The Red Sony MP3 Walkman- NW-E394. Part 1 – (Unboxing And Transferring Music)

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“Hello. Everyone hope. Everyone s doing okay. Today.

My name is effing retro. 1980 and and welcome back so here. I have a sony player. This is an mp3 player.

I ve been wanting to do a review on this for a while now and let me explain a while ago. I wanted to put my music on a mp3 player. I was like well okay should i get an ipod or should i get a different mp3 player. And i was like well what does sony make so i searched sony and sony came up and this is what came up also another thing i nearly bought a different sony empathy player and it was like a tube sort of style like appeal sort of style.

I liked it but it didn t display cover art and i just like cover art. So i found this one. And it s a bit more expensive and i thought well why not i ll go for it and i also bought some optional sony earphones these are sports earphones. These are the mdr a s210 ap for sports.

The features of these are the splash proof. Removable loop. Hanger suspension mobile hands free phone. Calls.

Tangle free serrated. Cable. And also it features a play pause. Answer.

And end button. Which is just cool. Because you know if you were using your phone with these you know and someone calls you and you can hear it and it s like well i don t want to bring my phone out because then my keys fall out or something else important so yeah these just help you know you answer the call straight away. And yeah.

It s just cool. Earphone also they feature a l shaped gold plate. 4. Pole mini plug.

Which is cool. Because then you know you don t have to worry about this bit. If this bit wasn t an ellen. It was just going straight like that you know it could it could mess up the wire connection inside.

And you know it s good. Because i love l shaped. Headphone jacks. They re just they re just cool and gold plated sounds better so yes the other two reasons why i bought these sony sports.

If i is because it comes with a clip which means you can tighten them up or tighten them. Down which is cool also they are approximately 12 meters. Long. Which is awesome so then you have plenty of room to move about when you re doing yoga or running around or any other sport that you love they re also water resistant and sweat resistant.

I will be doing part two of this video. Because i want to use these earphones and then tell you how my experience was with them so that will be coming on the front. You have a nice and clear display of the sony play itself in the top left corner you have the modern sony walkman logo and the model number nwe 3 9. 4.

And you have 8 gigabytes worth of. Storage which means you can store up to 1800. Songs. Which is just amazing think of how many albums that is it s it s just incredible for that low of storage.

It s just epic on the very bottom you have a display of the sony earphones included and the sony black logo. There on the left side. You have a clear space with no writing and down at the bottom. You do.

This is the e series digital music player. Nw iii. 9. 4.

On the back you have the system requirement..

So let s take a look at those you have the. Os so microsoft. Windows. 10 windows.

81. Windows. 7. Sp1.

Or. Later. Mac os. X.

V. 106. Or later. So.

It s nice that they support quite. A few common you know systems. Which is very nice. Microsoft windows.

10. Is the current system going right. Now. English a portion of the memory.

Is used for data management functions. Actual available memory is less than the addressed design and specifications or subject to change. Without notice. Okay.

So let s take this out of its box. So once out of its original packaging. You can move that aside. And it will look like bits under.

It is the manual. Which is just standard just normal manual instruction manual. There and more information here you have the charging lead and inside is the product registration. So and on here will be the actual player itself okay so here s the important bits.

The actual player itself which we will take a look at in a minute and the included earphones which we will take a look at now now it is a pretty long line. So here s the end where you plug the earphones in and from here. So where the earphones are sadly you don t get clip. This is just the standard thing built onto it this isn t the clip.

You can t move it up you can t move it down. So that s a bit sad for people who just want to use these. But these are the included earphones. They um.

They feel okay they re not exactly you know incredible feel you know they do feel a bit. They are made of plastic. This is the left one and this is the right one. But yes now they do feel nice and comfortable in the ears.

They don t seem to fall out of my ears. But yeah. They do feel nice and comfortable. So let s have a look at the player so it is nice metallic red.

It is not shiny or glossy. It is metallic it features nice glitter in the actual paint. Which is nice it is nice material very nice very nice and it is so small i mean look how small that is this is just fake hover. This is just a protective from now on but we will take that off in a minute.

So let s have a look at the controls. This is the back button also the home button. This is the option button also the power button and this is the up button the right button. The down button and the left button this is the play and pause button on the side is just plain red on the back you actually have a nice matte finish and as you can see there is just a faded engraved walkman logo.

But this is the modern logo down here you have a description digital music player and here is the restart button just in case..

Something goes wrong and also on this side you have just plain red royal ium up and volume down button and here you have the hold button okay so the protective covers off now and it doesn t leave a mark and it doesn t take too long to take off it looks nice and clear so before you power it on you must make sure this hold button isn t like that it needs to be down. So then it turns on and will just power it off quick there we go so once that s down you need to press this and it comes on you don t need to hold it it just comes on okay. So now you re on home. And here.

You have your music option. So this is to go right. This is to go down. This is go blair.

Disco right you know that sort of thing to actually select what you re on you have to press. The play pause button and then this led you to your music. This is all songs and you can actually select by letter. If you wanted press back and then you can go to album.

And these are all the albums from all different people and then this is where you can choose your artist take on your artist. And then the album should be there then your general so abstract or like rock or pop playlist. There s no playlist now folder. And then that is it that s all your music photos you can put photos on here.

If you wanted these are just sample photos. Which also if you keep seeing music pop up that s because when you turn it on there s included music which i probably won t keep on they ll probably get rid of it and then you got these settings by default. When you turn the volume up pretty high it will say check the volume level. Which is this a volume level limit to change that you go into settings.

But you don t go into music settings. You go down your common settings. Then you got unit information and av ls. Which is what you want volume limit and you press off if you want that on you go to on but i keep it off because i like you know i like to have my volume higher.

I don t i don t really like it when they stop you from having it high language settings you can select early language settings. Sleep timer settings which is a good idea and fm radio settings photo settings. I probably won t use photos really no point so in the music settings you have play mode. So you have normal repeat shuffle shuffle.

And pete and repeat. One song. Which is a cool idea. I probably would use that here s the bass boost which you can boost the bass.

I ll have it off for now i ll turn it on when i need it here s the equalizer you got none heavy pop jazz unique custom custom. So this is where you can select your own to go back you just press back. And yeah. So that s the music settings.

So that s all the fifteens and playlists you got no plays right now. But yes so let s go to fm. See what that is about and here you can select your fm or whatever you need and then you can select a preset. If you need or want to sort of go back.

I paul you won t use the fm. I don t really know and i probably won t news photos and i might even get rid of the included songs because i do really want the storage on here so and i don t want it convicting confused so go to song playback screen that s the light go back to your new songs and this way i want to talk about the album art now i wanted this one pacifically because it has album art. If you remembered me saying the pill sort of style. Didn t have an album art.

I just had a reef in screen. I don t know how anyone supposed to see that but on this it s nice and small and it s really nice and clear like it s you can actually see what the writing says down on the bottom. You have the timer and here you have the song that s playing and you have the all songs. Which basically means what this song selected from i selected this from all songs.

So if i selected an album it would say the album down there and the sum up there. Which is just a great idea and you can also see the am ness you can also see what the album is and who it s by okay so this sound never sound it it really depends on what what earphones you re using now these they sound perfectly fine. If you want the music there. Unfortunately.

The bass on these earphones yeah. It s okay and it don t particularly sound any better with the bass boost. But it really depends on what you re using you know i bought these because i knew these weren t gonna sound as good. But to be honest with you they sound fine and you know any person that doesn t want to spend any more money on earphones that s okay if you just like music be in there then that s fine you can use these.

But i m probably not going to use them for one i really do like sports earphones because they stay on their ears and bees they stay in your ear. But they don t like you know if you go jogging with it it s gonna be a struggle so yeah. But it is clear sound this play is just nice sound it sounds good i think in my opinion. The sound is brilliant.

But yes and now i m going to show you how to add music and delete music okay so once connected to the pc via the usb cable..

You will get a spinning blue light on the screen. It says connected usb. The player cannot be operated. So this means you can t like touch any of these controls or play around with it while it s being connected.

If you want to use it you have to unplug also up there it says. It is charging now it says do not disconnect so it s just warning you do not disconnect until you re finished with what you are doing so once the sony walkman is connected to the pc via the usb cable. You must go down to your far software and down on the left a text will show up saying walkman. You must click on that and it will bring up files such as dcim.

Which just includes nothing and for mac. Which is just mac. Sadly i can t show as i haven t got mac. But i have got windows you got windows there you got the help guide you got music and this where all your music is and then picture sample photos and these are just a sample.

Photos default capability. And de vie. L. Ce.

O. N. Dot f. Il.

And dv l. O. G. O.

Il. And that is a fil file and that default capability. One is an xml document the rest is just a file folder. But the main one that you have to focus on is the music one if you want your music.

So let s get straight to that okay so here i have an album arcadia. So read the rows. I only have one song in the album and this is because i m going to use as an example. So if i have an album with one song in it how do i delete it now you can click on it with your left button on your mouse and right click on the mouse and then press delete down here.

And it ll come up do you want to permanently delete. This yes. Then if we go back the album is still there so now i can click it then right click press. Delete and delete that okay so how do i delete an album with our full songs well.

So this has 11 songs this album. This is dry and rhino s lights go down live. It has 11 songs i want to delete the whole album so you can highlight like that or if you go back. You can actually delete the whole album so click on it then mike nick go down press.

Delete. I show up to permanently delete. As folder yes. And that is the album gone.

So that s how you delete songs and albums. How do you add albums artists and songs you must go to the website address that i will link in the description below and if you don t want to go to the link below you can type in the link. Which is up there. But you must follow the link once brought to this page.

Which is called the music center for pc. You must hit the download button at the bottom once pressed it will go to another page where you can press download. I won t download now because i ve already downloaded it but once downloaded you will get a downloaded file you open it up and you install all of it and then you open it up it starts up automatically you have your transfer and manage up here and my library. Which is newly added not transferred songs albums artists frequently played recently played playlist import cd so you can actually import a cd.

So. If you put a cd in the you know if you re using a laptop. You can put it in the cd drive or pc. You can put it in the cd drive.

It will automatically import from there and you can actually put it on your walkman. Which is i just think is a cool idea. I actually feel i was really good. But now you want to transfer your music.

So so under where it says transfer manage you click this and it would be gold and it would be your model number and in series you click that and it says newly added..

If you haven t added anything it won t come up now. I have two albums here. I have duran duran as the lights go down live. And so read the rows.

I currently only have one song in here so we re gonna do this one song. Which is election day make sure this is lit up then before you press. The transfer device you need to go to device transfer settings. Now the reason for this is because the device has a coverall option.

And that s what main reason. Why i bought it because i like the cover art on it now if you ve already transferred device you may notice that it s just blank. And it has the modern walkman logo over it it needs to be converted to a different file in order to have the cover art displayed so if yours is already lit up here. And it says normal transfer transfers made in the writ in the original file format recommended fast files that cannot be played with the device will be converted to aac format.

And then transferred it doesn t mention anything to do with cover up now it doesn t matter because it still does change the cover up so if we go down to here you must press. It also assigned transfer the i will always be converted to aac format. And then transferred make sure that is lit up down. Here you ve got post transfer operations.

And this is ticked. It says after transfers made delete file converted during transfer. Although. Removing the checkmark will reduce transfer time by transferring a converted file the next time.

The computer will require larger hard disk capacity. Now if this is ticked. It will remove the original format you can do this if you want. But i don t mind so.

This is your decision here. Then you press ok once that is all done. Then you press transfer to a device and down. Here.

You have a progress bar. 0. Out of 1 which means. I am currently 0.

Out of 1 songs. And now because that was only one song. It has took like four seconds transfer complete the device will be disconnected. Now once disconnected you can disconnect the device ok.

So let s make sure that song is on here so it was arkady election day ok there you go so really on here. So if we go to all music. So his music. So album you got all the album s so so read the roses.

The album election day. There we go so read the rose. So what about if i want to go into artists. So if you go to artist arcadia or arcadius.

That s just election day. That s the only song that s from arcadia. So read the rose election day. There you go we ve gone through the album there is for the nice cover art and that s in order to get the cover art.

So you must use music center to get the cover up if you don t mind no cover up then that s fine you can do it as normal. The other thing that i really do like is that you can go to artist. Then go to the artist. You want then you can go all which means all of the songs that they have done and you could just select an album which is just cool.

And i mean look at that album cover it just looks amazing anyway. That is all i have time for today this has been the sony mp3 player and i hope this video helped with setting up your music in transferring and deleting and i also hope you liked the look of this player. But anyways this has been part 1 part. 2 will be the unboxing of these awesome looking so many sports.

Earphones and i ll also be comparing them to other earphones. So yes i ll see ” ..

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