Upgrade your Mac s Operating System to El Capitan

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“Everyone this is mike with mike s tutorials. If you like this video. Please leave leave a comment and like it and subscribe to my channel. This video is going show you how to upgrade to el capitan if you re running a mac that is running snow leopard mac.

Os ten point six or later and is at least a 2007 imac or later you can upgrade to el capitan. Now before you do so i would recommend that you have at least four gigabytes of memory. You can check your memory by going to the apple menu. Then going to about this mac.

Check. The memory section. And i d say have at least four gigabytes you can also see this from the overview..


More is better it will install with two gigabytes of memory. But it s gonna be a pretty poor performing computer with only two gigabytes of memory. You ll probably see a lot of beachballs. Things like that so most computers can be upgraded with more memory.

If your computer s a few years old so with that out of the way to upgrade into el capitan. What you do is you use the apple app store or the mac app store which you can get to from the apple menu and click on app store there might be an icon for it down in your dock and this will take you to the app store you can get to el capitan or whatever the latest version of os. 10. Is there s a handy link right here on the right under quick links.

Here is el capitan. Now. I ve already downloaded this so for you it might say get right here..


And you would just click on that and you need to sign in with your apple id and password and it will start to download el capitan once it s finished downloading. It s it s over a six gigabytes so it might take a little while to download. But once it s done you will find it in your applications folder and i have already downloaded it and so if i go to my applications folder. I ll find it when it s done downloading for you it probably will automatically open up for you.

But when you open it you ll get a window that looks like this that says. Os. 10. El capitan just set up the installation click continue so click continue click agree and then you click install and it will show you you know most people just have one hard drive.

If you have a different hard drive. It will show up here click install it takes about 30 40 minutes to install usually and it will reboot your computer. You can t use your computer..


While it s installing and once it s all finished. You will be running os. 10. El capitan.

That s it thanks for watching this video. If you liked it please rate. Me so it s right on my channel thanks. So much have a great day thanks.

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