Tutorial: How To Download Ps Vita Apps or Games

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“Hello youtube um. The names dark house on my the hedgehog. This is my first first tutorial of how to download any single app for your betta or for your. But if it s for the vita and you have version 332 three.

I mean 352 or below or any other version and if you re required to update um. I would say uh. I d suggest this method. I hope it helps you okay the first thing you re gonna do is obviously get get yourself on an android phone go to the app store and put on playstation.

The playstation and you ll find the playstation app to cap it and install it it will obviously help you enter to your account..

And you open. It and it will show something like this for some reason it helps me a lot for a few things and it really does help for me to download my ps vita apps. So just to let you know so do enter the profession store from your phone either you re using wi fi or 4g lte data either way so what you got to do is go to your account management and down and go to your download list if you have a psp game or for some kind of what i would say. Yeah.

Kisti games were when the other thing just in case. Oh for example. I m a download um you see uh for instance. If i want to download one of my old psp games that i have downloaded on my my betta and i don t have it on my vita and i want to transfer it but it you don t want to get into your into your ps vita and in turn the playstation store otherwise.

I will tell you to update..

And you don t want that so what you have to do is just for example i m gonna download crack it will give you this option it will tell you if you want to either all both platform ps3 and psp and cathedra so i want to on the vita. So you go show quick and it will show you that the crackle app. It s waiting right so how does it work for the vita. So all you have to do is just get like for instance get get minecraft right and let it refresh will show you a little wi fi.

It the little wi fi gluten. Little wi fi spot on the top and once that s done just swipe. It over no you have to do is just turn your betta off once it s turned off you turn it back on wait a few seconds and once that the ps vita loads. Once the beetle loads just great fit the load your game.

Or anything..

That you have on your feet off. Like the ink cartridge once it loads and shows the whitefly you ll get a notification. And there it is it will officially start downloading without you getting inside your playstation app. And it will disappear on your phone.

So that s the best way you can do it if you need to use your your playstation account. And you can use your phone at any time. And anywhere just make sure you re close to your system or otherwise. If you re not home and you re like want to download something from your phone.

The distance light on your phone and you re like far away from home and you want this game like digital download..

So you get in the playstation app and down and literally just put the credit card account and all you have to do and buy the game. When you get home when you turn on the playstation. 3 or your vita. It will successfully just download the game.

There are no problems see it moves a little literally this both da it will literally install the application on your vita when are you even entering the the playstation store not even to make it bother or anything to just to update as you can see i have freckle on my phone. My vita and i can use anything i want without any problems or having to update. So i hope you liked this tutorial like and subscribe and i ll see you in the next tutorial or video acclimate so ” ..


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