The Urban Dictionary According to Boss: Cunch, Meat Umbrella and More!

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” m out my boss and i m back again to guess more words from the the urban dictionary well we get kuch kuch is so gross. What i m thinking now it should even say it never make the punch. The like a punch to the punch to the coach or is it a drink made in the oh coach an abbreviation for country. But is used by the youth to denote a faraway area in order to sell drugs duh.

What youth. I m a dime country. I ve never heard coach before go ahead to the cost against a hunt punk. Oh yeah.


Culprit. Yon cobra. Young again it s obviously a penis. Why do i think all of it is dirty.

The only words. I ve ever read and out of the urban dictionary. Have been filthy as hell so try to think them outside the box outside of my box a little kissing cobra like when you take your rig like pull it to the side like cobra colbry on the involuntary spring of saliva while yawning. Oh.


That makes sense that s what we call it a gleek whenever i was its ago. I came dude again there s a next one i ll try not to be filthy deluxe handshake. I ve had a few of those i don t know anything but dirty. I mean i can t think of anything except filthy pornographic images in my mind my first instinct is to say like it s a double reach around deluxe hand shake a man s hand shake when you squeeze someone s hand.

So hard that you make them kneel down from the pain that you re inflicting on their knuckles typically done by redneck and trailer folk on unsuspecting. People. Okay. I ve never heard of that either i m redneck trailer funk.


Okay makes sense. Still like the double reach around better all right. This is like give me give me a girl give me the life meet umbrella meet umbrella is absolutely filthy. It has to be there s no way a meet umbrella could mean anything from a fast food restaurant mate umbrella that like when you put so much bologna on your sandwich.

It hangs out the sides maybe then just pitiful answer. I mean i wanted to go with like vagina flaps. But taking like the full the flaps of the flange and creating like a little moisture barrier for your nose meet umbrella. When you push all the meat onto the bottom of the chicken wing.


What so it seems like you take a drumstick and you just pull the meat down. And it just kind of hangs up and don t make any sense. But hey. It s urban dictionary.

That s all i got this time what urban dictionary words should i check out next let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out our red and red snapchat discover channel. I m alabama boss. ” ..


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