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“World must remain united without fear of the damps city. Our dearth will devolve back back into the mess. It used to be we needed to maintain peace and prosperity. Everyone kaname has managed to sing why i nearly ruined the contra franchise and bugger up a twin stick shooter.

Don t worry oh coups goyim. Okay let s start with resogun. A classic from a classic gang producer and developer. Known as how smug now i reviewed this game in 2015.

My god fuck you and your splaining resogun is from the world famous housemarque. They ve got a few games on this list obviously and of course it s beaches to player all of these games are gonna be indie and the organ of feature offline two player modes. I wasn t really aware this even existed on here when it s very tricky to pull off this game. Does have a lot of strengths on this single player.

But it s just so cool to be able to have this with someone else on the couch with you game type wise. I ve tried to keep this list with games that kind of top down twin stick and top down or an angle. Just like this new contra game this one kind of technically is a side scrolling twin stick shooter. But it again it s because it s older because it s cheaper and because it s from such a great indie developer.

It definitely has to be on this list. I loved it a bit and a little bit spoiler guys. I m doing this whole video on my own. I m doing all the two player footage on my own the regulars.

Enjoy the fails. Yeah. I did put it about resogun. Because it s for player.

And because geometry wars has a big history with the previous generation consoles and some bearing very cool twin stick shooter malarkey going on it kinda was a trendsetter and by the way i know about robotron and i know about all of the older pc versions of the original arcade that was spawned this genre. This one seems to stick to it like glue. It s really a concentrated single player experience. But you can get involved with a four player experience.

But if you ve know the channel and me and my mates that you ve got a factor in who the hell am. I and what am i doing aspect to it because it s just so crazy this game is that confident in itself that it doesn t even come over in the correct aspect ratio. Yeah is the legendary nuclear throne a game that has very very easy to player co op and of course is a dog hard roguelike with heavy action rpg elements to it very familiar if you ve all seen it before typical sort of indie look to it. But it s got a rawness as loud to the whole screen shakes you can turn it off by the way.

But it s just so awesome going through these levels. Doing these preceded runs unlocking..

Some insane weapons. And killing some really awesome look looking monsters. They re kind of like doodle ones as i love it i love how ad hoc the whole game looks. But it s deep very very deep and huge this one allows you a long long.

Time. There s a lot of variation here in huge huge map sizes. So ii housemarque. Going to come up is of course detonation.

A video game that has done really well on another list. I go back to it actually i keep plugging my other lists stop for the top 10 zombie games. This was the first one. I started with and was a big mixed reaction in the comment and a lot of people have ever heard of it and not a lot of people realized that it was a seriously difficult amba game in it my hels belles.

This is a seriously difficult samba go with not romero with things like 28 days later. Even shaun of the dead little nods and horror references in this game. Keep you going for more and more and more to see what level they re gonna feature is it going to be you know a bare ground or something iconic from another zombie film. It works very close to a phobic ly well with two players you get swamped.

There s loads of weapons. There s booze ease there s minds. There s shotguns it keeps giving this game. It s obviously a bit older and also quite cheap.

So if you ve never heard of it before never seen it before and you loved the old twin sticks definitely definitely have a look at that nation yes it s those lovely pixel junk people. I could developer that looks after us. Very well and have done for a long time on the twin stick or even split. Screen or couch.

Co op front. They did the monsters 2 game. Which i reviewed on the channel recently but this is stunning when it comes to accessibility. But anybody okay so it s not a taxing game.

It s a twin stick that is letting you into the whole type of game very slowly. There s a little bit shoe in it kind of relies heavily on this puzzle. Aspects. But it s so polished their little sprites of the little ships themselves looks so good and then the way the physics on the water drips off and this volcanic sand.

There s gas and this bubbles in the water. It man this is huge and this is like a big addition so there s loads and loads of content on this particular purchase..

I ve had it on a channel before but i love the fact that it s twin stick. It has puzzles. It s got all these cool physics. In and just looks and sounds beautiful.

Oh. Yeah. Bugger you got this one in early. Well.

Yeah. I did gauntlet. A slayer edition from arrow. Here that developers name should bring a very large bow or some people this often gets overlooked.

I don t think that people realize how fleshed out a remake. This is because the original gauntlet is obviously a classic arcade game. But this one uses their horde mentality. You use it that difference in enemy type and uses a hawk.

He s like a diablo setup. So well. It s such a good twin stick. And it s such a good four player game.

As well. It s a two player game. It s footage is terrible. I m doing this on my own so i m using two thumb sticks.

Suppose can you imagine i ve got to pet them. Why do you do that cool anyways enough about my recording methods hyper light drifter. You know what s coming. I own.

It twice. So great on the switch such a great playstation. Port. And again be accessibility for the other player to join doesn t even our indie you just pass to say do you want co.

Op mode on and the other person just clicks options on their pad. And they re there and they help you in combat they help you with everything i m not gonna go into too much of the detail on this game..

Because i ve just reviewed it for another list art style sound design everything perfect. This is a perfect twin stick okay so perfect twin sticks come in the form of a game called alienation. Which is our third or fourth house mark game on the list we re gonna lose count guys trust me stunning visually i remember getting a 4k tv that was a very nice action and i put this game for some reason. I was into the game at the time.

And i put it on just by default and my jaw dropped at the colors this game runs. I think a paint 60 frames per second of. But it s just the colors and the physics on the splatter and all the lights and stuff. This is a four player game and two player of course it s a legendary twin sticker legendry twin stickers i m gonna keep doing these horrible segues you come in the form of enter the gungeon.

I just got this one switch again massive renaissance on it tell you why because they changed the reward algorithm on a lot of the drops on the switch version. I think they ve done it on an update on the playstation. 4 version. Because it just seems that little bit easier.

It s a complete roller coaster of this game you and your friend will fall out with each other not 4 player unfortunately. But a lovely couch co op two player mode. It s very cheeky it hides the two player mode behind a unlock camp meaning you have to complete the first level on your own and kill the first boss now that might be quite daunting to some people. But remember it is there is a mode.

But you ve got to a bit of work in the one player but man this works on a couch co. Op level man this is a good twin state game. It s such a good switch release as well. If this is the first time you ve ever clapped eyes on it it s all over my channel.

Go and have a look at my playlists. Etc. You ll see any of the gungeon end in the gungeon end in the gunship. They were all going to talk about it that contra game must be shit in itself.

Okay cue the tension. We re at number two there s only two more games. If there s two more games. Including this and this is from how smart this is i d listen this is their last game.

When it s spoiler alert. So the next game is not from their car biggs. I don t even get anything else and their fucking catalog. I can include in this list.

But i want to push how easy it is again on the accessibility no network. Required i love user friendliness when it comes to adding someone remember..

The person who are adding does isn t a gamer sometimes and they get frustrated if there s a delay if you don t know what you re doing so easy on this game. Bang bang you strain him stunning. Visually. This is the resogun that should have been you know a twin stick.

It s great to have a true off kill a really good rkd flashy game from them. It s one of their last games. Actually a real tragedy that that studio is not going to operate as it s bigger presence as they used to they re well famous in my eyes and and a lot of their games were given it to as free as well. Which was such a great nod from from sony.

So next mac a man oh i love ya calm down calm down. It s not it s not a winner hotline miami isn t technically allowed on this list because it s not two player. But it is a a beautiful twin stick with one of the most luxurious soundtracks ever to be put on a game it in the world ever. I have unlimited love of the hotline miami and the sequel.

I personally think this one s a better game because of its soundtrack and of course. A dying flip from from how smart in the form of metaphor again. It s not two player. But it is a very strong twin stick and of course as you can see beautiful little platformer game.

As well that is officially their last release as a game. So go out and get that physical copy as well really beautiful box design. I seem to remember yes of course predictable oku you know the drill. But it s it s it s incredible isn t there helldivers one of my first ever playstation 4 games and one of the games that i grounded the whole channel on it was it was such a dumbfounding experience for me to discover that not only had this genre survived all that time.

But there were new games coming out that were absolutely amazing and they were sci fi. Based and they were four player. And they looked and sounded awesome and helldivers was at the front of that queue. It was a game that i have to this day still crave to play funny story.

I moved countries and most of my physical games are in dubai. They re in the middle east they re in storage in them getting them shipped. There s 170 of them and this is one of them. So this footage is from my review of the game in 2015 have a listen hold on they have range.

They have malay so it was kind of a homecoming to look at this game again and actually have to use that footage again and listen to him myself four years ago. So that was fun ladies and gentlemen i give you our divers. I shall ” ..


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