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“Was being drawn to you oh geez what a line you use that on all all the girls know right i saw you the other night with little miss ribbons are you doing in it what now or tomorrow night or this weekend. With it why why our date. What date date. You agree no yes.

You did you promised and you swore it well. I guess i changed my mind look. I know as you get some dirty guy coming up to you on the street. You don t know him you don t know me.

But but i know me when i see something that i like i got it i love it i mean i go crazy..

Well you oh you re good. What you re good no you re good you re fantastic. You really are i m not usually like this i could be fun you want pensive smart. Yeah superstitious right.

I can do whatever you want you just tell me what you want and i ll be that for you you re dumb. That could be that come talk to me talk to me about what you want you re going away. You re leaving. I m staying here and i m so happy that you re doing it.

But you re gonna have a million things to do you got so much ahead of you it s true..

I m not gonna have nice things fancy things it doesn t it s never gonna happen for me. It s not in the cards for me. I don t have to go to school. Okay yes you do stay here no do you see that s exactly what i m talking about you can come with me to new york yes.

Am. I gonna do in new york. He was me yeah. We don t gotta fear all this out tonight.

You know finish out the summer..

We see what happens you see me want to break out. I m saying we see how it goes later on i m working 365 letters. I wrote you every day for years. Yes.

Over you son of a bitch you just stay with me stay with you what for look at us. We re already fight well that s what we do we fight you tell me. When i m being an arrogant son of a bitch and i tell you when you re being a pain in the ass. Which you are 99 of the time.

I m not afraid to hurt your feelings..

They have like a two second rebound rate and you re back doing the next pain in the ass thing so what so it s not gonna be easy. It s gonna be really hard and we re gonna have to work at this every day. But i want to do that because i want you i want all of you forever you and me every day. This is crazy you live in here you know we ll all help with mom we can not take shifts.

Visiting look guys that s my sweetheart in there i m not leaving it this is my ” ..

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