UNM Handicapped Parking Abuse 2001 KOAT 7

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“Are large parking lots perfectly healthy people with handicap parking placards taking up parking spots spots for the disabled. It s illegal and our undercover cameras caught some of the and one of the busiest campuses in new mexico. Target sevens conroy. Chino.

Had the exclusive story conway nelson. It didn t take us long to capture the problem on camera. We came to a location where parking is a premium unm and watched the abuse unfold. Before our very eyes take a look.

We chose an area lined with at least a dozen handicap parking spots in the middle of the university of new mexico campus and watched before long our hidden cameras caught this young female student in a lexus pull up in park..

She grabbed her backpack and headed off for class not long after that this woman in a volkswagen jetta decided she was entitled to handicapped parking. She had no visible handicap or disability. The same with this young man driving a corvette. He didn t have any problems getting into a sports car all three displayed handicap parking placards.

The problem is the placards were not issued to them nor were they driving anyone who was handicapped. We decided to question the abusers who took up a handicap parking place on more than one occasion. The woman in the lexus stunned. When we showed up with our cameras admitted.

She wasn t disabled you have no disability of any kind you re perfectly healthy as for the placard..

It s my my brother s at a loss for words she got into her car and quickly drove away. According to nbd the placard and the volkswagen jetta belongs to an elderly man in a retirement home his wife told us over the phone. He doesn t attend at unm as for the young man in that corvette well. He wasn t really happy to see us that was issued to a roxanne modest is that you it s a friend of mine.

You know it s illegal to use someone else s placard and parking in handicapped. I d rather not be on tv. If you angry that we caught him on camera. He went screeching out of the parking lot but not before threatening.

Our photographer with his car..

We showed. Our undercover video to jim parker with the governor s committee on the concerns for the handicapped. You know i ve been seeing stuff like this for so many years. I ve gotten over a lot of the anger.

And it s not that it doesn t make me angry that people do it unm students with visible handicaps to find the abuse disturbing every day. It s always a challenge to find a parking space. It s up to unm parking services to enforce the state s handicap parking laws any time we see a violator that does not have but on the days. We were at unm.

We didn t see anyone from parking services checking the handicapped parking lots these placards are issued by the state motor vehicle division two individuals so we have a problem walking only they can use the placard..

No one else the handicap placard is issued to an individual who has that has the handicap has only issued to the individual. It s not issued to anybody else. And it s not issued to a vehicle. It s issued to the individual know it now mpd says you need to provide medical proof in order to qualify for a handicap parking placard and the person who s been issued that placard needs to be on board.

The vehicle and if there s a violation mbd says it can confiscate that placard live at unm conroy chino koat action. 7. News. ” .


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