Type ZERO – 101 (What is a VST?)

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“Guys time zero here one of the pretty common questions that i get asked a a lot is what exactly is a vst. So. The vst is a studio technology was invented by steinberg. The same guys that created cubase the idea behind it is that it s essentially recreating physical equipment in a digital fashion so vst stands for a virtual studio technology there are three major types of vst plugins that you can get the vst.

I which are the virtual virtual instruments. The vst effects. Which are things like reverb compressors limiters filters. What have you and then of the vst midi plugins.

Thanks for sending tran transpose information. Arpeggiated..

Arpeggios. Etc. Now vsts are steinberg s technology. They opened up the technology to other developers to be able to create a vast array of of plugins.

There are a lot of free ones. There s a lot of commercial ones. There are some major players in the in the vst world such as native instruments. It s definitely one of the big ones waves is another one of the big ones that create a lot of fantastic plugins for producers to use the thing.

The thing with vst is that vst is dependent on whether or not the the host so in our case. Here for example..

It would be cubase q basis. The vst host the v. Is so vsts can only operate in you know in hosts. That are compatible with the vst standard.

So things like ableton live and fl studio are also both vst compatible hosts. If you look at another da w. Such as logic for example. It does not support vsts.

What it does support however is a very similar technology called au. Which which are audio units or for example of pro tools..

Which is also very popular d aw it uses a standard called our tas effectively. They all kind of really do the same thing they all kind of provide the same the the same level of support and capabilities. And most of the very major players in the industry like native instruments. Earlier will actually put out their plugins in all three formats.

The three primary formats. Which are vst au and our tas so regardless of the of the dw that you re using chances are you re gonna be able to find the plugins that you re looking for in some cases. There are plugins that are and there are proprietary and are locked into a specific manufacturer. One of the vorenii popular ones on the logic front was one called the clip disk.

Which is a really unique distortion tool. That was that s kind of locked into the logic and locked into the au plug in type..

So you can t find a vst version of that particular plugin. Other people have kind of recreated using vst and are tasks capable technology. But you know it is what it is many facts off term and you factors always want to kind of leverage their technology and kind of give the the users a little bit of extra reasons to use their software over somebody else s but in short that s what vst is that s what vsds are for if you look at my screen real quick you can see i ve got a vst synthesizer loaded up so vsti and then a vst effect. Which is this master verb here.

Which is a nice little reverb unit that i like using and fairly. Often so using them together kind of lets you manipulate the sound a little bit more i have more fun with it ” ..

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