and his fiance tanika wahini ossineke over haines. I m really bad at pronouncing names like like i can t even pronounce my own last name so really sorry if i ve mispronounced. Anyone s name there i m honestly trying my best believe it or not griffin.

All or is also kind of similar to the rest of his family is very focused on business and he decided to take a vacation or suddenly tags before actually taking over the family business full time bought while she was there he fell in love with little old tanika and he decided to steer and sharpen leonore absolute plot twist nick his father heat griffin allah does not want to see the to get my read. I mean it be fair to him. He s probably heard about the old oil family and they aren t really good guys considering how far the family extended the sims 3 world for griffin is actually a decent guy and i think has done him. He s a snob like the rest of his family.

But that s just a given because he s an allure. But he s also gorgeous. He s family oriented and his lifetime wishes to be surrounded by family not good on him and also to wish the best for all. But i really honestly for griffin and tanika.

I really wished the best for them. It s actually kind of made me want to get up and play the sims. 3. Just to play with that family then from this remember.

The sims. 3 island paradise. Where we meet alphonso lord peter and ashley allure and i swear down right and although they re a big family. I ve steered that in the beginning.

It s like dealing with the weasleys. But if the weasleys were corrupt and rich there s just there s so many of them that i m already forgetting the names. I ve moved on the next people why i ve only included in the sims..


4. Makes no sense like ea explained. I am confusion anyway moving on from that we all know the family are known in the island for the wealth that one is absolutely just a given shock. The following the footsteps of the other family members as well making the money through community lots this time they ve made it through holiday resorts and hotels.

All along that kind of wavelength and let s just all have a moment of silence and remember our fallen brothers. The hotels that weren t included the island living they were in a better place now. But the money isn t necessarily made in a good way years could i guess that one it s from stealing and line. It was business partners or we d love a good ol.

Oh. So it seems like this life s going pretty good right. Now. You know he s got a wife.

He s got a kid. The rich they ve got a beautiful house in isla paradiso. Its student is so modern and nice. But there is trouble in paradise island paradise.

If you will so low peter in alfonso s marriage isn t actually that great don t don t do and it s rumored that she married him for money actually. No scrap that it s not even rumored her lifetime aspiration is to be a goal to go so. That is just canon. That s not even the worst thing nor right it gets worse alfonso is actually having a marital affair with flora hernandez.

Whose ex husband lost all of his money to alfonso alors can you imagine losing all of you wealth and then you wait leave enya and get in with the guy who got all your money outraged the scandal. But it wasn t even a net like that goes further. She s pregnant with our funds or stiles alfonso s wife doesn t even nor. Alfonso.

And his wife love. Peter also have a daughter called ashley. She is completely none. The wiser she doesn t know it that sudden an affair she doesn t know his dad s gonna have another kid she is none the wiser and thinks it dad hasn t done any of these things and she actually likes her dad.

More than she likes a man. Honestly we all thought jeremy kyle was cancelled and i m telling you right here right now. It s not cancelled. Jeremy kyle.

Has just went to isla paradiso. Because he s got people there that need him what a whale of a time it s a paradise aw. I wish i could play with the star behind but isla paradiso. I don t think that s ever work does it and then finally we move on overall or family in the sims.

3. Luna lakes. We meet trent and eleanor and jerath allure and the kind of the opposite to the rest of the family..


The fallen out or fearful with the rich neighbors. And live. A more reserved life. Even with elinor being a top notch surgeon.

So good on him good on him. You know you don t have to flaunt your wealth. The kind of art. She was putting far with the old or family values or because they desperately want the song jerath to become a massive politician somewhere poor cherith has actually got other plans little jerath.

Just wants to sit plays guitar. Have a good time just peel. A little bit chilled. He doesn t want to like rule.

The world. He doesn t want lords and money. He s just chilled and you know what luna they exist that in the future. So this is like at the end of the timeframe.

I have spoke about it in a lot of videos. But i m just going to say again now saw each sims. 3 world is on a different time for him. So i m happy to know that in the future.

The auto family kind of settle down a little bit off of the last all the wealth. I mean the probably deserve it and that s it that s all i ve got on the ol or family. I thought this video would be like 40 minutes long. But i ve actually got through it quite fast.

I m shocked all i know is that the land grabs need to move over because there s already more successful family in town. I am really disappointed that they re not in the sims. 4. I would like to see them come back again.

If you re not subscribed already. Please subscribe give. It ai like if you like this video. And leave a comment below as well because of one an or if you have actually played with this because from the sims.

3 onwards. I never even played with default families. So i want to know if you do and i love you all so much and i ll see you in my next one bye guys. ” .


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