Turn On & Off Your PC With Your Voice Using Alexa Skills

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“Pc is big and makes an awful lot of noise. So this is a problem problem sometimes. When you need the place to be quiet also it eats a lot power. This is also not good so there s a lot of times that i want to turn the pc off.

But then because i have all my multimedia and everything else through this pc as a server. I then want to turn it back on again and this sometimes if i m lying in bed. In the bedroom. Involves getting up walking into the living room and turning the pc back on again.

I m lazy. I don t want to do this. And i m a geek and i like automating stuff. I m hence this channel.

So i was been looking for a way for ages to figure out how to automate turning on and off my pc using amazon echo. So with that in mind. I have discovered how to do this it s a little bit technical. But i think i ve managed to explain everything in a way that i understand and hopefully you will too um.

So without further ado stay watching and you ll see how you can use amazon echo to turn on or off your pc. So keep watching alexxa switch on office. You you so how does this work well this relies on a thing. That s built into most desktop pcs called wake up on lamb and the idea is that your pc can essentially be switched off.

But there s enough power going into it assuming. It s plugged in that your network card can still send and receive signals. And if it receives a certain signal sometimes called a magic packet this will tell the pc. Tell the motherboard to switch the pc back on again.

So what this skilar lets you do is essentially let amazon echo. The alexa send this magic packet to your pc to turn it back on again and then if you install a little app on your pc. That listens for a reciprocal switch off command and the echo can then switch the pc off again. So this is quite cool and quite handy so how does this work well the first thing you need to do is you need to set up your network card.

So that it is capable of doing this wake up on land. So there s a couple of things you need to do here..

You need to make sure that and the pc won t turn this device off when it s switched off and that the pc can be switched back on to do this so. The first thing we need to do on your desktop is go up to your my computer right click and hit properties this will open up the properties of your desktop computer. And what you re looking for here is the device manager so the device manager basically lets you can control all the physical hardware. And that s installed in your pc.

And what we re looking for is network devices. Now you ll have a whole range of them here because you may have bluetooth on your pc you may have wireless on your pc and the only one so far that i ve got this working with is the wired network card. So you want to look out for the one that s the physical network card that s built into your computer. Or that s a part of the actual desktop build so on this one.

It s this one here. And what you want to do is you want to right click and hit the properties of this one so there s a couple of steps that you need to make don t worry. This isn t gonna break anything they re very very straightforward the power to management is the first thing so the first thing you need to do is make sure that you can use this wake up online service and that it can accept this magic packet. So we ll just make sure that all of these are ticked happy days once this is done we go into the advanced settings and we scroll down and make sure that yes wake up online is initiative is activated.

It s enabled and can wake up with a magic packet is enabled. So all we ve done here. Folks is we ve gone into the settings of the network card. And told.

It that if you get a wake up on line command or you get this magic packet. Then yes you have the power and the ability to do something about this. But the next thing we need to do is we need to tell the service that we want to use that we want to connect to our amazon echo that this is the pc. So what we need to do first and foremost is find the physical address of the network card.

So the physical address is sometimes called the mac address and this doesn t change. So. Your ip address that you may have heard of your internet protocol address may change depending on your service provider depending on when you connect how you connect etc. But the physical address of your network card never changes.

It s hard coded essentially into the card. So we need to find this because this will allow amazon echo to find this particular device wherever. It is in the world. So to do this we go to the settings on our pc.

It s the bottom right hand corner in windows 10 and we find the network properties and if you scroll down in the network properties you ll find the same name of the network card that we looked at before and you ll see all this detail about its ip address its dns settings and everything else you can ignore those all we want is this one. It s the 16 character mac address and it s a combination of letters and numbers..

So you need to write this down because we re gonna need this again in a few minutes okay so at this stage. We have our network card setup. And we have the physical address of our network card. So the next thing we do before we even touch and the add the amazon alexa app is we need to go to www what cool wall school wll skill wake up on lan skill calm and what this does is this is going to be the bridge between the amazon echo service and our network card or a network adapter so what we do is we sign in here with our amazon email address and password the same one that you use for everything for this one don t worry about the fact that it may force you to login to the dot com server as opposed to dakota uk or vice versa that s fine it doesn t matter at this stage.

We log in and there s a few different options so the first thing you want to do is scroll down. And actually add this mac address as a pc. That s going to be controlled or as a network card. That s gonna be controlled and by this service.

So what i ll do is i ll just give the pc. A name we ll call i ve called my office already. But i ll just do this again so this is a test one so i ll just do exactly the same again. And i ll put in my mac address and i ll save this.

So. Now. What happens is this name of this pc. And this mac address are on this website and they re stored and they re saved.

So now. If i go to and back to the alexa app. Once i install the skill and sign in with the same login details. The skill will pick this up and recognize this name.

And this mac address as a new smart device and will let me turn it on now. The reason. I say it only lets you turn it on is because in order for it to being able to turn things off you need to install the little windows add on that s available through the same website. Wall skill.

Calm and and put. In a license. Now here s where the catch is it s free if you want to turn the machines on if you want to turn machines off it s a 999 euro license. This covers unlimited devices so if you have multiple pcs or if you re a small office and you want to do this you could have each pc with a different name with its own unique mac address and 999 will cover you for all of them.

So now very very very important do the stuff on the website first if you try and do it through the app first it ain t gonna work so you need to do everything through the website first and then it will work so now what i ve done is it s detected. A new device..

It s detected. My office pc and i can now say to amazon echo to turn this on and off. There is one final step. Though.

And this is dependent on your own pc. And some pcs in the bios settings. That s the the settings. When you first boot up the the computer and sometimes you need to change that so that wake up online is in built.

So just because your network. Heart is listening and ready for that wake up command or that shutdown command doesn t necessarily mean that the pc has allowed us to turn it on or turn it off so. What we need to do is when you re starting up your pc. It s generally something like f2 or delete.

Before the windows starts to get into the bios. Now do be careful with the bios settings. Warning warning warning. Don t mess with anything unless.

You re sure. If you re not sure please google this please double check. But essentially what you re looking for is power online or wake up online and just make sure that s enabled now what you ve done is you ve in windows. Told.

The network card you have the ability to turn and on and off this computer. And you ve told the computer physically that if the network card sends. This command that you can turn it on and off so once we ve done all that we restart our computer. We ll make sure that and the wall skill.

App. Is running on our pc and now on amazon echo. I can just go i ll turn on office. You and that s it folks and this one is probably the more technical than normal videos that i would do.

But it s been really really handy for me because at night. I can turn off the pc..

But then without having to get out of bed. I can turn it back on again. And i have it set to automatically kind of sign in so everything starts. Which is really really handy.

And i have three pcs and they in the apartment. So i m planning on adding these all to the website wall skill and website. And and that way. I can turn on and off each.

One. I ll give each one a different name so with that when i m telling the amazon echo which one i m turning on and off it ll know and the 999. License covers unlimited pcs. So happy days.

I have all obviously kind of blurred out some of the details in this video. So that you can t remote control. My pc. Because i d rather you didn t but yeah so look i know this is uber geeky.

It s probably overkill and it s me being incredibly lazy. But it has been very very useful for me so guys as ever i hope you ve enjoyed this video. I m gonna start doing some slightly more technical and slightly more kind of prescriptive ones like these to kind of show. The kind of advanced automation.

Features and functions that i ve set up as ever if you do have any questions please hit me up in the comments below and in the meantime you can follow me on the social medias over here so facebook twitter instagram and as ever if you could give me an old like and subscribe and please do give a thumbs up to this video that way more people will see it and youtube will tell people this this video is pretty good and this guy isn t a total nutjob. I am. But that s not the point and your support and help us always appreciate it so with that in mind guys. I will see you next time and keep automating bye bye.

” ..

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