Using a Drawing Tablet for Gaming?

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” s up guys. I m random. Frank p. Back with another episode in using a a blank for gaming.

This time. We re going to be using something that is long overdue. It s the most highly requested product to use it s the most thumbs up comment. His thumb stuff.

A word the most light comment. All the videos today we re going to be using a drawing tablet for gaming. This is the wacom bamboo. I actually bought this back in like 2012.

I think for college. I did a lot of graphic design on this back then we re gonna see how it works with gaming. You got the active stylus here for it it s definitely going to be pretty interesting. We used a lot of crazy things in the past.

I ll put the series playlist in the description down below. So you can check out previous episodes. But of all the things i m most skeptical about i think using a drawing tablet. It s gonna take the cake here should make for a pretty interesting episode.

So let s start off using a drawing tablet for gaming alright. So we just started up a game. We re usually play against bots just to get warmed up to see how it s going to be playing against hard bots. Here and as for popular requests in the past you guys told.


Me we wanted to see just like a kind of cam or whatever. I m using and not so much like a face cam or anything so. What all right. That was pretty good so we ll start off with some bots.

See how we do and then as we usually do go online come on come on wayne come on wayne trying to get you here and pecking at you thank you look at this guy alright and i m down alright. So i actually turn the sensitivity settings up. So. I can actually have more range here.

Because my overall surface area. As you can see is isn t really that much i just have this maybe like 6 inch. By 3 inch. Ratio.

Here. Oh alright. Ted wright. The nuts okay now with this.

Let s see. If i press the little button. Here. There s a little button on the stylus that ll let me aim in and out so very good control.

When it comes to just a quick aim and i could still move that s pretty good oh aah like i need more like slidy action on my wrist can i like lube. My wrist up or something way and i shot you in the head five times. What are you doing you and your tinfoil hat over here ah man this guy. He knows he knows well you know she s getting it yeah okay come on buddy stay.


There yeah. All right okay. So quick. A little summary.

Here. This is not that bad actually just my palm has like natural natural friction on this so if i could find something that like i can slide easier on to be probably easier to aim all right guys now we re going online to see how we do i found this little piece of like foam. Something like that put underneath my wrists like a move nicer and more freely without the friction of my skin on the feel like the plastic here so let s hope this helps okay this is different this is not i m getting shot from everywhere here as you guys know when the stakes get raised so does my horrible commentary and my vocabulary also decreases. Ah giuliana.

What are you doing giuliana. Don t you know trying to make a video stop. It who shoot me get out the window rapunzel up there. Ah you don t be hard.

I m just gonna hope for someone to walk into my sights. And i miss the opportunity eminem would be pissed woo alright okay. I ll take that little threesome going on say what that s it you got the you got the knife and one almost immediately well how d i do 15 and 23 people finished worse than me. But there were people who finish lower than me alright new game.

Sir watermelon you have some very strong knees. My friend. I applaud you for that whoo okay okay hey hey hey ah when i sing what the thing little power up there. I was invited to this power.

Know okay. That was cool. Thank god quick reaction shoot you in the knee again. You people have golden kneecaps.


You can go to sleep. Oh. He was about to knife. Me thank you guy for saving me from ending the round ah marianne with the cat classic marianne.

Move dude. Move all right we re in this okay giving it another go now we ve had some time to get used to this thing. I feel like i m on the dry like i m on steroids right now. I m on a roll.

I m actually leading mark this down this is a once in a lifetime thing. We are leading right now getting the cheap kills if i can yes i can oh my god oh my god tablet. Ah okay okay oh come on that was all up in his teeth oh and i ve been great. If i could ve got all three and the leader again guys you go down go down.

Thank. You thank you oh i gotta reload. I m gonna back out of here swim. My way back.

Oh. Cave monkey not a cool name dude. Someone s got it already someone s got the knife. I look behind me now at all times.

I m always the victim in this thing. I m always the one that ends this oh man now. It s the time rally rally. We got a rally.


Okay ah all right guys so there you have it using the wacom bamboo drawing tablet for gaming. It was definitely an interesting experience to adjust to this because the biggest problem was you know compensating for the small surface area here. Then translating. What s on the screen.

It s you know correlated areas on the tablets. I was definitely hard. But it wasn t as bad as i guess i expected it to be i think if you use this over time it would probably be a lot easier to adjust to and i m sure there s people out there that do use something like this just for gaming. I know people who use drawing tablets for everything look as their mouse solution.

So probably could be a lot easier to use by just used it more frequently over time or if i use it in the past for gaming. It probably wouldn t have been as hard to adjust to but uh overall not too bad i hope you guys like this like i said. It was the most commonly requested thing to you so finally delivered in the comment section down below drop. Me some more suggestions on things you want to see me use in a future episode for using a blank for gaming and like i said.

I will put the whole series playlist in the description as well so you can check out the previous episodes. If you like this one definitely give it a thumbs up to show your support feel free to follow me on twitter at random. Frank p. Alas.

If you haven t already hit that subscribe button. While i m random. Frank p. Hope you ” .


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