Use RCA On Xbox One/PS4. Digital To Analog Audio Converter

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“How s it going guys are soft made 19 here again with another review today today s review is going to be on the digital to analog stereo audio converter the reason i m doing this review normally i wouldn t review something like this but the reason. I m doing this review is for you guys out there who have a ps4 or an xbox one because it ll work with either one and you want to use it on a old stereo amplifier that uses rca plugs. Because a lot of older amplifiers. Use the red and white left.

And right rca plugs. And the xbox. One and ps4. Neither one support regular stereo right and left rca.

So you have to buy converter like this to use your old. Amplifiers or old stereo systems with the new technology..

So i m going to show you guys what this thing is how it works. It s actually extremely simple how this thing works. I don t have everything that comes in the packaging. Because half of it is hooked up to my syria right now.

But i do have the adapter itself and i m going to tell you how it works so basically this is the box. I actually wasn t expecting it to come in a box ordered it off of ebay and i really wasn t expecting much i paid about 13 dollars for this thing between 13 and 14. And it s a bit pricey. But what you get is actually really nice.

This is a really high quality device and i m going to go ahead and show it to you so like i said. This is the box that comes with and here is the converter itself it s extremely heavy and it s made of steel..

It is meat this entire thing is metal. There s no plastic on it except for the little plug right here. So you have your toss link your coax and your power indicator led so you can convert coax or toslink digital. I mean optical audio to standard right and left rca this thing is does require power from a plug it does require ac power it has a dc converting power.

Why here s the power supply basically looks like a glorified cellphone power supply that s dc five volts. The only thing in the package that actually doesn t feel high quality actually is the power supply you can see if five volts. Just a standard old power supply. It s got a green light on it back there.

And when the power supply sucked up this little led power indicator light will glow. So basically how to use this thing..

It s very simple. What you do is you just take it includes. What what is included with this is the adapter itself the power supply and a optical audio cable. That s about a foot and a half long i don t the only thing i don t have here to show you is the actual optical audio cable.

Because it s plugged into my xbox right now but basically what you do is you take the optical cable and hook. It to your xbox and then plug it into this end hookup power to it and then you run these two back to your amplifier and there you go you can run stereo audio through your xbox one or ps4 and it ll work just fine. The only issue. I have with the audio quality.

The audio quality is good the only thing. I only problem i ran into it this thing is that the volume actually isn t all that high so you have to actually turn your volume on your amplifier up a little higher than you normally would other than that the audio quality holly..

I can t talk today. The audio quality is great this thing is amazing quality. It s all metal. It feels nice and soft feels like you can run over with a car and i would still work so.

If you re having trouble hooking up your xbox one to your old amplifier. This is definitely gonna be your solution so i hope you guys enjoyed this video and ” ..

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