Top 10 Wii U Games

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“Top 10 intro is brought to you by vector star productions. The we use life life is coming to an end boy does the time fly today. I m sharing 10 favorite games. On the wii u.

So. Without further ado. Let s go. Oh at number 10.

We have one of the wii u launch titles new super mario bros u. I m also gonna count new super luigi you as well since they re basically the same game new super luigi u. Is just a level pack. Now i can imagine that a lot of you wouldn t put this game on the list.

Because of how generic gets made out to be i mean the year. This game came out. We also had new super mario bros. 2.

On the 3ds. So the franchise was starting to feel stale. But try playing it now and don t think about the other games. Mario bros u.

Is overall a really solid experience the level design is fantastic all of them have a slightly different feel making them all a little different from one another one set of levels that really stand out to me are the vaughn go themed levels. The style is breathtaking and makes me wish that more risks were taken in the graphic department. The inclusion of the baby yoshis are really great they help change the gameplay by allowing you to cast light in dark areas. Bubble up some baddies or catch.

Some extra height. While the yoshi s are fun to use they re a bit unnecessary for the most part. I ve always found it more fun to throw them over a ledge sorry yoshi this game has 5 player co op 4 players can run around while a 5th player with the gamepad at platforms to the level by touching the screen after playing in this manner. Adding platforms seem to cause more chaos and confusion.

But that makes the levels. More fun and interesting to me this game is easy as hell. So anything to make it more challenging is a plus. There s also a challenge motor.

You can complete a set of challenges like beating a level as fast as you can collecting all the coins or avoid touching any coins for a whole stage. This game is still pretty fun to play. It s just not that memorable due to the saturation of 2d. Mario titles.

Oh yes. Here s an underrated gem. No pun intended captain toad treasure tracker. The first toad exclusive game.

If you remember from super mario 3d world there were these little toad puzzle levels where you went around collecting stars. But the catch was that you couldn t jump treasure tracker is centered around those levels. Except. They ve now been expanded on even further.

The puzzles have gotten more complex and really clever to souls that stick out to me is the one where you play the whole thing using clear pipes and the one that s inspired by the arcade title donkey kong. I enjoyed this game so much that i even made a top ten on it i apologize for the plug. But really this game. Deserves more attention.

I do like how you can also play as tonette well it doesn t change the gameplay at all it s still a neat addition each level has additional objectives to sum you have to collect a certain amount of coins or find the golden mushroom and things along the lines of that clearing the levels is easy..

But 100 of the game will take a bit of time as some of these levels are challenging heck. There s even bosses. I m glad nintendo made this little game it s one of the few that helps the way you stand out a little bit more oh you re freaks anyone remember. The development story for rayman legends.

Well. If not let s recap. This game was a sequel to the beloved rayman origins and was supposed to be an exclusive on the wii u. The game ended up being delayed twice the second delay was so it could be ported to the other consoles.

Damn ubisoft what a slap in the face. I understand why you did this because of the poor wii u. Sales. But anyway.

Let s go on with the game itself. This is a really beautiful looking platformer. Where you play as rayman and go through levels. Collecting lumps and bring any t ds.

Along the way. The game. On the outside may seem to play a lot like new super mario bros u. But there s so much more the amount of content in rayman legends is immaculate the more teensies you find the more levels you can unlock.

There. s also these special murphy stages. Where you use the gamepad to change the environment of the stage to move murphy forward the controls in this game are only fluid. But incredibly fast paced you push that punch button and it happens with style.

Some rayman origins stages were brought back as a bonus and as an apology for all the delays. There s also daily and weekly challenges that you can compete. It there s special music levels. That force you to jump and smash two obstacles and enemies to the beef.

I mean just holy crap. Why isn t this game praise more there s so much content. And i haven t even mentioned all the unlockable costumes and other small goodies now. I ve tried co op play in the past rayman legends.

Actually becomes more fun with co op. Since you can work together on collecting the lumps and teensy s it feels like there s more objectives and more worth to what you re doing instead of just finding a few star coins and getting to a flagpole and now we re on to super mario 3d world when i originally saw this game. I thought. It was gonna be an open world experience like super mario 64 or sunshine.

But sadly that s not the case despite nintendo crushing my hopes and dreams 3d world is still a ton of fun one of the best parts about this game. Is that you can play as more characters than just mario. And luigi you can also use peach who can float toad who can run really fast and grow selena. Who has a spin attack being able to play through the game and swap to whatever character you feel like is really refreshing all of the levels feel really different to the level designers have been on the easy side.

But it s still really solid. I m also a huge fan of the new bosses. They re all pretty different from what we ve seen in the past besides the main levels. There s also these endurance rounds.

We have to collect green stars at a fast pace and of course. The captain toad stages the game could be fun with multiplayer too. But only if everyone is half decent with a game otherwise becomes too chaotic to be fun. If you ve never played mario 3d land don t bother.

With that one and just play mario 3d world instead it s much more polished oh..

Six check number five ever since i was a kid. I always thought it would be a great idea to have a game where you could make your own mario levels and low and behold super mario maker was born the title itself is self explanatory you can make your own mario levels. There s four different themes of mario that you can use as well as dozens of enemies objects and other assets. Some of the levels that i ve seen get made from this game are just dazzling people have some pretty crazy imaginations.

This is one of those games that could have been as big as minecraft but due to nintendo strict copyright policies on youtube mario maker will never be as big as it deserves to be my only gripe with this game. Honestly is that there are a lot of awful levels since all the levels are made by us and not actual developers people don t know what they re doing. And just throw together some garbage even with that though when you play a great level. It feels really special it s a mario game that s never going to end there will always be new levels to play this really makes me wonder what they ll do with 2d mario.

After this game. It s also a bit annoying that you do have to put in a huge code to play your friends levels. But the option of sharing levels. Is there nintendo is slowly learning how to internet and also i ve had a ton of fun playing levels that you guys have sent me.

That s something that can t be experienced every day. And here. We have another really underrated game. Yoshi s woolly.

World. Is not only one of the most gorgeous games on the wii u. But also the cutest. I mean seriously yarn yoshi breaks.

The adorable meter. This is the first yoshi game to really play similarly to the original title yoshi s island. You can throw eggs open up walls collect items or kill enemies the level design has a right blend of difficulty secrets and goodies to collect nothing ever feels out of the way you re a pain to complete the whole experience is just really enjoyable. I also like the large variety of yoshi s skins.

That you can unlock the best skin has to be the n64 one because it s the n64 man. Woolly. World with co op is pretty fun. Too.

That is until you get to the harder. More complex levels. Even with two good players you can tell that the harder levels were made for one person. But that s besides the point.

There s a ton of replay value. Now you can t easily breeze through this game. But collecting all the flowers and yarn pieces and stuff like that can take a while longer this game needs to be played by more people. That s all i m saying.

Oh. And i made a top 10 on this one too on the best stages look i m sorry i won t plug anymore. I swear root read of all the new indie games. I ve played none have made quite an impact on me like shovel knight has i m a pretty big fan of retro platformers and holy crap.

Does this shelf nostalgia into my face this game. Feels like playing ducktales castlevania zelda. Ninja. Gaiden and all the greatest nes games.

All at once you play a shovel knight and you just go around swinging your shovels springing off enemies and digging for treasure the shovel mechanic might look stupid but seriously you play the game for like 30 seconds. And you just become mesmerized. This is seriously the best platformer. I ve played in several years.

The difficulty progression is perfect as soon as you learned one element of the game..

The next level throw. Something new at you and the music dear god the music makes me cream my pants. A lot of the tunes are really catchy and fit wonderfully with the game yard style maybe retro. But it still looks really crisp.

I ve heard rumors that this whole game could fit on an nes cartridge aside from a couple colors. And if that s the case. Why hasn t anyone done this yet if someone has tell me so i can buy this on the nes right now because i need it oh. And did i mention that all the dlc is free yeah.

Late night is a dlc character you can play through the game. Using play ignite with brand new powers and challenges. Plus. There s even more free dlc along the way.

Please yacht club games. You re going to give me a heart attack over while this isn t my favorite mario kart game. This was the first wii u. Title.

That i was truly excited to play. Mario kart. 8. Is definitely one of the better mario kart titles out there it fixes a lot of the problems mario kart.

7. Had the blue shells don t show up nearly as often the super horn is a great addition to the game. And there s actual modes. Why mario kart.

7. Doesn t just have in normal versus mode is beyond me. But anyway let s talk about cool stuff. This was the first mario kart title to get dlc and my goodness was that a treat we got six new characters.

I ll be it a couple of them basically being carbon copies. Plus. Several new tracks and cards all for a very affordable price all the tracks in this game. Feel like they ve been worked on for several months each they all play silky smooth.

This is one of the faster mario kart games out there new to the series is 200cc which i don t know how anyone can play that quickly. I m probably just suck at it but seriously it s like only good for the f zero. Tracks. The online is also fantastic.

I rarely ran into connection errors. And you can even set up your own tournaments and play directly with friends and on top of that this is one of the few games to still support split screen multiplayer. It s really a shame to see all these new games. Dropping the split screen.

So i m more than happy to see mario kart. 8. Having it i m definitely excited to see what the next mario kart game is gonna bring us in number one best wii u. Game.

My opinion is up the nine games. I just talked about none of those are worth buying a wii u. For their great games. No doubt.

But none of them stand out rayman legends and shovel knight are available on other platforms..

Smash for wii u. Mario. Maker in woolly. World are basically ports already on the 3ds or coming to the console soon mario bros u.

Mario 3d world and mario kart 8 are all incredibly similar to their 3ds counterparts and captain toad is just a spinoff from 3d world. So. What does that leave us with splatoon. The one game that truly makes the wii u.

Worth purchasing. It s the one unique experience. The console offers splatoon is a shooter that doesn t feel like a normal shooter. Instead of shooting bullets.

You shoot bursts of ink instead of running you transform into a squid and move through your colored ink to gain speed. You don t always focus on kills. You have to ink as much area as possible too. While the game.

Does have similar style guns to say pistols or machine guns. Here. You can use a freaking bucket or paint roller as a weapon. Not only is this hilarious.

But the weapons are also balanced really well if you re playing badly. It s because you actually suck or you re against a really good sniper. So okay the snipers can be a problem sometimes. But that doesn t change the fact that this game is really addicting.

I m still playing splatoon to this day. It s just really fun and is a nice change of pace while you can only play as inkling boy or girl there s a load of different costumes. You can put them in the costumes are used to improve your characters or weapon stats. While i ll admit the single player was a little lackluster.

Just wait for the sequel to come out for this franchise to really be improved. Splatoon is definitely missing. Some strange functions that a lot of shooters usually have but this is the best the wii u. Has to offer also subscribe and smash a like if you enjoyed this video leave a comment and tell me.

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And i hope you have a wonderful day also you might be wondering why i didn t add games. Like xenoblade chronicles x. Or donkey. Kong.

Country tropical freeze. Well i personally have not played them i haven t play pikmin. 3. Either so that s why they re not on this list again.

It s opinionated that s all i gotta say talk to y all. ” ..

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