Useful Photoshop Trick: Best Way To Scale Layer Styles!

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“Welcome back to the photoshoptrainingchannelcom. I m jesus ramirez. In this video. I m going going to show you how to nscale layer styles in photoshop knowing how to scale styles is really nimportant when you re working with layer styles.

Because if you resize your image. The layer nstyles will no longer look the same with your design. And let s jump right into the tutorial so nthat you can see what the problem is and how to fix it so we re gonna work with this document that ncontains two layers. We have a background and this text layer with several layer styles the layer styles nand their settings are not really important.

But i am going to double click on the stroke nso that you can see that we re working with a 20 pixel stroke. And that s gonna help me explain what the nproblem is so with this text layer selected. I m going nto click on the move tool and i m going to show you one way of duplicating layers with the move tool selected you can hold nalt option. And the mac and click and drag to duplicate that layer so now i have two s s on the second s.

That i just duplicated..

I m ngoing to press. Ctrl t. Command t to transform and i m going to scale this. Layer down by n50 so i ll just type 50 in the width input box nin.

The options bar then i ll click on the check mark to commit nthe changes and look at the difference between the two nlayers. The layer styles on the smaller s look. Very ndifferent than the one on the right. And that s because photoshop doesn t scale nthe layer styles.

When you scale a layer. So if i double click on stroke. You ll see nthat. I m still working with a 20 pixel stroke.

So obviously the 20 pixel stroke..

Is going nto look very different on a smaller s. Than on a larger s. So that s a problem you design something nyou scale. It but it no longer looks the same so what do you do to make it look the same and what you need to do is also scale the nlayer styles and you can scale a layer style.

Very very neasy all you need to do is right click on the fx icon for the layer style and you ll nget this menu make sure that you actually click on the fx nicon because if you click somewhere else you re gonna get a different menu so right click right on the fx icon and select nscale fx. And that s going to bring up this window that nis going to allow you to scale the effect make sure that the preview. Checkbox is enabled. Nand you can type in a number or use the slider to scale the effect but.

If we type in 50 . You ll notice that nyou get exactly the same result. We had before i ll press ok and i ve scaled the effect nif. I bring up the stroke layer style.

You ll see now that it s 10 pixels..

I ll press cancel to close the window and ni ll now show you one more thing about scaling layer styles and what i ll do now is i m simply going to ndelete this layer. Because we don t need it anymore. And we ll just work with the original ns and what i m gonna do is go into image image nsize and i m going to reduce the size of this document to 50 and then i ll press nok and i ll double click on the hand tool to nfit the image to screen. And you ll notice that the text layer and the layer styles were nboth scaled down to 50 .

And the reason that that happened is because nin the image size dialogue box. We have this option here in the gear icon. Which is scale. Nlayer styles.

See that so that has a check mark next to it that nmeans when you resize. A document then you ll also resize the layer styles. If i uncheck this and i change it to 50 once nagain and press. Okay you ll notice now that the layer styles.

Do not scale with the document..

So just remember that next time you do an nimage size adjustment. And you want to scale the layer styles. Make sure that you have na check mark right next to the scale layer styles option. If you like this technique click on that nlike button.

Now and let me know in the comments. If you enjoyed it also if you want to learn more about layer nstyles and creating text effects then check out my black panther text effect tutorial nyou. ll learn a ton about how to work with layer styles and texts in that video. I highly recommend it i ll place a link right below the description nso that you can check it out.

And if this is your first time at the photoshop ntraining channel. Then don t forget to click on that subscribe nand notification buttons so that you don t miss any new tutorials ” ..

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