Thule Paramount 27L First Look

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“Check this out this is the thule paramount 27. Liter. And they ve got my my attention. Because it seemed to have all the design and details that one would find in bags.

Made by independent bag makers not mass market makers like to leave patagonia. Osprey north face they usually step out totally uninspiring bags that all look exactly alike even within their own lines of packs. So can this pack compete with the likes of independent bag makers like green room. 136.

Air peek. Design or ever goods stick around for this first look to see so. Chewy is an interesting pack maker in that they re definitely a mass market company. But some of their packs have a more independent look and design it seems like julie is willing to take more risks in their design.

And i appreciate this incidentally they even have a pack called the crossover that got my attention some years ago. And i did pick one up despite the fact that it was really kind of ugly. And i it also turned out to be disappointing notably it was and really bad zippers. It didn t stand up on its own and that was when i was just getting into this youtube thing.

So i didn t even make a video for it at the time. And again that was the old version. They have a new version of the crossover that i probably need to take a look at there have been many paramount s over the years. Some with a roll top design.

Some a little bit larger and some a little bit smaller currently there are two models a 24 litre in this 27 liter pack and a 24 litre head. It s not a good looking pack. It has a design that reminds me of a folded over brown paper bag one of those grocery bags this 27. Definitely got my attention.

Because it actually looks good. And it seems to have a lot of the fundamental features that i look for in a crossover day pack. It s worth noting that while this pack can be seen on the thule website for some reason. It s not nearly as easy to find as the other tooley packs so it s right now february of 2020.

When i m making this video and this may not be the case when you re viewing this but right now it s really kind of hard to find this thing. So let s take a look around and see what this pack has to offer its users. So let s take a look here on the the front of the pack as you can see it does have a flap design here that s the thing that s most noticeable. Although that s not the only way to get access to the main compartment of this bag right on the very front here you can see there s a flap and behind that is a zippered pocket and it is not a really super deep pocket.

It actually appears to go all the way down to the very bottom here..

But it s not quite it sort of it comes up about an inch short here. And it does have some gusseting giving it some ability to put in something fairly three dimensional and right here. I have my cell phone in there my mobile in there and by the way this cover. Does have magnets that keep it closed up against the zipper itself similarly this flap has magnets and that will hold this thing flat against the top.

But i m not going to go into that quite yet i want to draw your attention here to this pocket and the very top. And it also has a little bit of dimension not too much. But it is the this is how you would delineate that particular pocket right here. So it s a pretty good sized pocket look here at the bottom.

And you can see that there s a pretty coated nicely coated waterproof tarpaulin here so keep in mind that whenever you have seams that s the point. Where you re gonna have leakage so you can have all the tarpaulin you want on the bottom. But if you don t have it a bucket in some sense covering the entire bottom of your backpack. Then you probably aren t going to make this thing.

Very waterproof let s flip this up onto the side here and you can see on this side. There is what appears to be side access. And it s not quite side access. But this is is an organizer pocket here so typically packs will put their organizer pocket on the front of the bag tooley in this case with their paramount.

They put it on the side of the bag. And you can see here. There s a slot for a pen in this case. I have an apple pencil another slightly wider slot.

I just happen to have a conventional pen in there and then there s a mesh pocket here fairly shallow and a slight of a slant. There and you know i typically will throw in my earbud case. In there and then there is another zippered compartment. Here that does have a hook for you to put a set of keys.

If you would like the fact that doesn t zip all the way down is nice and that you can actually put stuff in here without it falling out if you unzip it however it s not great in terms of accessibility. But remember this is a first look i m not assessing this back and then if we flip this thing over onto this side you can see that we have a water bottle pocket. There is a drain hole here in case your water bottle leaks a little bit or even gets a lot of condensation will be able to leak out. There.

There is a not super padded. But a slightly padded side handle. Here. And then there is a zippered area here this does bring you into the main compartment.

So you can get access to the interior of the bag..

And then you can also see there s another zipper here that gives you access to the laptop compartment from the sides. You have external access to the laptop compartment as well as there being a spot here for an. Ipad this would only fit a 105. Or it doesn t have to be an ipad either it can be any screen or any type of.

Tablet i don t have a 105 inch ipad. I have a twelve point nine so obviously it s not gonna fit in here. So i just chose to put my receipts bag in there. This is a 13 inch laptop.

You can easily fit a 15 plus inch laptop into this section. It is not lifted off the bottom. But it is heavily padded on the very bottom and these zippers they re ykk zippers. But they re pretty narrow gage.

I would say they look like probably sixes so and that s the case. We re pretty much all the zippers here and they run fairly smoothly alright so let me flip this on to the front. So you can see the suspension system you ll see here. There s a really nicely padded handle up here.

It s not on the top of the bag. Because then you would open up the flap every time you went to grab it so it s here on the very back and there is no sternum strap. However there are a couple loops here and you can see i ve attached my keys and my id to that it is adjustable. It s shaped.

There is mesh on the backside. So it allows for good ventilation not too much build up for sweat. There is strangely. There s a pocket here and not one on this side a little pocket.

I m not sure what you do maybe i really don t know what you would slide into this pocket. Maybe somebody can write in the comments. What they would choose to put in this it s pretty narrow. It s only about two inches by about four inches.

So you re not talking about a deep pocket and there s no dimension to it so it would have to be something pretty flat and then behind these adjustable shoulder straps you can see that we do have two different places with padding on it and there s these ridges here as in they re covered with foam. So this is going to allow for good ventilation as well there s also a stripe up the middle or an empty spot up the middle. It s not particularly deep. So i don t think.

It s going to offer you a ton in terms of having the chimney effect..

But what this does house as you can see here is what appears to be a handle and certainly you could use it as a handle. But this is really for throwing this over your rolling luggage that you don t have to carry your backpack with you in the airport also importantly. There is one of these secret zippers in the back here little pockets and i think these things are incredibly handy. This is one of the things that really attracted me to this bag is having these sort of higher security zippered pockets.

Here for you to put things like your your wallet or your passport. Etc. Okay let s take a look on the interior and by the way this bag. It s it s funny it sort of stands.

I mean you d have to have this thing fully packed out for it to stand right now because it s not fully packed out it actually collapses in the front. A little bit more. And it s stiff on the back so as a result it does flop over. But if i have this bag completely filled out it actually does stand on its own.

You re gonna have to believe me on that i should have showed you that initially so you know. It s it s not as good as other bags at setting up stone. But it s not terrible. It can do the job alright.

So let me go ahead and again this flap here is held with magnets and it can be held in magnets in several places you can get it pretty low you can go sort of medium. I don t know you can t go too high on it so there just a few places that you can do that and if you open up this extra section. You ll see that right underneath this flap. There is a spot here zippered pocket and this is where i keep my sunglasses.

It s padded and it has fleece lining so you could actually potentially put your sunglasses and then in front of that maybe your phone. So it s a handy pocket to have here. So actually before i dig into the main compartment. There s one thing.

I forgot to show you this is my 21 ounces 21. Yeah. 21. Ounce hydra flasks and just to show you that it slides right in there pretty nicely into the water bottle pocket.

There is no sort of really strong thing holding it in there usually that the top is a little bit more elasticized not terribly last as ice here. So i do fear that if this pack is not packed out it actually made bounce out because it slides in so incredibly it readily. But at least you know it does fit you can see here that there are two zippers that open this up. And what s interesting is there s a stop here in the middle.

If you can see that i might have to zoom in what that means is you can t actually just use this as if there s one zipper you always have to undo both zippers..

However you ll notice that you can actually dig your finger into this little spot right here and simply just pull it to rip it open so it ends up not being that big of an issue to get into your bag. The bigger issue is that you have to do both zippers to close the bag. But again we re not reviewing here. I m just showing you around so here we have access to the main compartment.

And what s kind of nifty here is you ll see here that there s the compartment for the laptop. So that means you can access this from the side zipper or you can go into the main compartment and pull this right out the top and you wouldn t be able to get the ipad out through this way because it only opens through the side. But you can certainly get to your laptop interestingly. There s a padded pocket just in front of this laptop pocket which does accommodate my my ipad.

But my ipad right now is being used as a monitor. So i can t show you that. But it certainly can slot in there. It does mean that it has to share space with my file folders and papers.

So that s kind of a bummer because just in front of that is indeed another pocket. It s again padded and it seems like it s ideal for one of those you know the nine point seven to ten point five inch ipads. But it s not wide enough for me to put my file folders in there. So it seems like there s two places for you to put the ten point five inch ipad seems redundant to me i would have just made one of these things for my my papers and such but you can see here.

I use it for folded papers and in front of this you might be able to see this i you can see it from above. There is a mesh pocket and this special pocket is not zippered. It just opens up and in there. I have my charger for my ipad and for my my laptop.

And i also have my id. My nametag in there and then in the very bottom. I simply have my case which has my meds and such and you know gum etc. And then my 2 dongle bags.

So there s one there s number 2 and other than that you can see that there s nothing else here in this interior space. It s it s made with this bronze gold color. So it s actually pretty nice that you can see into the interior. It reflects light around in there.

So you don t lose things in the very bottom of the bag this is again the thule paramount the 27 litre version of their paramount and in a couple weeks. I ll certainly be able to give you a full review of this bag after i use it. And until then go ahead and subscribe and take a look at some of my other videos where i review similar types of crossover day packs as well as camera bags shoulder bags and one bag travel bag options ok so until then take it easy folks ” ..


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