The Under $1000 Guitar Rig Challenge

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“And jonathan see no guitars. We re here for the thousand dollar guitar challenge what what are we doing jonathan i think that we re going to take 1000. Yes were going to pick out rigs for said thousand dollars yes and then we re going to see whose is better yes i fee. I don t know what we re doing.

That s what i think we re doing i say let the games begin for the best man may he win may i win soon good going all right here we go we got to be baxter. I know how baxter thinks though so we re gonna get him thousand dollars is not much money to build a whole rig. But we re gonna do it feel like we ll be back to this room. But let s let s go this way think about this three fifty that s that s the contender for the guitars.

This is a classic vibe seventies squire strap. So that s thinking about this super champ. It s got a few effects. It s still tube let s go there think it s super champ classic bob squire so far so so far i m up to i ve got 350 and 350.

So that s 700 bucks. So far this pedals 250. So that s gonna put me 7. 8.

That s gonna put me at 950. I do believe my math is really bad so it s possible that it s wrong. But i think that s my rig palisades from earthquaker devices super champ. My fender squier classes bob let s see how that goes i m gonna pick a really really nice guitar and a really really okay amplifier and see how i am to stack up.

I m not gonna get any pedals. The fender champ 20. Will be my weapon of choice to battle this epic battle. I guess this is more my artillery this is the galvanized steel and plastic and fine tuning offenders.

So i ve got built in effects. I don t need an effects pedal. They re cumbersome and confusing and really expensive anyway. I ve got my own eq here.

I got a volume at gain..

I got everything i need so it s gonna this is it champ take me to victory. I m ready now it s find a guitar so i found my weapon my axe my battle sword. My steve is if you will the um zach myers prs campus. Green cuz that s important to the tone.

Semi hollow body this guitar was slay and destroy my enemies. Which in this case is jonathon. It does match my shirt and my underwear. That s too much information.

I m leaving laughter. So i am playing these ak myers again with my trusty champ. 20. Having a bit fun and i think we um.

We ve got a nice little clean slap back so i m doing right here. I ve got the delay and reverb set at a moderate volume. So here s my effect. Here s my effects level right here.

And i got i got the base in the treble pretty standard across the. Board i think everyone 556. I think i m set up on the tweed setting right here. And i got my volume about halfway up and my games about halfway up so it s pretty standard.

I m gonna switch over to blackface now. I think blackface right here that blackface find out it s a little snap here in the bright side. I ll turn the game let s turn this on this delay all the way off that s pretty cool. I like that too and you can tweak it a little bit further so what am i doing now is i m gonna move it up here.

See we got here a different blackface. Let s put this guy back on that s nice. So yeah all sorts of option here it can go all up to metal. I don t really want to do that because it hurts my ears.

But i ll do it anyway..

Let s go up to him let s go down here i m gonna switch. I m talking down is the pinch turn it all the way to the metal boys. There s a lot of different dental pallets as well say again so champ. 20.

Mr. Zach myers. Come with me to battle any day. I ll take you on jonathan.

But let me know what you think good day alright. So we re doing the thousand dollar challenge. I think i beat baxter. I think i got him but well that shows from irig was this super champ times 2 or x 2.

Whatever whatever. It s supposed to be it s pretty much it s it s got two bucks. But it s got some extra things some different voicings on the dirty channel. It s got some effects.

Some reverb and chorus and delay a tremolo. I think it s got vibrato or something like that on there. So i chose that i chose this this pretty awesome custom vibe. Squire.

70. Strap. Which i think is a killer guitar for the money and my secret weapon is this earthquaker devices palisades that s gonna let me go from cleanliness on my amp to having to gauge stages and a boost with all my delay and reverb built into the amp. So let s see what it sounds like for for under a thousand bucks.

So yeah with this setup. I can almost do anything i can do easily do any sort of anything that s clean anything all the way up through sort of bluesy rock or hard rock. I get almost a metal metal might be tricky with the amp. If i fiddle with the voicings.

I bet..

I could find something that i could push yeah i can even get close to some some mentally things. If i want it. But uh yeah pretty happy with my my choices. Let s see see how baxter did that was exhausting.

I think i think after that after that battle i just don t say that was really good for knows yeah. That s a pretty good play thanks yeah. I consider myself a much better guitar. Why are we laughing.

I don t know i don t know it s so i feel bad about everything um. I really enjoyed your telling combinations. That s the super champ and we re the strange palisades and it s hard to not like a fender stratocaster type of guitar. It s um to be fair.

You made a 99 amp. So that was pretty funny pretty dark. Yeah i enjoyed that it makes us not was that what i was expending on. Syd it makes me because we re not gonna talk about the 5000.

And fighters ball. No don t tell me why if your wife was watching know the 99 dollar helps sounded. Really good is um. You know it you can t obviously.

Neither. One the exams would be ideal for big playing out loud type stuff it d be hard you d have to mic him. You have to be hearing. It you know through a monitor um.

I d like to say i crushed you thoroughly. But i can t really say that because this i like your setup. Where i want to come sit down with yours afterwards. It s a it s a good setup.

The super champs cool..

It s got a tube in there. So it s getting a little bit of that right you re getting that thing on the floor. With all the knobs is confusing to me so i m not gonna give you a ride. Yeah.

I mean i feel like did a little champ of the champ 20. When i was doing that what i liked him so much that bag this is cool yeah distortion that was like pretty good. I think the metal tone. I got a better metal tone than you got i think you did my metal tone was an ideal.

But i was playing like you know i was playing a prs. Though that s true and the peer and then one thing i really enjoy about playing the prs is it felt it felt like a really good quality instrument. When i was yeah they ve been neck the satin neck on it was cool the um. The body itself a phallic.

I was paying like a solid. You know core piece right minute um. It had a little bit of lacking in the setup wasn t quite there how it was it was good. But i don t know it s um.

That was probably my only sort of you know take on the defender. The setup is not quite as good. I mean when you play custom shops. Oh yes.

Which we do and note to self for these were we wouldn t allow it we couldn t set these guitars up no we didn t we that that s how they came and so so so i guess in the end. We re just saying i won. It was um you can get a nice little rig for under a thousand you could it s a now when we talk about two thousand dollars. Oh.

It s a different ballgame. It s a totally different ballgame stay tuned for that one coming up soon to video stores near you click like and subscribe click the little bells so you sell our videos see you next time blockbuster. ” ..


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