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“Right hello. Everybody let s make sure we re recording. Alright. Um.

Today. We are are going to be talking about making a bgm and stuff you can do to it fit. I m not sure i ve made a couple of these videos already so i m slightly tired out um. I guess first things first we ll talk about the actual bgm.

It has to be a certain size if it s not if it s larger than this size. Then it will it won t work it will fail actually um off the top of my head. I don t know the size. It s like 3 3.

7. 1. Something. 3 3.

8. Yeah. Maybe maybe 3 0. 8.

That doesn t really help me. Anyways uh. I don t know how i m gonna find it just type. It this should have it i think here.

We go three three seven one zero zero eight. Oh. What he knows right over. Yeah.

It cannot be above this limit not the actual wav file. But the beats bc stm must be underneath this size limit aside from that it s pretty simple actually you pick a song. I actually haven t picked a song even though i i m doing this video anyways. But i did use one song to make a loop and so that s why i m showing this video.

But uh pretty much pick a song you can pick it from an ost or like a video game song if you extract the video game. If it has a video game anyways um otherwise i mean you could find remixes on youtube or something like that pretty much you need a song after that you want the song to be roughly a minute to maybe two minutes for decent quality high decent quality. Anything more than that and you might be pushing your audio quality down the drain. So let s start let s start with a brand new one with the actual sound effects.


Oh the actual song so i leave it s somewhere in here might be a little bit hard to find just a little bit let me try this way. There we go containing folder kyodai smile. The audacity window. Oh i guess.

It s not here dang. It no i want a new law. A second ago. There we go alright so kyodai believe that means sibling or something don t know off the top of my head.

But as you can see here. The song. The song is about two minutes and 30 seconds. But i didn t want to fit isn t so quick all right cool.

I didn t want to fit 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Because that would tank the quality where is my some time ago. I tested it to see what the limit was for the sound effects for the songs and i came up with these two simple equations for a generic sort of a sample rate determining the sort of thing for maximizing quality. But if we went with the 200 2 minutes.

And 30 seconds. That would be what 60 120 150. Right. 150.

So pretty much. The this is for a full loop. A full loop meaning you loop from this end to this end. And then back a sub loop.

Means that you have an introduction part. So. It can be like from here to here. And then i ll go from the start of the loop to the end of the loop and then back to the start of the loop and just loop.

There so you have a nice little intro and then the loop. But anyways equations simple whatever sample rate you get out of this is the separate that you kind of want to stick with for the maximum quality for however. Long your clip is and so. The number here is this blog post might be linked to the description.

I might add a link in the description. If i remember otherwise. It s on my gb temp. It s on my blog.


You can find it eventually anyhow. The quality for this one is nineteen thousand four hundred and eighty six around they re the best cloudy. Which is less than half of the current quality that s at or i wouldn t say quality. But the same thing right now and if the sampling rate gets cut in half equality drops by an audible amount.

So anything below. That is also going to be pretty audible. And you don t want to try and drop. It that low for the most part try and keep it within the twenty eight thousand range and up maybe twenty six thousand and up i haven t gone that low yet.

I ve gone to twenty eight and kind of stick there so far. But uh pretty much around a minute to a minute thirty is a good range for how long your song should be and here. I have my my song split up i took out a lot of the repetitive parts pretty much all the repetitive parts anything that was like duplicate like this one here and one of them in here and one of them in here and then i left them. But this mostly alone and then i believe i took out maybe one from here and then i put it back.

I think something like that and i ended up with this nice little one minute in twenty seconds loop. But uh one of the things you can do to make your loop sound. Nice without any sort of like problems is to cut off the end of your loop and put it in the beginning. This is if you can do that anyways like this one starts before this one actually ends.

Which is why i cut off the ending here. And i put on the front. This is of course a full loop. And it s not a sub loop.

It doesn t have any introduction phase of the song. I do have some themes that have that but i m not going to show that because it s not any different and so once you have this you can see how long it is of course this one is one minute 20 seconds and from there you use these nice little equations here to give you your optimal music quality. So this should be me and so this one should be around three 3006 thousand five hundred ish um. You don t have to go precisely to the decimal.

You can go to even just the ones place or the tens place or the hundreds place whichever you prefer i usually go through hundreds around about hundreds. It s pretty good okay. But it should bring you if you use these equations it should bring you really close pretty close to the limit the file size limit. So as you can see here.

This is a three three seven instead of three three three four instead of seven and the size on the disc is the size on the disc is what you kind of want to go by this is just the actual size is smaller. But it gets allocated to this because that s how computers work apparently you know um. But uh so yeah so with this i actually do have a little bit room. If i wanted to i could make it even a little bit higher maybe like 550 or something.

And it might still fit. But this is a pretty accurate number. Even though a lot of the a lot of the actual numbers are taken from more or less averages of of sound effect or not sound effects of b teams that i actually converted. I spent a little bit of time converting them and in dropping the quality and then converting them again.


And i did that i don t know how many times for a couple of my themes came up with a couple of averages. And calculate the number based off of that and so it gives you a fairly decent ballpark. Number. This is of course.

If you re using the same program as i am. Then you ll end up what you ll be able to use even you ll be able to use these numbers. If you use the same that i use there we go so yeah pretty much cut out your loop. However you want it if you want an introduction sections.

So like if i wanted an introduction. So if i want this to be an introduction section. You can get the ending of this in samples. So wherever.

This initial part will end and you get it in samples. And from there we just convert this i have here yata plus. It s pretty simple drag your wave convert it to bc scm. You pick a name for it and then it gives you this wonderful window um.

This window is actually really nice. It s convenient and can help you really easily. So you want to toggle this if you have loops so that you can preview your loop. This is only for previewing purposes down here this bar here shows you where your loop starts.

Where your loop ends. And then when you have an actual start and end you actually have this green section. Here. Which shows you your introduction phase now this song actually doesn t have an introduction.

But it does have a loop. So play that really quick and then i ll show you how the introduction thing works all right so that s that and let s say that you had a loop or a initial section or an intro where you wanted it to start at whatever. This is so let s say it s for for something. Oh wait you got to keep in mind you need the frequency to be the same the sample rate.

Otherwise your numbers are going to be different. So make sure your sample rate is the same don t have weird like me. And so now that my sample rate is the same this will be the correct spot otherwise. It would be in a different spot.

And it would mess up your loop. So if i put this in it would be three eight nine six zero and now instead of starting. The loop from the very beginning it will start the loop from here instead of this initial section. You can still play the central section.


When your 3di starts. It actually does play this intro section and then goes into the loop. And so if i did this you it does go into the secondary loop and then after you re done selecting that you click convert or okay and i ll convert it and so i m going to do that and the result is the bgm that you can actually use and you just rename this to pkm wcs tmu. You copy it and then you put it into your the same folder as your body lz and then from there you re actually able to preview.

It with soggy. Which is my theme editor of choice. I would recommend it to everyone because at the moment. It is the best theme editor.

It just so happens that yadda plus has a bcs tm converter. This one doesn t maybe one day it will be added maybe it won t i don t know. But uh let s see if i open up my theme here you ll see you can load. It and you got to make sure that your background music black is enabled and everything for your theme.

Then you can play it stop it pause. It and then this controls volume for the entire program. Not just not just the audio for the backgrounds. But the entire program so if you re listening to the sea waves.

It will also lower the volume of that what s really nice is that you can have both the background. Playing the background music. Playing and test your sound effects at the same time. So you can hear if there s any drowned out sound effects and make them louder or lower the audio.

The volume of your bgm. But that s pretty much it there s really not much to the bgm parts you find a song you cut it you convert it and you re done so oh shoot right. I should also talk about oh. No no no no no might never mind that s for some effects sound effects.

But yeah okay so yeah that s that s it there s actually not anything really pertinent at least at the moment with regards to that it s it s pretty simple process. It s pretty easy possibly yeah to plus might require you to have what is it called a ctr wave converter. 32. But i don t think you have to have it especially now that i look at it here.

Since. I don t have it here. I m still converting stuff um. I guess you don t need it for converting that but yeah.

Thanks for watching i hope you learned something and i hope ” ..

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