Understanding Scheduled Ahead of Time Uber Rides

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“This is chris how you doing on the way to a surface fall for my my computer business. But today s video is uber tip. We ll call them uber no we won t because there s only about i don t do that kind of stuff. But i do have a tip.

If you use uber and you use their scheduled ride feature which means you can schedule a ride. I don t know i ve never used the driver apps. I don t know how far in advance you can schedule it but it does let you schedule a ride in advance don t don t schedule. A ride thinking that that is some kind of pinpoint precise service.

Where you can actually count on a driver being there exactly when you want them there that s really not the way it works drivers are driving around you know or they re sitting does the case maybe and they get they get a notification that someone has scheduled today as we previously scheduled drive and so you know comes up on their screen. And they can either accept it or deny it maybe there either they either want to go to that area pick somebody up or they don t for whatever reason. It doesn t matter that that is totally within the drivers discretion as to whether or not they take a ride and so you know you re scheduled ride may not be taken by anyone for a variety of reasons. Mainly the biggest one being they re all busy already you know there may be no drivers available at your scheduled.

Time or there may be drivers who don t want to come to where you are because it s too far let s face it you live in a part of town and nobody wants to go to i mean..

That s you know there are dangerous areas. That you know i don t go to that address comes up on the screen that i don t at that area comes up on the screen. I don t kind of that s just kind of what it is and you learn about those areas their experience right you go there once you don t like the feel of it you don t go back. But anyway.

So you know i ve had three people i ve picked up and had scheduled rods and none of them really want well one. I was there way too early now when you get a 15 minute range to like like say. 5 00 to 5 15. So one i was way too early the rider was irritated about that it s like okay.

What can i do one yesterday for lunch. I was i was late but i wasn t late because of the app or the scheduling. I was late because he failed to tell me give me pertinent information about how to get to him. He was over at ibm and the campus over there in rtp evidently has five or six or seven entryways and three of them are completely well.

Five of them are completely blocked off..

There s only two ways to get in that i know of and so not knowing that i went the way google maps told me to go and of course. I got to a locked gate and then i had to go around the campus. Until i found an entryway and then he didn t give me good enough good directions to where he was on the campus. And so you know long and short of it he s upset.

But it s his fault. It s not my fault. I did what i was supposed to do and yesterday morning my very first ride. I got somewhere the woman was supposed to be picked up between 5 30 to 5 45 well i got the notification.

I was come with her but her and google maps said it s 20 minutes to our house which i made at 18. But not that i sped or anything i just naturally did and but she was like to work for because the app. Didn t get me there fast enough if she should have so anyway. Whatever that whatever each person should or should not have done here s the here s the tip.

If you need to be somewhere..

And you absolutely need to be somewhere you need to schedule that ride a half an hour prior to the time you need to be there at atleast and it depends how far you re going if you re going a half an hour. You knew you need to be 45 minutes to an hour head you need to allow plenty of time for someone to accept your ride and then give them enough time to come and get you so that is typically that is the tip for today and then don t take it out on the driver. If things don t work out because it s not the driver s fault. The driver has nothing to do with scheduling.

The ride on time nothing all the driver does is accept a notification. So and then proceed to the destination that has a usual it s no different than any other ride in fact i wouldn t even bother using the schedule feature. I think it s kind of i think. It s kind of worthless actually just go ahead.

You know you know somewhere you know somewheres 15 minutes away 45 minutes before you need to be there schedule. I mean apply for a rock do it do it right away. And then you ll then everybody we have arabela plenty time. Everybody have a nice time on the way over there is no tension in the car.

I hate tension in the car..

You know i m saying don t like it alrighty. That s the tip hope you use it use it wisely my friends. I m at my destination. Therefore.

It is time to get out of the car and bid you adieu. I think it s the work we will see you oh questions or comments. Please do some section below like and subscribe. We appreciate when you did we ll see you on ” .


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