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“New g4 can cost about twenty four hundred bucks. Something like that so you see see 99 for the low end kevin burroughs went out and you built an os compatible pc. I did i did let me show you what i did here first here is actually the running machine. It s running.

This is the final product sitting area it looks like a pc. But actually it has macintosh components inside of it and it s running os 102. So. But it s not a mac.

Though it s well it s not a mac. It doesn t have the mac case. It is all mac components that actually apple does sell well they don t sell them directly. But there you can find the third party that do sell them how did you track down all these parts that s the tricky part the tricky part is finding all the components.

I ll show you the first component. We have here this is the actual motherboard of the g4 and we got this from a place called mac rescue. And this is a standard g4 motherboard. It has the 10100 land on the side usb ports audio everything a standard motherboard would have okay that s the first component.

I was able to track that down after that we go over here to the processor and this is the the core of the operating system. This is actually are the operations in the core of the computer. This is the one gigahertz with two meg s of cash sonet processor and is that actually an upgrade processor. That is an upgrade processor.

Because you cannot buy these components directly from. Apple okay they won t sell you a. Processor if you go to applecom. Okay so i actually bought an upgrade processor from them and then i went you have to actually have to find a cpu cooling fan as well for the processor.

Because they re thinking. It s an upgrade and they re thinking you already have the cpu cooling. But you don t you don t because you re building one from scratch or did you find it because normally people don t really build these for you know over nobody really over clocks. A mac.

No they don t so. What i did is i took a standard pc. Cpu cooling fan. This is the volcano 6 from thermaltake and it s really important what you have to find here is you have to find one that will actually mount to the top and sit above you see there s a lot of different circuitry.


That s sticking out. Here you have to find one that ll sit on mount on there correctly and they re actually the clip. The clip here that s not gonna work you gotta yank that out and find another way to kind of fasten it down to the cpu. Any way that you can find to mount this down.

You know whether it be zip ties or whatever as long as there s a good solid connection students if you re getting creative at that point you are getting creative. This is where the it comes becomes more definitely definitely sketchy how about ram ram go to crucial calm and i would just select the apple and then choose the g4 configuration. Okay. And it ll suggest standard pc.

133. Ram. If you have some pc. 133.

Lane around the house you can use that as well just go on there. And it s really inexpensive you can get a 250 mega stick for like 30 bucks. Next to nothing for pc 133. Go with ati or nvidia for graphics well.

I could have gone with nvidia. I was trying to but i found a really nice ati board that life that had s video out this this is not the board. The board that actually i put in my system is right here. It s the radeon 8500.

Which is right here as s video on the back and also has the adc connector for the apple flat panel displays. But you can go with any you actually have to go with a mac compatible video card you can t just go out to the psn store and buy your standard ati work. So that you have to get you can still pick those up anywhere. Though compusa.

Anywhere ati calm. You could yank your hard drive your dvd or cd. Rw. Any hard drive.

Any any cd rom. You re fine as long as the standard ata hard drive in an cd rom. I went with the western digital wd 800. Which is their special edition drive that has the 8 mix of cache.


That is just an awesome hard drive it gives us a nice little 10 15 percent performance increase with that extra cash and it works great on the mac s as well so this looked like it was a nightmare to find this is a special macintosh power as well this is an atx power supply. This is not the macintosh when the macintosh one that i actually purchased is in here. But i was going to show you the difference here if you take a look at the connector here of a standard atx. It s a 20 pin connector and you ll notice here.

There s two extra pins at the end that are that the apple has added in there and i ll tell you why they added those later. But you re not going to be able to use the standard atx power supply okay. Where d you score the mac keyboard man that is the one component you can buy from applecom. Really yeah you can go on there and they actually sell the pro keyboards and the pro mice and you can buy it straight from the apple store or you can also go to ebay if you want to save a few bucks and purchase off there as well and you can also get the power supply.

I forgot to mention off of ebay as well how much was the power supply. Power supply is gonna cost you what a standard 300 watt atx. Would you know 60 70 bucks somewhere around there. It s nothing too crazy.

So what do we have next. The van tech case is standard. This is a standard atx case now the problem that we ran into the is that the apple motherboard is not an hdx motherboard ah. One thing i ll show you here is that i haven t actually have another this is a standard atx motherboard here.

Now this is a standard motherboard that you would use with any x86 compatible pc. If you notice these these pin these holes here to screw in screws. This is standard on every single atx case these holes here on the motherboard are not going to align with the holes here in the case. So you re running into a big problem.

There. So you would actually have to pick up additional motherboard. Mounting screws and basically glue them or epoxy. Them.

Well acer. What i did is i picked up one of these right here take a look at that and i screwed that into the case. There into the atx holes and the one is that if i m shopping. I have no idea what they call it was a plastic thing from home depot.

Or something like that you stick one of the zip ties zip ties. All the way through and then you can actually take that through one of the holes here in the corner. So you zip tied your motherboard in the case. And if you look inside here.


I ll show you how it slipped id. In there. There s the actual zip tie in place. Holding the motherboard in and you can see it working.

There now there s another option. Okay one thing you can do is you can take this metal board. You can hold it in the case. And it can take a little red pin like a sharpie here and you take the sharp and you stick it through and you mark all the holes.

And where they re at and so that it ll actually leave marks on the case. And what you do is you take one of these here. You drill a small hole. And this is an actual tap.

So you can put a screw hole in there now you tap it in there. I guess. It s from yoshi actually i m uses it all the time create the screw hole. And then you can actually create so you can mount it hard mounted to the case itself better than using glue better than using zip ties.

We are running out of time what happened the first time you tried to boot. It first time i had to boot. It everything went fine it booted up just fine basically what you have to do is stick in os 10 point to hold down see it ll boot from the cd rom and it ll just install just fine and it s nice it s it s running great and it s a great little machine. What do you do with the power switch.

The power switch actually i have a wiring diagram. So you can use the standard pc power switch. As well this is just one that i found off an old mac. And it s just that much easier just to connect it so this is a single one gigahertz processor motherboard rekt.

If you built well they don t even sell one gig of single cpu machine anymore. Apple doesn t know what would happen if you built a dual cpu machine. If you that s gonna be really tricky. You re gonna have to get a powers are bigger heatsink for it.

But you can do it they do sell do a processor. Motherboards. And you can just pick up another sonnet. 1.


Gigahertz chip. And it would work fine. It just you really have to focus on cooling and have to put an extra fan on top of there and just make sure you really keep that cpu cool cuz let s get really hot are you gonna save any money at that point over a new g4 that s a good question actually you re gonna you might save a few bucks. But you re gonna put a lot of time and energy into it so it all depends on how much your time is worth and whether or not you want to really tinker around with this and worry about actually how you re gonna mount it.

And it s a project. It s definite. It s a lot harder than building. This is a geeks process is a geeks project for sure ok.

I wouldn t recommend it to like the basic you know first time in computer builder. This is not you wanna switch to a mac. This is not the way to go buy an imac or an ibook or something like that do not build it. But if you re a geek.

And you really like to geek out and get in there with the tools. This is the way to go would you do it again sure i d definitely do it again. It was a lot of fun. I learned a lot actually you know what tapping the holes.

And all that kind of stuff. So it s definitely worth trying. It s definitely worth trying yeah. Article up with the screen savers yeah.

It s on there right now screen savers calm this man suffered in building. This computer. You want to build your own computer run os. 10.

Find out where the buy the parts. How he did it it s all up at the screen savers dot com. ” ..


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