Types of 3D Glasses and 3 Common Misconceptions

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“There my name is sean bladder. Wicked. Thank you for tuning into monoprice kamar. A a youtube channel since we carry the 3d products such as 3d converters 3d.

Support and switches. Many customers have been asking about 3d glasses because of different types of 3d glasses. People are easily confused on 3d glasses. So today.


I m going to talk about three misconceptions regarding 3d glasses. These days. There are three different types of 3d glasses red cyan or red blue type polarized type and active shutter type this is the red cyan or red blue 3d glasses it looks like they came from the 80s this is not commonly used these days. So i m going to skip.

These these are the polarized 3d glasses. These are much more familiar to you where can we normally. See these yes. A movie theater.


Most of the movie theaters in the united states are using polarized 3d glasses have you ever seen these before these are the active shutter 3d glasses. These are designed for home theater tvs active shutter 3d glasses. Look similar to the polarized 3d glasses. But they have a much more complicated structure you have a power button and a charging port you need to recharge them and turn these glasses on whenever you want to use them.

Now i want to talk about the misconceptions regarding 3d glasses. Misconception. Number. One is it possible to use different 3d glasses between different 3d formats.


The answer is no a friend of mine went to the movie theater last week. And it brought his active shutter 3d glasses from his brand new 3d tv as you know active shutter 3d glasses are much more expensive than the polarized 3d glasses. Which are given from the movie theater for free so he expected higher quality 3d effect if he used the expensive glasses as you now know this did not work misconception number two our different brands of active shutter 3d glasses compatible with other brands of tv s well this is a disputable question. But i can say typically that the answer is no i heard lots of rumors tardiness.

But i think that the rumors are not always right misconception number three our active shoulder 3d glasses expensive. The answer is yes of course there s one exception. But the average price of polarized 3d glasses are under five dollars and the average price of active shutter 3d glasses are above fifty dollars. Now you may have a question.


What is the exception. The answer is monoprice comm if you re looking for additional or replacement active shutter 3d glasses monoprice is the right answer check our website compare the price and quality with the other providers. You will absolutely love it to find these and other products on the web go to monoprice comm in the search bar type in glasses. Then you will find our 3d glasses.

” ..

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