Title: Google Home Mini – How to Use Reminders /Not Working Fix!

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“You been having problems trying to get your reminders to work properly or even at at all on your google. Home mini has it been frustrating you ah why are you working or do you just want to have a few tips on how google minders work well. I have the solution doorstop why sighs why wait it s perfect just kidding actually lucky for you i do have two solutions to get your reminders working properly on your google home mini. So please watch all this video to find out but before i explain the first solution.

Let me briefly explain how google reminders work. Because this might solve your issue. When i first manage to create a minder. I didn t realize that google doesn t actually tell you what your reminder is about straightaway.

So after you hear the google notification of a reminder or you see a single white dot on the top of your device you have to ask google. What the reminder is about by using the command hey google. What s up and that s it simple. If this has solved your issue.

Then great that hasn t solved your issue. It probably hasn t let s move on to solution. And the one now this picture. Solve your problem.


If you have set a reminder on google home mini using your voice commands and google has confirmed that it will mind remind you at the time you want but when your reminder time has been reached and expired. Google does not actually notify you that you have a reminder and or no white dot appears on your google home mini device. So here is the solution to resolve this issue as follows with your smartphone. You need to go into your app store and download.

And install the google assistant app. Now this is not the same as your google home app. Which you will have already installed to setup your google home mini. He was a screenshot of it after you have installed this app to your phone open it up.

And in the text bar at the bottom type create reminder and press enter. Now type the title of your reminder. And press. Done now select a time and enter the date and time you wish your reminder to start then press done and at the top right of your phone press.

The tick. This should now check out your google home any device to notify you of any reminders. That i do after you have set them using either. Voice commands or the google assistant app.


But please note. The first time. You get a notification will only be a visual. One with a white dot to hear this first reminder.

Just say hey google. What s up hey google. What s up. I was just about to tell you that you have one reminder.

Watch tv for today is a twenty six pm just before you start to celebrate and open that big bottle of champagne let s go to solution. 2. Just as a backup just in case solution. 1.

Doesn t work for you ok so your solution. 1. Doesn t work then not all is lost. We can still try resetting your google home mini device as follows so to reset your google home mini you just need to press there s a little button at the bottom on the base.


Which is near the pair sake and just keep your finger press down on that button. I m not gonna set it now. But just keep your finger pressed down when you hear that prompts and then it won t we ve set your google home mini for you now this fix is a good failsafe. If you have any other problems with your device.

But doing this you will reset all your save settings. So you will have to log back into your google home app. And go through the setup process. Again that said.

It shouldn t take too long to do and the ears worth going through this process to get your google home menu device back up and working properly again. So there are my two solutions for you. But just before you go a word of warning sometimes google does get confused yes. It does and so here are my tips.

My best tips for you to try and avoid the possibility of confusing google. So here we go so when setting the reminder. It s best to do it in steps and wait for google to prompt you for the information. If google does get confused and sense lien corrects reminder.


Then to get yourself a mess you can simply say hey google cancelled the reminder or if google has created more than one incorrect reminder you can say hey google cancel all reminders and start again. So. Here s my interaction. We google as to how i set a reminder.

A google set a reminder to cook dinner when do you want to be reminded 6 35. Pm today all right i ll remind you today at 6 35 pm. I have a reminder for dave hey google what s up i m doing my best to be productive. Speaking of which you have one reminder cook dinner for today at 6 35 pm.

Well i hope my pin here has solved your problems with your google mini device. Please leave any comments. Below. And if you still have any issues.

Then please leave any questions below as well and i ll try my best to answer them as soon as possible well thanks for watching please thumbs up if you ve enjoyed it and also please subscribe for more videos to come. Which will include a full review of the google home mini device and how it can very cleverly control your other smart devices around your home. ” ..


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