Thule Crossover Backpack 32L – 1 Year Review (TCBP-417)

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“We are reviewing the thule. I think that s how you say crossover backpack. 32. 32.

Liters. I ve had it for just over a year now and i thought was time to give it a really solid review. I ll be able to talk about the things that have been working well the things that haven t worked so well and give you an idea of exactly how i ve been using it so i actually just dumped it on the desk. Here.

I haven t put anything in taken anything out it s exactly how a home. I ve been using in day to day life so i m gonna see what s in the pockets. What s being useful what hasn t but going around the outside. Nothing s broken after a year.

Everything s still in really nice condition. It s done a few challenging things. It s done. It s done i hope i gotta lose it not where okay.

It s done a mount fuji hike. It s not a whole bunch of hiking as well as just like daily commuting stuff. But it s been yeah. It s being loaded up quite a few times.

I m probably overloaded it a little bit. But it s been ok and with that in mind right on the outside this little. I think they call it their shove. It pocket right so useful like to be honest.


Like i always use it for stuff like garbage trash rubbish whatever like oh. There s like a shopping bag full of some stuff that i m not using anymore. Some rubbish. It s really useful for that um.

But of course like this gives you something you can hang off so like a black helmet or something if it s you know too big to fit inside you can like hook. It on here. Nice that s really useful drake pockets. I use them a lot for a rubbish as well.

But of course they re really great for hiking um. This guy is like sunglasses stuff like that they say it s crushproof. What s their safe zone well normally it comes with like this little insert. But i took it out i ll explain why go inside here you can see there s a little bit of space here.

But i just got like my normal sunglasses case in that. But this is how it normally fits right it goes in here. And then maybe you could take your sunglasses out and put it in that. But it s kind of its kind of a pain.

So sternness camera now for a second it s kind of a pain. Because if you go in here. This is like it s is taking up a lot of the room to access stuff on the inside. So if you have like a reasonable amount of stuff in there plus.

This then yeah. It s it s annoying so i maybe four if your sunglasses. I ll i mean the world to you them so whatever rather precious cargo. You re carrying is completely great.


It s very padded. It s very strong but otherwise just take it out look at that much easier to access everything. Yeah. Okay so inside these pockets.

Don t really use them. Now. Maybe. Like a maybe like a bigger cable or something like that actually maybe for some camera gear.

I ve used it once or twice maybe like needed to quickly access a battery or something i ve left chucked. It in here. Anyway coming this down a little further here inside right now again. It s purely just what s in there right now.

It s a little toiletries bag. You know toothbrush deodorant that kind of stuff. Ah tripod gorillapod love this thing and an umbrella. So that s it plenty of space in there thank i don t really know what i use that floor.

But i said to spend a lot more time on this back pocket. We ve got a laptop space. But this is great for like a shirt or something home so. If you need to kind of switch from like casual to business business casual whatever during light one workday for example because this is rigid enough people are shot in here.

If you fold. It in a good way like it won t get too creased. Which is pretty nice on this side you can see there s another pocket right here. It s usually a book something like that in the book or maybe sometimes some other clothes going yeah.


This is like you know document stuff like that so like anything like a little important maybe like a contract or something you don t want it to get folded. So like that it s a good spot and plastic pop it there we are moving quickly alright. If you have any questions or comments. So far please leave them down below okay continue to the all important front pocket here so unzipping again like this is after a year.

It s a great condition. I think i think this is probably gonna last me a lifetime. It s just you know it s just such a strong design. I suppose what do we got notebook pens.

This is where i keep my headphones this one here this next section keys coins and that s it for their next part across business cards some nicer headphones and then this section. I don t think i ve been using this for march but like keys that i use less often are in there anyways. If that ah this pocket. You know what i don t really use maybe.

If i have something that s like i just need to separate for some reason like you know like like do i need to separate stuff in here. If so yes i can put something in here. But otherwise i just you know dump it all in here. It s about speed and efficiency at the end of the day isn t it well that s it that s the backpack do i recommend this yes is it comfortable yes.

I think it s a pretty good balance between something you can use for a city life for a hiking life both of those things are gonna be pretty solid activities on the fists. Yeah cool. I think it s one hundred and twenty nine ninety five us dollars right now. I think i might be able to leave a link in the description.

If it s amazon or something like that but again let me know if you have any comments or questions. See you guys on the next video. ” ..


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