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“Guys welcome back to my youtube channel. My name s rebecca and i m a a street cell in london fashion photographer and in today s video. I thought i share with you guys my facetime tips for virtual shooting during this awful awful time period. So i ve been doing these photoshoots weekly and daily over the last few weeks.

And i ve never done this before it s just a complete experiment. I actually have done youtube videos on all behind the scenes all of these different shoots. But during this as it s obviously a new thing. I ve never done before i ve definitely picked up some tricks.

What i ve learned and i want to share that with you guys so you can kind of pick up some of the tips. I ve had a few dms or people asking me what s the best way to do. It is it screen shot is it actually shooting through the screen. So i m going to share with you all the tips that i ve learned over the last few weeks on how to shoot on facetime.

So tip number one is definitely that i have found that apple products definitely are stronger and work so much better than the other one i use which i think was zoom okay. So the thing is the facetime shooting is you need to have good signal and it s honestly been painful there s been some shoots where i ve gone to shoot someone and i just couldn t even physically do it because their signal was so bad or my signal. So i actually have been using a dongle to even boost my internet connection because i m not sure. Which one it really affects as in who s because it doesn t matter about my connection.

It just matters about theirs. So do you find having the dongle has helped in situations. So one of the tips. I would do is before you if you are having a conversation with someone about doing a facetime shoot.

It s just get them just type in their computer. What is my internet speed anything over 10 is usually fine and if there s anything a bit lower and just try and remember that there might be some lagging. And there might not be as good quality and there might be like very pixelated images. So that s just one easy way to check before you set up your facetime call also talking about signal.

I ve also found that the laptop is better than the iphone when it comes to signal. I don t know why but like when i ve been on shoots. I m going to show you examples. So this one was taken on an iphone during facetime screenshot and then this one was taken on the laptop.

And there s definitely a difference in signal. And i don t know why nothing you can also do is if the wi fi is not working and you re doing a facetime call by the phone is you could turn the wi fi off and then use the 4g. That could also help the next thing..


I wanna talk about is also preparation so you obviously when i first edition. I had no idea how they were gonna work or what to do so. What i would do is i d head to pinterest hard to get a cab. It of a mood board and i ve typing things like photo shoot at home.

So things like home shots will come ups. And then you can kind of get bit of a variation of shots. So i also think a mood board is so important when it comes to facetime shooting. If there s a specific prop that they ve got that they really want to use type it in get some inspiration and like head over kind of send that over prior.

The shoot. So they kind of get an idea of what you want to get from the shoot. And also what you want and see if they re on the same level as you if they want not get that kind of fight as well and then get them send you some inspiration just so you ve kind of got images. If you re feeling a bit lost during the shoot you can like reference back.

And think ah. We could do that so i ve definitely found that definitely helped its the shoot for like you re doing it for a purpose. And giving you like a cool sheet and a bit more direction about what you both want to get out the facetime shoot. My next.

Tip is definitely going to be patience being a photographer and not being able to physically find out where the lighting is or change things around or move. Something. It s actually quite frustrating. Because you re having to direct and tell them orders to do everything we re telling you where to put the camera you re telling her where to stand you re oh.

I can see this hanging down can you check the lighting. Here like you have got to have like bear with it because you are still being created when controlling that s happening. But you just physically can t be there so definitely patient is a really strong thing you have to have when doing facetime calls and also another tip. I was gonna say is what i ve been doing is with my clients.

I ve just been having like a bit of a chit chat. So before we start the facetime call would catch up see how they re doing through this time have a bit of a laugh and just getting more relaxed before the facetime call and yes. And then you can just get an elsa. Then you can kind of work out the signal as well oh this one this tech helps relax the model and also just kind of get you a feel of the room.

So once i ve had a chat with the client and see what they want to do i then ask the model to basically show me around give me an idea of where we re shooting. So that way i can kind of see the lights coming in i like what we ve got to play with because this has happened with dan lu. Where i saw this guitar like hanging on top of her water..


I was like can we get that down and use that as a prop so then kind of things have really helps it kind of puts you in that space. And you can really kind of create what you want to create so my next tip. Which is more the technical side is when you do a facetime call. You naturally just think to use use the front facing selfie camera.

Which actually is great because they can the model can see themselves they can position themselves better. But actually the quality of the main camera on your iphone is so much better lots of facetime shoots just using the front facing camera. And it believe me it worked fine and i feel like it does we help when the model can see themselves. But i then clicked one day.

I was like actually hang on a minute just flip their phone around you get a much better quality image. But then my next tip. Which i think is quite an important one is if you are going to do that but the model where you want to see themselves see if they ve got like a mirror. I could try it they could transport like a mirror go by the phone so they can see how they re posing.

Because i do four models do find that help sometimes. And that s definitely a tip that really helped in my ship. So i m going to show you the quality difference as well here and also a tripod is amazing. If they do have one so i could gorillapod or the any tripod that i ve got which i d like the phone adapter.

These are amazing to help them you can actually get quite crazy with angles. But my favorite one to actually shoot on has to be the laptop and that s generally because when i shoot models. I like to go from quite a low angle. So whenever i m shooting mode.

You ll see that i m actually always catched down shooting upwards and i select the laptop kind of plays. The part as a tripod because when you lift the laptop you re then getting that kind of high angle. So that s what i really like about the webcam shooting. And if you guys follow me you re actually see that i actually love that aesthetic.

I love their not amazing quality images a little bit raw. I love a bit of pics later a bit of grain so actually this style of shooting. I m loving and i m definitely gonna carry this on with when we re not in isolation. We can shoot outside because i just think it s such a cool way to also enter someone else s room and get more but also i ve shot models now being like oh my god your house is so cool we need to do a shoot there so that it s opening doors and also you ll be able to work with anyone internationally like you can work with someone in america.

You ve always wanted to work with that whenever you ve been there you have me now to chance to shoot them i feel like it makes you kind of shoot a bit differently and make you think more like being more creative and you really do have to direct as the photographer. My next tip when coming to shoot face stars are actually taking photos with your camera of your screen. I have found this makes me feel like i m really taking the image..


It and it then suddenly doesn t feel like a facetime shoot. It s really strange so i started doing this i really want to try it and i have actually come out really cool and you do get a bit of like lagging in the light. But again that s the estate of the shoot. I did i die.

I can t decide whether i prefer or not i m gonna give you two examples here. So you can kind of see the difference so also my settings when taking photos of a. Screen i had my f stop on 32. And iso 400 and a shutter speed of 400.

I feel like that worked fine. I took their very contrasty compared to the screen shot so when actually coming to take your photo. I begun with using the screen shot method and you do this in many different ways on facetime you can use the little circle. That s on facetime.

So what i do that first is i did command shift thor. And then that gives you a cursor which you can select and grab. Where you want to take a photo. So i was doing this to basically select the part of the screen.

I wanted to screenshot and then releasing when i wanted to take the photo. There s also another method as well which a subscriber actually told me about to do command shift. Thought and then the spacebar that makes you select what your cursor is on and it will screenshot the whole screen. If you do do this you get a kind of white border around and these will save to your desktop.

So you were to go in and if you want to crop them in post nothing about the screenshot that i really like is it kind of does look like a tethering method. So when you re shooting on facetime. They go straight to your desktop. So then you can keep checking go to a desktop in to press.

Your spacebar and your images will pop up just you can check and see how things are looking getting in focus and when i was shooting. I was then just kind of showing the matter what i was doing so i was four that s important when you want shoes to show you them behind the camera. So this is kind of my way of doing. It was i was just dragging it into what s that desktop and sending them an idea of how the images are coming out also with the laptop talking about it being a tripod.

You can also get really low angles. As well because you can put the laptop straight on the floor and have it up so that way you can get kind of on the same level of them same eye length. And i think that s a really nice angle as well when it comes to editing your images..


I have found that i ve been puttin them into lightroom and treating them like any other photo shoot that i would do for a brand or an influencer. So i ve been putting into lightroom put my presets on them and playing around with them. And then i will export them an airdrop them to my phone. And then i ve actually been using a app called ezzor.

Which gives you that is amazing templates because the quality. Obviously isn t amazing. I kind of wanted to be a bit more storytelling as well so i ve got the templates really give you this so i ve been putting. I ve give you examples here of a series of the images in these templates and then also like playing around them making them black and white and adding a bit of grain like make them more pixelated and then i ve been hopping on to another app.

Which is called kuni adding a date stamp just making them feel really aesthetic and playing around those mean so. Like my favorite part you can do intimate parts. The photo and kind of give you that kind of story board kind of collage which i m loving and have definitely been posting on my instagram and my last and final tip is always going to be props props are so important and at home. Everyone has different props they could use but also there s things that everyone kind of has that you can think of it could be flowers.

It could be a packet of cereal. It could be a book it could be a magazine. I thought these really helped and give the model something to play with and makes me feel like you re more following like a brief and getting a bit more creative. Another tip which i ve actually filmed another video on is how you can actually clone your model.

Because they are using tripods and obviously the laptop kind of played a part of the tripod. So you re actually able to clone them if you direct them in different ways it if you position them in different shops. So that s also another example that i ve done and there s also a video on the whole behind the scenes about there s a little bonus. I m gonna throw in there.

I ve been using the quicktime player on my mac and i ve been screen recording the whole shoot. So that way you re also not just getting photo content. But you re also getting video content. I then putting this into premiere pro.

Fast forwarding and crazy little time lapses of my shoots. And also sending that to the models a little extra thing they ve got so guys i really hope these tips helped you with learning about how to you in shoot face time during this awful. Time at all keeping home and keeping safe. Please subscribe for more fluffy videos.

And i ll see you guys in my next video. ” ..

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