Top 10 Xbox 360 Shooting Games of All Time

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“Presents the top 10. Xbox 360 shooting ngames of all time. This ranking. Is based based on a 10 point scoring system called the playscore.

It combines all the review given by given our ranking starts with call of duty modern nwarfare. 2. On number 10. Developed by infinity ward.

The game is divided ninto three game modes campaign. Special ops and multiplayer campaign is entertaining. But it s short nspecial ops is awesome especially when you re playing with friends. But for me multiplayer nis.

Still the best way to fully enjoy modern warfare. 2. It s more balanced than cod4 nand. It packs far more.

Fire. Power it s a total shooting package with a playscore nof. 89. On the ninth place is battlefield.


By dice forget about the unimpressive campaign. This ngame is a blast in multiplayer the gorgeous visuals. The satisfying explosions and destruction nand the fast paced battles will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. Yes.

The xbox 360 version s multiplayer nis limited to 24. Players but it still is an excellent shooter deserving a playscore of. N89. For a shooting game with a compelling story nwe have bioshock infinite on number 8 you play as booker dewitt hired to find a nyoung girl named elizabeth in columbia.

A city of religious fanatics and ultra nationalists on your journey. You ll face different types nof enemies ranging from racist soldiers to steam powered robots and i m sure you ll nenjoy blasting them to smithereens it s a brilliant game with an ending you nwon t forget a playscore of 89. On number 7. Is halo.

3. One of the best selling nxbox 360 games of all time halo. 3 s campaign is much more satisfying nthan halo. 2 s co op and multiplayer modes add more depth with the introduction of equipments nnew weapons.

Mechanics and modes among all these new features. My favorite is the forge nmode that allows you to customize and share maps a real best seller with a playscore of 90. Ranked 6th is titanfall an impressive combination nof epic mech battles and fast paced infantry shooters by respawn entertainment where titanfall shines is in its 6 on 6 multiplayer nbattles two factions shoot it out for supremacy in well designed maps. It was a surprise to nfind out how combat between titans and pilots are seamlessly integrated together as fierce as the battle between titans are nnothing beats.

The thrill of sneaking behind a titan and blasting..

It to pieces a playscore of 9. Out. Of 10. A hilarious shooter is on the 5th place.

Far ncry. 3. Blood dragon. This stand.

Alone. Expansion is a homage to 1980s pop culture it s filled with 80s references flashy nneon graphics. Cheesy cutscene and montages that will keep you giggling the game s nstory is meh . But the dialogue is gold 90s kids may not enjoy it.

But those who grew nup in the 80s will surely have a. Blast and it seems they do as it earns a playscore of. N90. Bioshock is fourth on the list.

The game is nset in rapture. An underwater city built free of government and religion you play as a nsurvivor of a plane crash who has found his way into the city. The game plays like any first person shooter nwith. The addition of plasmid abilities skills you acquire through genetic manipulation.

Bioshock is built around a sinister atmosphere n..

Story. Musky dark. And really really creepy. It receives a playscore of 9.

On third place. Is borderlands. 2. By gearbox nsoftware.

Like the original. The game is set in the nplanet pandora. And you play as a vault hunter on a quest to find new untold riches. If you played the first borderlands.

Then you d nknow what to expect thousands of weapon customizations. Hilarious dialogue. Memorable characters npcs nand one hell of a shooter borderlands. 2 lives up to critics and gamer s.

Nexpectations with a playscore of 91. On the second place is mass effect by bioware. The game is set in the distant future when nhumanity has become part of a galactic civilization. It revolves around commander shepard who is tasked to stop a rogue operative from conquering.

The galaxy this game..

Mixes. Shooting and role playing ntogether in an engaging plot and does it beautifully coupled that with stunning ngraphics and. Visuals and we have a game with a playscore of 92. And the best shooting game.

In the xbox 360 nis mass effect. 2. This sci fi saga continues. The adventures nof commander shepard.

As he and his team try to stop a new enemy called the collectors. Without a doubt. It s among the best shooting rpgs nof. All time you will love the character driven story.

Fantastic art design. Solid shooting ngameplay excellent dialogue and voice. Acting definitely number 1 with a playscore of 94. To recap here are the top 10.

Xbox 360. Shooting ngames lastly. Here are some awesome games that almost nmade it to the top 10. ” .


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