Unboxing: iPod shuffle (3rd Generation)

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“Guys we re a david here you may be wondering why i m holding an an ipod shuffle. Yes i really don t need one of these. But i was enough to actually win this from deals plus on twitter simply by retweeting a tweet of theirs friday night. I came home saw that i won desica lee freaked out because i d never really win anything and basically.

It s free stuff guys so i can t i can t really complain so follow them on twitter twittercom. Slash deals excuse me and also check out their website at deals. But it s not com. It s the word deals pl us and i ll have all these links in the sidebar to the right of this video or under this video depending.

Upon new youtube layout. So first of all we can see it s a very basic case well very simple case. I should say but i also want to point out how cool this case is because it actually makes it look like the ipod shuffle is floating. I don t know i just seen that s pretty cool anyway.

Let s just open this thing. So i m not boring you guys any further and for those wondering yes. I am get in the ipad. And i will be doing an unboxing about this weekend.


Mmm sees me as i die in the background alright get the tape off there. And when i che open this way. This is the shuffle itself it is brushed aluminum. Very nice.

And it comes with the earbuds first of all how is this one here apples packages. He always throws me off because the way this is built oh here we go okay. That s right. I believe is on the back.

Yeah. There we go you had to take that off first it s kind of like sticky material. There and then you unfold. The plastic all right there we go finally sorry about that pretty cool unboxing.

I mean packaging. But it s kind of complex the way they do it all right so here s a shuffle as mentioned. It is brushed aluminum. Very simple design.


It s basically like a stick of gum or whatever want to call it and we have reflective chrome back here very nice. There s my zi8 and there s me put that down oh also on the top. Sorry real quick headphones jack. I believe this is where you shuffle.

It or one. And off yes. It s on now actually back here. I ll show you back.

Here. We have the shuffle mode. Repeat mode. And then off so slide that to off the bottom nothing very very simple design is the clip so you can clip it on your shirt.

Their pants or even your ear if you re if you re into that kind of thing also included obviously are the earbuds very basic gear bud so dom don t expect anything too amazing. But that s usually how it is there we go take it off there all right there we go sorry. This is such a complex unboxing for a simple product. The way they package everything there we go tons of tape this lid has rip this out of there because i have tons of headphones.


So i don t really mind if i scratch these he s cool packaging. But kind of annoying to be honest finally i got him out basic earbuds love channel right channel. And this is the kind of earbuds that at the own board controls. Which is nice so it s right up here get your volume up volume down buttons.

And i believe if you click once it pauses click twice go to the next and click three times it goes back and then i may be wrong. But i m pretty sure if you hold it down for a few seconds. It ll actually read you the music since this thing obviously has no screen. So it s pretty unique also i have a 2nd gen shuffle for those interested i love this design.

This is my favorite shuffle design. I just love the clip on feature and how everything is right here the controls. But this design is ready very cool it s obviously very minimal. But it s something i ll get used to also included is a ridiculously short usb cable.

Wow. That thing is short look at that unfortunately. I don t think there s a dock. You can buy for this so you have to charge it like this that s one big downside.


I don t like about this generation shuffle. But it s really not a big deal. Oh yeah shake that thing out of there just start here guide finally. And that s not really worth showing.

It s just you know oh also totally forgot about the apple stickers apple stickers are included. I don t if you can see them because the lighting. Anyway. This unboxing is longer than i expected basically the ipod shuffle 2.

Gigabyte blue. They also sell in four gigabyte. I believe as well as like five or six colors. Something like that and for those interested i will have an ipad unboxing online either this saturday or sunday anyway guys that s it thanks for watching check out my social links in the sidebar or under this video depending upon youtube s new layout for facebook twitter daily with even my facebook app.

If you want email alerts and all that good stuff and ” ..

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